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Author Topic: Arnold
Star Pilot 111
Member # 1972

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On the eve of Arnold's speach at the republican convention, I just had to write this.

I don’t like Arnold and never will, and I have personal reasons for the way I feel. He’s no poor immigrant as my grandfather and millions of others were. And, my father almost had a fight with him, but Arnold backed down.

What a girlie-man.

Each time I hear the media say he was a “poor immigrant” I get so angry, I’m surprised I don’t explode. When he came to this country, he was already world famous, in body building magazines. The body builder magazine mogul Joe Weider, took Arnold under his wing, and Arnold worked for him as a fitness model, in southern California. Tough job, he had to pose for pictures. When he wasn’t posing he went to Gold’s Gym in Venice, and worked out, then hung out at Venice beach or Santa Monica beach. The beach. Girls in bikinis. Hmmmm? Poor Arnold. He didn’t have to worry about his next meal, or steroid injection. He didn’t have a family, he only had to think of himself. Once he started making movies, he never had to worry again. He was catered to because of his body building fame. He was privileged then and really never had to struggle like real immigrants.

My father’s father, my grand grandfather, was an immigrant from Romania. He came here by himself, because he didn’t have enough money for his family to come also. He worked, saved money, and sent it back to Romania. When they had enough money eventually the rest of the family could come to America. His wife, three sons, and two daughters. Two more sons were born here, for a total of 7 children. My father was the youngest. My grand father was a real hero, like millions of others who worked hard and long hours, for their families, not notoriety and fame. They settled in the city of Canton Ohio. My grandfather worked at the steel mill, in 140 plus degree temperatures, putting huge plates of red hot steel into a gigantic roller machine that would roll the plates thinner and thinner. They had a small farm for eggs, chicken, milk, and vegetables. My grandmother, rented some of the bedrooms out like a bed and breakfast. This bed and breakfast though was, out of necessity for both parties, not a vacation. The neighborhood was as a ghetto, full of immigrant families, just making enough money to feed and clothe themselves, and maybe some money left over for a bottle of whiskey, to help them forget their struggles, just for the moment. The only way Arnold could know anything about being a “ poor immigrant “ is in the movies. If he, or anyone else, says he was a poor immigrant, they’re insulting the millions of real immigrant families who populate this country.

In the early 1970s my father had an encounter with Arnold. My father had a hamburger stand on the beach in Santa Monica California, the home of the original Muscle Beach. He was a committee member of the original Muscle Beach Gym. He was a weightlifter, I lifted weights, and knew many weightlifters and bodybuilders. My father was in his late fifties at the time, and at this time in his life the hamburger stand was his only source of income. It wasn’t very much. He was also an ex-professional wrestler. Arnold had already won a title or two, as Mr. Universe or Mr. Olympia, I don‘t know for sure. Arnold’s my age now, so he must have been in his early 20s. Arnold and a body builder friend were standing in front of my father’s hamburger stand. When young girls would walk by, Arnold and his friend would make inappropriate, sexual remarks to them. At first my father was polite, by asking him, and his friend, to stop making the remarks to the girls walking by. Arnold and his friend stopped for a while but soon continued doing the same thing. I was not there when this happened. My mother told me about it. She told me, my father had to confront Arnold again. He had to threaten Arnold with bodily harm. Then Arnold stopped, walked away, and never returned. I’ve seen my father confront trouble makers. That’s what he used to call them. He probably said something like this, to Arnold : “ I’ve asked you once. This is the second time. I’m not going to ask you again. Stop talking that way and get out of here, or you’ll wish you never met me. You might be big and think you’re tough, you might even beat me, but I’ll gouge you eyes out, break your nose, and jam it up into your brain. I’ll bite chunks of flesh out of you with my teeth. I‘ll break every one of you fingers. You’ll never be able to hold a pencil again. Then I’ll pick you upside down and drive you into the sidewalk head first. You’ll never look the same, and never be the same again when I’m finished with you. You %&^$@*! Now get the, &*%$@ out of here, before I start to rip you apart, you $#@&*&* !.” That’s pretty close to something he might have said to Arnold. He never had to do any of those things, but he looked and talked as if it was going to be a life or death struggle. No one ever challenged him. When he was young he taught the police force of Canton, Ohio, Jiu-Jitsu, and how to disarm people with weapons. ( knives, guns, clubs etc.). He probably would have hurt Arnold. He probably would have been hurt also. I’m happy to say they didn’t get physical.

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PLEASE stop posting the same thread in both forums. People regularly read both forums.
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Van Aaron
Member # 98

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Between Arnold and your father, who do you figure comes out looking worse in this story?
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Star Pilot 111
Member # 1972

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Warrsaw, Got it. Thanks for the tip.

Van Aaron, Is there a right and wrong answer to your question?

I guess I have to answer.
It may look like an answer from a politician, but here I go.
What do you mean by the word "worse" ?

At that time in my father's life, that little hamberger stand on the beach was his only source of income.Arnold was saying things that were keeping people away from his place of business. However menial it may seem to some people, it did mean something to my father. It had to do with repect.Arnold was asked politely the first time. Arnold is over 6', at that time he weighed about 250. My father was 5'6", wrestlers in the 50's and 60's weren't as big as the guys today. Arnold had already won some body builder titles, so I imagine he felt pretty good about himself, and when he continued to say things and laugh at the girls, I guess my dad felt disrespected. My dad was old Arnold was young. He did the only thing he new how to do to get Arnold to stop.

So to answer your question, Between Arnold and my father, who do I figure comes out looking worse in the story ?

My answer is : TRUE

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Member # 1840

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You know, I've talked to a few people from California, one of the things they all seem to be able to agree on, is that while they don't paticularly like Arnold for undisclosed reasons (I assume it's an issue with his personality or background, but since those issues often die swiftly in arguements, they're never brought up), they seem to feel that the state of california is more likely to improve in Arnold's hands than in the hands of the Democratic candidates.

And Arnold has yet to massively screw things up, something his democratic predessesor can claim.

So while we may not paticularly like a candidate, or his qualities, perhaps we should look less to that, and more to how he is and has handled his job.

It's a similiar complaint a lot of people have against Bush. They can't poke many holes in his policies...but they just don't like him. Common things I hear are that he 'sounds stupid' or just strikes them as incapible for the job. I find this kind of blind dislike for a candidate odd, and foolish. They have not analysed his policies, or if they have, they could not find sufficient fault with them to stand thier ground in a debate for more than a few lines...but there is something about him they just don't like.

That seems to happen to a lot of politicians who don't sound like intellectual, New-England Brahmins, be the accent Austrian, or Texan/Southern, no one bothers to listen to what they say, they merely hear the accent, and assume the candidate or official is full of crap.

Disturbing that some voters are so foolish.

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Star Pilot 111
Member # 1972

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I know exactly what you’re saying. I do on occasion do a little introspection ( is that a word) of myself, thinking, am I that way? Sometimes I might be. But there are a few things he’s done that no one has really made a big issue about, that are just like most manipulative politicians.

1st example. California is badly in debt. The recall people( the opposing party) blamed the former Governor, alone, for this. That is totally untrue. The way our governments are set up, there are checks and balances that are supposed to prevent one branch of government from getting there way all the time. But since the system isn’t perfect, that’s not always the case. When the worldly desires of men get going , they’re hard to stop.

Any how, when Arnold took over he went to the state assembly and said, something like this : we all know that you are responsible for this huge debt also, so I want you to support a 15 billion dollar bond proposal I have. If you do, you won’t have to be held accountable for the reckless spending you’ve been a part of, over the years, we can pay off most of the debt ( not all of it ? ) Many assembly people wanted to oppose it. Some said “ Our children will be stuck with paying it off, that’s unethical “ , “ it’s bad policy to pay off a debt with a loan” Arnold said the interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in forty years.

To Make a long story short : Most of, both parties went along and supported the bill. People said, look how great Arnold is, he got the majority of both parties to agree. He really is the “Terminator” of partisanship. Most voters voted for it. I was born and raised here, but as soon as I’m able to move out of here, I’m gone. The cost of living here is outrageous. For a Family of 4 to live, just to make ends meet, they have to have an income of $70,000 a year. I don’t make that much.

2nd example. The license fees for automobiles in California is outrageous. His biggest campaign promise was to cut the fees, all auto owners would get a large part of the fees beck, or only have to pay a reduced percentage. It was on the news that people of all ages who never voted, registered to vote because of that promise alone. My fees were cut in half, from over $300 to under $150. It was nice, but, by doing this he took money that was supposed to go for highway maintenance, and bridges, and other transportation related things. To replace that money they took it from other accounts that was set to run the state. As a result, thousands of state jobs were down sized ( O’ the politically correct word now is “ right sized “ I think) No job under the umbrella of the state was excluded, including schools, fire, police, etc. My wife is a school classified employee. Classified employees do many things to support the operation of the schools.
Like registration, academic records, scheduling, secretarial, administration,etc. My wife has friends who were laid off. We were lucky so to speak, her job was “right sized”. Instead of working 12 months a year she now only has to work 10 months. We only lost 2 months pay. That’s approx $6.000 a year. O by the way, now Arnold says he’s going, raise Auto fees back to where they were. Because of financial necessity .

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