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Posted by Mark (Member # 1483) on :
Check it out:

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Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
****ing Canadians wasting our politicians time. I mean; what if she was important? And what was funny about that? I thought she handled it very well especially since the guys accent made many of the things he said like "Nailin Palin" incomprehensible.

Mark, I hate Palin, find some good stuff on her and I'll be happy to watch. All this did was get Palin's assistant or screener fired, unjustly.

Posted by Mark (Member # 1483) on :
Hey, I've got nothing against Palin, I just thought this interview was hilarious!

Apparently these guys have gotten Chirac and Bill Gates too. Too bad I can't find these interviews.
Posted by KnightEnder (Member # 992) on :
Well, I'm in Texas so there might have been some lost in translation. [Smile]

Posted by Jesse (Member # 1860) on :
Damn, listening to that really hurts my head.
Posted by canadian (Member # 1809) on :
Well, the accent doesn't bother me, but it could have been funnier.

She sure sounded pissed when she handed the phone over, though. And really, if you can't screen for authenticity you're really not doing your job.
Posted by jasonr (Member # 969) on :
Hilarious stuff. I like the part about shooting baby seals from helicopters, heheh.
Posted by Ron Lambert (Member # 682) on :
That wasn't too bad. Nothing like when the Canadian humorist, Rick Mercer, called up George W. Bush after one of his campaign rallies in the 2000 election, and claimed to be a non-existent Canadian Prime Minister "Jean Poutine" (the real Prime Minister's name was Jean Chrétien; poutine is a popular Canadian—especially Québécois—dish involving fries topped with cheese curds and gravy). Bush actually thought it was the Canadian Prime Minister, and thanked him for his endorsement--not even thinking that a foreign leader would never dare to interfere in American politics to that extent. It's no wonder it took hanging chads in Florida to elect him.

Ever since then, rascally Canadian humorists have been trying to duplicate Mercer's world-famous stunt with Bush.

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