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Posted by The Drake (Member # 2128) on :

This is a trailer edited together from the back to the future movies that makes it look like Marty and Doc are having a romantic engagement.

Truly excellent, and demonstrates how video editing can completely shape our understanding of events.
Posted by Tezcatlipoca (Member # 1312) on :
Shining: A Romantic Comedy
Posted by javelin (Member # 1284) on :
As a coworker said, "Did Micheal Moore create that?"
Posted by Mormegil (Member # 2439) on :
I literally laughed until tears came. That's just awful, just terrible.
Posted by The Drake (Member # 2128) on :
Shining was good too. [Smile]

I never would have thought to do something like that, now I can't stop thinking about the possibilities.
Posted by witless chum (Member # 1643) on :
Wasn't "Solsbury Hill" the perfect touch?
Posted by javelin (Member # 1284) on :
Without a doubt.
Posted by RickyB (Member # 1464) on :
Some of the Top Ten Signs You're a Gay Cowboy, courtesy of David Letterman:

-You enjoy ridin', ropin' and redecoratin'.

-Instead of a saloon, you prefer a salon.

-Native Americans refer to you as Dances With Men.

[Big Grin]
Posted by LoverOfJoy (Member # 157) on :
West Side Story

In the Summer of 1961, 14 blocks of Manhattan's West Side were quarantined. The source of the outbreak is still unknown. Those who survived spent the next 3 days defending themselves against the infected. In other words, this isn't your Grandma's West Side Story.

Posted by Tezcatlipoca (Member # 1312) on :
Top Gun

I was just cruising popular in Google Video, and I found another remake. It isn't as good as the Back to the Future, but it's still OK.

Here is something I found that is REALLY funny.

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