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Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
I was watching Fox News the other day
and they mentioned that some senators and at least one Governor (New Mexico: Bill Richards? I think. Definitely Kerry. And some others. All democrats if you believe Fox News.) Were going overseas and engaging in political talks with Syria, Iran (just Kerry here), and in the Governors case he invited the NK's to New Mexico. (Why the BA allowed them in the country instead of denying them visas is anybody's guess.)

IMO, this is horrible! The US government should speak with one voice on matters of foreign policy. Unfortunately, for now, that is the Presidents unintelligible voice.

I don't know what actions can be taken against Kerry, the governors and the rest, but surely there is censure or some other penalty for what they are doing?


(That shrill women Dr. Laura was filling in for Bill O. How the hell does she have a radio show? Listening to her voice actually caused me pain. But it is better than looking at her. She has dead eyes. I think they ARE the windows to her soul.)
Posted by Everard (Member # 104) on :
It happens all the time, KE.
Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
[url= http://javascript:newVideo('121306/121306_cavuto_kyl','Your_World','Communicating%20Displeasure','Communicating%20Displeasure','Your%20World','-1','Business','250','','');]]Link to GOP Senator[/url]

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Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
These aren't "Fact Finding Missions". These are political negotian discussions in defiance of the White House administration. These don't "happen all the time".

Posted by DaveS (Member # 2734) on :
There's also Arlen Specter (R), who is planning to go to Syria. FOX somehow "overlooked" (Doh!) his participation. Bill Richardson was our UN Ambassador and has been to NK several times officially, as well as unofficially last year. The WH (or FOX) hasn't condemned him, which makes me think that they are leveraging his "unofficial" status as a back door communications channel.

You're right that our nation's voice is garbled, but I think it's worse than that. Our official mouths, mainly Bush, Cheney and Rice, shout from the rooftops that they will not talk to Syria/Iran and Syria/Iran will not be listened to. They won't authorize any of their own ex-mouths, like Powell or Baker, to do it either. In fact, they've pretty much ridiculed Baker through their full-throated (not the same as clear-voiced) rejection of the ISG recommendations for international collaboration.

It shouldn't be done this way, but what other way do we have to do it?

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Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
Dave, I'm trying. (It's on the page)


CAIRO, Egypt — Sen. John Kerry, on a Mideast tour taking him to Damascus for talks with President Bashar Assad, said Friday that the Bush administration's rejection of dialogue with Syria and Iran to try to calm Iraq is a mistake.

Kerry's trip is the latest in a growing tussle between the White House and Congress over the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan panel that called for talks with Iran and Syria to win their help in stabilizing war-torn Iraq.

The Massachusetts Democrat said his visit to Syria was "a fact-finding mission" to explore "what might or might not affect behavior with respect to Hezbollah, Lebanon, Israel and Iraq, where in each of those cases Syria is playing a role."

"Dialogue is an important thing. It's very hard to move the ball if you don't know firsthand what people's needs are, what their own perceptions are," Kerry said in an interview with The Associated Press and several other journalists in Cairo.

Kerry said he was "willing" to go to Iran for talks but had no current plans to do so.

The White House said Thursday that trips to Syria by U.S. lawmakers were "inappropriate," giving a public relations victory for Damascus, which the Bush administration accuses of fueling crises in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

Well if Kerry SAYS it's a fact-finding mission, instead of carrying on talks with nations the White House has specifically said we will not talk with in direct defiance of the White House, then it must be true.

I hate to do it; but I agree with the White House on this one. Specifically the statement they made that I made bold in the quote. What Kerry, Specter, et al are doing hurts the US.

Posted by Athelstan (Member # 2566) on :
It must be awfully crowded over there as your Voice President, Tony Blair, seems to be making the same tour. He did check in with his old mate George first.
Posted by Michelle (Member # 3237) on :
I was insulted by Kerry's behavior the first time the PM from Iraq came to town. Seconds, after the President holds a press conference with the PM in the Rose Garden, Kerry held his own, to voice his discontent, and refer to the leaders as liars...

Putting the validity of his claims aside-I thought it was disrespectful.

What he is doing now is suppose to be in direct violation of the Logan Law. I'll have to read up on that to add anymore.

Edit: I can't find a reference to a *Logan Law* used this manner. So maybe I'm getting the name of the law wrong... [Confused]

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Posted by DaveS (Member # 2734) on :
I don't see anything wrong with honest "fact-finding". On the other hand, I do agree that it's wrong if the Dems (or any rogue Goppers, for that matter) engage in extracurricular state diplomacy. Since they have no power to effect anything they discuss, I'm not sure what the point is, anyway.
Posted by Eric (Member # 2699) on :
Michelle --

I read a reference to the Logan Act on a lawyer's personal blog last night. He seems to think it applies.

Of course, there could be some back-room deal between the White House and these members of Congress to do some chatting with Syria and Iran which the administration doesn't want to publicly acknowledge. But I kinda doubt it.

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