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Posted by TS Elliot (Member # 736) on :
A man failed to use the "Grand Theft Auto made me do it" defense see here

My first point is to all those people who said that the London police could not have shot the Brazilian in such a way that he would be out but not death. I mean, WHUD!?! So this untrained 18 y.o. can learn to shoot so well from a frikking computer game that he manages 3 succesfull headshots (with 3 bullets it seems), but the supposedly well trained London police can't do a "Shoot-not-kill" ??? Sheh ride ....

My second point is: Where is this litigation society coming too? Now the victims families are sueing the game-makers?! I'll imagine that we'll be reading this soon in the papers:

"Man Gets Arrested for Stuffing a Suprising Number of People in His Car: Blames Tetris"
Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
I don't remember about the London shooting but nowadays police (FBI particularly) are taught to shoot for the head, so as not to set off any explosives the guy might be wearing, and to minimize the chance of him setting them off himself.

Tetris, funny. [Big Grin]


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Posted by 0Megabyte (Member # 1217) on :
Are they gonna start blaming the suicides of disturbed teens to Final Fantasy next?

Oh wait, they did that for D&D already...
Posted by The Drake (Member # 2128) on :
Well, as for your first point, the police hit exactly what they were aiming for. Even in everyday police work, there's not a lot of "shoot him in the leg". Police are taught to shoot center mass and bring the person down when they are a threat.

Now, as to how they assessed this guy as a terror threat - that's shot all full of holes.
Posted by johnson (Member # 2385) on :
Oh good gravy, drake. Mike Joyce, the sheriff of Stokes County where I live in NC, shot a 19-year-old standoff suspect (perp, whatever) in the leg, on purpose, about 3 years ago. The kid had a shotgun, and was standing on the porch of his own house. Mike shot him in the leg rather than kill him. It worked just fine. Granted, Stokes County deputies are routinely the best in the state at marksmanship, so it may not be a representative case.

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