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» The Ornery American Forum » General Comments » Poor dem's are out of ideas

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Author Topic: Poor dem's are out of ideas
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No one responded on the other site, come to think of it, this site is more appropriate.

Democrats have been pretty desperate to change the subject in November from Iraq to domestic issues.

The problem is they don't have much on the domestic agenda either. Daschle (all alone now) gave a speech last week on long term unemployment (am I the only one who listened to it?), dwindling retirement accounts and rising health insurance costs. He blamed the tax cuts of course, but he couldn't offer a coherent counter. He stopped short of proposing to rescind the tax cut or even postpone them, why? Polls show most Americans want to keep the cuts. Also, to compound it 12 of his collegues, five of them fighting for re-eleciton, voted for it. Daschle also cant attack the budget deficit since he wants to spend nine billion more than the president in the fiscal year starting this week, which will be over 200 billion in the next ten years.

The budget process also huts him. Congress is still pretty far behind on a budget (now run by democrats) and is forced to propose stop gap measures. Dem's will have to accept most of Bush's conditions for signing the budget or face a shut down like the 1995 - 96 problem that too 27 additional days. Of course back then the roles were reversed, democrats in the whitehouse and republicans in the
senate, now with it the otherway around, history has the opportunity to return the favor to the democrats
if they do not accept Bush's plan. Bush wants a plan closer to the House than the Senates around 759 billion versus the Senates 768 billion.

Republicans have also protected themselves from being called cold hearted or "morally inferior". They have taken the initiative on some important bills such as perscription drug, while the democratically controlled Senate only passed a bill to improve the availability of generic drugs. Republicans (in the House) have also passed bills on pensions and welfare. While the dem's have been fighting regarding the homeland security bill, they have allowed other issues to slide (the bill won't have much impact since it won't become law until next year).

So what will we voters think of the more subtle aspects? Only 17% are really paying close attention (according to the Pew Center). It doesn't really matter in the end since most Americans (thanks to the help of democrats like Gore) feel the Iraq issue is more important than the economy and think that republicans can handle Iraq better than democrats.

No coherent domestic policy, seen as weak in international policy, initiatives taken from under their noses, I am afraid I have to grin a little bit. Those are the very same problems republicans had to face with Bill Clinton. The Senate may very well change hands on this election.

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Baldar, the economy will make an impact - and it will give the Dems a foothold onto an issue. There is little you or I can do so long as the pseudo Supply-siders refuse to fix the problems. Check out this article to understand how far down we need to go before anything happens to bail us out of our misery.

If it wasn't for the Dems in New Jersey, it would be hard to pick out the good guys from the bad.

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Tom Grey - Tigger
Member # 741

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It's really fun for me to see so many opinions I used to have, like support for a fixed exchange rate with gold (gold standard).

It ain't gonna happen; and I'm no longer sure it should.

There are two big advantages of a Rep Pres creating a big deficit. First, it's hard for the Dems to want even more deficit, and the problems of a deficit can be used by the Reps to oppose bad Dem spending. Second, less of it is wasted on domestic entitlement consumption, which leads to calls for even more and usually reduces incentives to be productive.

Instead it is more often wasted on accumulating more and higher quality weapons -- which it is hoped to not actively use. In a war, these are not so wasted. The total economic costs & benefits of war have to include the C & B of the alternative non-war scenario, too, for comparison. It's not clear to me that the prolly negative C&B of war are more or less negative than the prolly negative C&B of non-war (now). (Of course I really mean the expected value based on probabilities of various outcomes and valuations of those outcomes.)

The economy will have an increasingly tough time to grow as in the 90s, since the big Baby Boom Retirement Bomb is now "on the radar screen", plus the boomers themselves are at or past their productive prime (age 45?).

There ain't gonna be enough money to repay all that was paid in, much less more than was paid in (as Soc. Sec. has mostly been working so far). But fixing SS isn't a winning issue for anybody. It might not get fixed.

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Hey Guy...I resemble that thought. I are one of the first leading age boomers.

I would also like to think I am more productive than ever. (45? for goodness sake?) mere whippersnappers.

But yeah, we boomers always have and will be a lump in the demographical snake's tummy...and beyond :~)

You youngsters are going to see a lot more cardboard signs in a few years. And, I think ya' gotta' kinda' squint your eyes and go on with your lives.

One thought I would like to leave with you. Many of the "Non Profit" orgs. spend 90 cents on the dollar on "overhead". (a couple of bucks in a bucket...especially a Salvation Army bucket....go a heck of a lot further. Masonry gets a good bang for the buck, as does Variety Club International.

Social Security is busted by demographics sooner or later. Start thinking private retirement plans...NOW.

Productivity truly does often ramp up a lot from forty to fifty five or so, its just that it is often invisible. Many forty year olds earn more as they move into the smallsmall business ownership/consulting/mentoring phase of their career. That's cool. It gives the youngsters a shot at megacorporate jobs where they can get a base and a broad view of the world. Then hopefully the cycle continues.

Best regards
Ken Bean

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Member # 669

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Ken is right. When I was younger I was pretty hot and heavy for the big corporate world and lived my life accordingly (no life really). Everything revolved around my work and I advanced fairly quickly. My life was run by 10Q and K's and M and A deals. Fun, but there are greater things in life.

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