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Author Topic: You Will Find You
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It is time to step out of our comfort zones.
How does the one country that was created to last longer than any empire collapse as it has, and still remain the most revered super power in the world? It is time for a change people. No one in the United States wants a revolution, we are past the point of beheading our leaders. But let us look back into history to see where this great nation will fall. Ancient Egypt, probably the most advanced and educated culture ever to exist. the most prosperous of nations, and today is left to nothing of its original power and prestige. their society ran on classes, and there were no complaints. Human rights need not exist because each being was content on the level they were chosen to exist. The peasants were put to work, straight manual labor. Nothing filled their heads to make them think that they were unhappy. They simply worked, for the good of egypt. they erected monuments and raised livestock. A nation cannot prosper with unhappy people, so why is the everlasting memory of Egypt known to be the harsh leaders cruelly driving slaves to do their bidding. Evil is why. There was never any cruelty between humans when every person knew of their place and rejoiced to be there. one cannot truly believe that all of the pyramids were built behind a whip, with no desire from those who built them. there is a level of pride in every man, and every man exists to fill that pride. Imagine being a part of the work force who stands behind the architect and remembers building that which has stood for centuries. do you think that man feels shame because he was forced to build this against his will? never. Evil invented the word SLAVE. and evil also changed our perception of the word. Evil IS in fact a snake who decieves the man of his pride, but he does not give man knowledge and allow him to be punished for it. rather evil exists to destroy knowledge and hold a man to believe in something that is not within himself to believe. To promise something to man, something which man cannot grasp nor understand, and punish that man for not truly being able to understand this. When Egypt was targeted for ruining the lives of millions and "destroying a culture" EVIL is who led them to react in violence. There was an uprising and man is a being of war and power, when levels of society attempt to reorder themselves war is created and thus war has existed from the beginning of time. When there is prosperity, there is surely someone behind all of it fighting for some level of chaos.

Look at every nation that has gone to war with itself in order to abolish the class/caste system, those governments have destroyed themselves. Not every man was created equal, but every person has a place in society where they belong, we are all creatures that have a place. Do we ever see a coup in an ant colony because the workers do not believe that the will of the queen is enough? how come when you knock over an anthill it comes back larger and stronger than before? is it slavery? is each ant in that colony a slave? are there not hundreds of thousands of ants that could attempt to destroy one little queen? but they would never do that, because nature has taught them where they belong. each creature is placed where they will most effectively help the population. then you ask, why do the ants attack other beings if they do not crave war? This is a function of their society, they exist to eat and feed so that they can grow and continue to prosper through the ages. each ant that sacrifices its life for a meal does not die in vain, for they know that it is necessary in order to live for those that they belong with.

Now you ask, why would God create beings that can think like we can, and yet not make all of us equal? you are wrong, we are all equal, to an extent. no one person is more important to the function of society than another. if one of our intellectuals leaves he is missed just as much as a fallen soldier or worker for the masses. because our society is far more complex than that of an ant hill, we cannot follow the same rules. but there are guidelines that nature set in place that we should recognize. Why must people try to do something that they are not cut out to do. when people are told there is something that they can have, something that is unattainable in their current position, they become unhappy. and they will stay unhappy until they can achieve that goal. But the reason that they never before attempted to fight for this goal is because they were not mean to have it. There is a point where humans do seperate from each other and when found at the right time, two individuals are able to achieve total happiness without any of the same motives. How can one member of society so easily devote their lives to extensive education, while another provides nothing but manual labor, and both beings remain blissfully unawares of the other. They have achieved their own happiness, they produce two totally seperate things, and neither wishes to have what the other one desires. because they belong. because they have been chosen by nature to live how they do.

Imagine a world where every person has fit into their role, they no longer try to earn something or squeeze where they shouldn't the functioning of society then becomes simple, like a clock, or a machine. If every cog fits, then time is kept and we have a truly productive life. We will become like the ants, running a perfect little mechanistic life, but this is only from the eyes of the observer. Each person still holds his or her own personality, their likes and dislikes. Not one person is forced to do a single thing, but they choose where they want their life to go. They make their own decisions based on the knowledge they have about themselves. so in theory the only robotic part of our lives is how they reflect the prosperity of the race. in effect, there is no reason for individuality or success to be banned, they should be commended but not imitated. We can achieve happiness as a people, as a species, we can function like nature intended, we can rule the animal kingdom, and yet be a living part of it as well.

Now for the United States, a country built to adapt to the changes of the people. Our founding fathers knew that the only people who should make decisions were those who were educated, which is why voting was so limited and our first leader was chosen with no opposing running mate. Each member of society then knew his place, there were peasants, farmers, merchants, artisans, intellectuals, militia men, leaders, women, blacks, whites, poor and rich; each individual was able to belong to several groups and they followed what path they could because it was where they belonged. And we prospered. We led the modern world in example and we even changed the course of history by force. Did God will us to complete these impossible tasks? no we modified ourselves, adapted to the enviroment we had and fought for what we knew was right. During World War II, when our men dropped their lives to save the world from something that humanity feared, our women, those who some believed to only be the protectors of the Hearth, vessels of beauty and poise, the mothers of our great nation; they stepped from their niches and filled those vacated by the young men. Women became architects and builders, women fought and women worked. Does this imply that women were worth nothing before this point? Not in the least, but nature had never called for them to rise from the position they held. the species was not yet ready for the potential that women brought, each female that rose to be respected was taken down in fear of their power, yet now that they were called upon to save our great nation, we truly were able to respect them as equals to the male.

Now my friends, you who I call my equal of importance in this world, let us rise. Let it be heard. There is something that you want in life, find it, be it. Not everyone must lead this uprising of the mind, we will function on the masses, people must work for their own happiness, from the keepers of the sanctity of mind, to the farmers, reaching from the educators, to merchants. Find yourself, do not go where you do not belong, do not hide from that which calls to you. We need every person in humanity. It was once told to me, "People must not fear the government, but the government must fear the people." Let the government fear our people, we are of a new nation; a nation of the free, of the loved and of the loving. First, love yourself. So please, find yourself, and I will find you. Together we will find the world as it was meant to be.

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kenmeer livermaile
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My guess is your place in society is to post political exhortations on the internet.
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This guy spammed the heck out of Hatrack, too. He's really dedicated to this little screed of his. [Smile]
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i noticed the name where it says newest member and looked up the zip code. st. henry ohio. about 2 hours from where i live.
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also, i dont think egyptian slaves were really content with thier lot in life.
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Google knows of at least two more unrelated sites with the same essay posted. [Big Grin]

Way to get your stuff out there, Marty.

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Marty, did you do your homework? It doesn't look like you've done your homework.
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