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Posted by TheSteelenGeneral (Member # 5530) on :

it's old but dammit! we should be able to laugh now and then!
Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
I can't listen to the link because my wife is asleep beside me, but it has to be the Bush speech in which he decries the woes of frivolous lawsuits that prevent "OBGYN'S from practicing their love with women", neh?

Posted by TheSteelenGeneral (Member # 5530) on :
eeh no? I hate being spoilered my self, so I won't do it to you. I'm funny that way.
It's a 14 sec clip, so ...
have you no earplugs? maybe on your kids cellphone?

PS. I thought this was hilarious, and humor is the fastest way to get a woman flat .... you do the math. [Wink]

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Posted by Jesse (Member # 1860) on :
I'll spoil it this much.

It's Bush the elder, KE, and it's much more emberassing than anything his son EVER said.

How weird, by the way, I found this clip myself just last night searching "bush fruedian" on Youtube while looking for something else.
Posted by TheSteelenGeneral (Member # 5530) on :
thats so freudian of you! [Wink]
Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
My youngest swiped my ear phones. I'll have to wait till tomorrow. [Frown] If it's better than the OBGYN remark I can't wait. [Smile]

Posted by scifibum (Member # 945) on :
I'd say it's not quite up there with the obgyn thing. But pretty funny.
Posted by Lobo (Member # 89) on :
"humor is the fastest way to get a woman flat"

So thoses breast reduction surgeries are a waste of time and money?

Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
Posted by ruo (Member # 5305) on :
George H. W. Bush is one of America's finest individuals and was one of our very best Presidents.

He was better than we deserved in a way.

You can watch the superb new PBS biography of him online:

He was a real star athlete where Reagan just portrayed one on the screen.

He was a real war hero where Reagan just portrayed one in film.

He was and is a good, loving family man with strong, well-adjusted children. He married his High School sweetheart and they are still together to this day.

And even though Democrats and Republicans were both calling for him to go to Berlin and 'dance' atop the fallen wall and celebrate the end of the Soviet Union he knew it would not have served our interests to do so and so he resisted.

And most of us who gained adulthood in the 1990's or earlier can recall after the end of the first Gulf War in 1991 there were many who were asking why GHWB did not go all the way to Baghdad and finish off Saddam.

As former Sec'y of State James Baker points out in the bio, NO ONE asks that question anymore.
Posted by TheSteelenGeneral (Member # 5530) on :
they don't ask it because they're tired of hearing the lies?

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