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Posted by 0Megabyte (Member # 1217) on :
Well. Tonight at 5 PM, my music video that I made for class will be shown.

To everyone.

My teacher will see it, of course. But further, the other teachers in my film program will see this, my very first presentable piece of film work, and this will be their first chance to judge my stuff.

The actors I got will see it for the first time. My step brother, who was the one character, and my mother's god-daughter, who was the other.

My parents will be there, of course. And so will the god-daughter's mother. And grandmother.

All the other students in class will see, as well.

So, I'm afraid. It will be embarrassing, just being there. Having everyone pertinent, and lots of others, seeing it too, on the big screen...? It will be... worrisome.

So, I'm terribly nervous.

On the other hand, this is the fruit of essentially ten weeks of learning. Thats all the time I've been learning how to make an actual film, and this is me after only ten weeks.
Posted by Mynnion (Member # 5287) on :
Good Luck.
Posted by jimskater (Member # 181) on :
Much good luck, and don't be embarrassed.

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Posted by Jordan (Member # 2159) on :
You know what would be totally not embarrassing and totally cool?


You know it!

Oh, and I'm sure you will do fine, 0Mega. Didn't you overcome that massive hiccup with one of your actors a few weeks back? Have a nice cup of tea/beverage of your choice, get everything set up in advance and chill out before the showing. And remember: you're not there to be embarrassed, you're there to learn, right? Listen to feedback what you did well and what you could have done better so that your next film will be more awesome.

Have a great time! [Smile]
Posted by Zero (Member # 6210) on :
I have done film work before, and writing, and other arts ... and I loathe being there while it's shown off, biasing their reactions, I'd rather hide in a dark cave and read about the results once their final.
Posted by Lina Inverse (Member # 6361) on :
Wow, good luck! Hope it goes well.
Posted by scifibum (Member # 945) on :
Youtube would definitely be a good idea. [Wink]

Good luck.
Posted by cperry (Member # 1938) on :
Tell us how it goes, OMeg! Break legs and all that.
Posted by munga (Member # 6006) on :

Try to enjoy yourself, 0Megabyte.
Posted by jimskater (Member # 181) on :
Well, how'd it go?
Posted by 0Megabyte (Member # 1217) on :
People laughed.

Throughout the whole thing. Not, like, constantly, but whenever something happened that I'd made that would be funny.

As comedy, it was a success. Because all the jokes got laughter.

So that's good. Even my teacher said she was pleased by how it came out, essentially. Or maybe just that it was better than it was before. I forget.
Posted by Jordan (Member # 2159) on :
0Mega, did you intend for it to be a comedy?
Posted by 0Megabyte (Member # 1217) on :
Well, yeah. Ultimately, that was the goal. For it to be funny! Or at least, for each beat between the characters to be interesting to watch.

At least someone laughed at every beat, and sometimes other parts, too. So it's a success, I think.
Posted by Lina Inverse (Member # 6361) on :
Congratulations! [Big Grin]
Posted by cb (Member # 6179) on :
OMegabyte - a new star on the horizon. The first time putting your baby up for show is always the hardest. Good for you for all the courage that took.
Posted by canadian (Member # 1809) on :
Post it
Posted by cperry (Member # 1938) on :
Way to go!

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