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Posted by KE (Member # 6535) on :
"A Christmas Story"

(Bill Murray's "Scrooged" and the Bing movies; "Holiday Inn" and "A White Christmas" honorable mention, IMO.) [Smile]

"Jingle Bell Rock"

(Although "Rockin-around the Christmas Tree", "Let it Snow", "Little Drummer Boy", and Elvis's "Blue Christmas" all deserve honorable mention IMO. And that relatively new one sung by a girl that sounds like the lead-singer for the Bangles, in which she forgets cranberries and runs into the guy she has been thinking about and missing all year, is my guilty-secrete top song. Trouble is I don't know the name of it so I can never find it. [Frown] )

Anybody disagree? George Baily?

And "Die Hard" doesn't count as a Christmas movie.

PS, Yes, I'm agnostic, but man I love Christmas. However, does anyone think that people aren't as nice around Christmas as they used to be? That used to be one of the best things about Christmas season but it seems the more materialistic we get the more that goes out the window. I dread the effect the recession will have if that theory is correct.

Please allow me to be the first, on Ornery anyway, to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Posted by Funean (Member # 2345) on :
"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (cartoon version only, PLEASE)

"The Year without a Santa Claus"

Alistair Sims' "A Christmas Carol" (though Patrick Stewart makes a close second)

I will think of more.

I am a certified Christmas nut, though I Disapprove of starting the whole mess right after Halloween, as seems the new, retail-driven trend. I am already strategizing the decoration deployment, as well as the cookie brigade. And I spent the weekend making a tiny army of snowmen and their snowball armory out of cornstarch clay with the kids.
Posted by Dave at Work (Member # 1906) on :
I like to wait until December before getting into the whole Christmas spirit thing. Thank goodness it's December now. I'm not sure I could have kept up my "bah humbug!" for much longer. I'll probably dig out my Christmas music CD's from the back of my closet this weekend.

I can't fault any of the Christmas movies and songs listed so far. I would add the following three for consideration though

"It's a Wonderful Life"
"Frosty the Snowman"
"White Christmas"

Posted by G2 (Member # 2942) on :
For a movie, G2 likes "A Christmas Story ". You'll shoot your eye out, kid.

For a song, G2 like "The Little Drummer Boy"; the version done as a duet with Bing Crosby and David Bowie. Good stuff.

The G2 abides.

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Posted by TommySama (Member # 2780) on :
Movie: Christmas Vacation.
Song: I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas.
Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 99) on :
Best Christmas movie: "It's a Wonderful Life"
Best Christmas song: "Fairytale of New York," by The Pogues
Posted by The Drake (Member # 2128) on :
Best movie: Miracle on 34th street (but not the remake!)

Best song: Father Christmas, The Kinks
Posted by KE (Member # 6535) on :
The G2,

Look at how much we have in common! [Smile]
(I also love the Bing Crosby and David Bowie version. Talk about two guys that can sing. Most people can't hang with Bing (same with Deano) but Bowie does it. I was thirteen when MTV came along and we'd watch it twenty-three seven. That was back when they still played music. Lately I've been recording "Totally 80's" on VH1 and recording the best videos onto VHS. Kinda my own mix-tape. By the way; how old are you if you don't mind me asking?)

To whom it may concern,

Stacy's favorite is "Christmas Vacation", too.


Edited to add: It turns out I'm just taking a break from that one thread.

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Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
I'm with The Drake on The Kinks being one of the best Xmas tunes. I am also especially fond of these two tunes:
Xmas Time
Merry Christmas!
Posted by Greg Davidson (Member # 3377) on :
I like It's a Wonderful Life, but would also like to nominate Love Actually just because I like that movie so much.
Posted by edgmatt (Member # 6449) on :
It's A Wonderful Life
"Holly Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives

runner up: Elvis, Blue Christmas
Posted by Viking_Longship (Member # 3358) on :
A Christmas Story, hands down
We Three Kings and Oh Holy Night (which needs to be done chorally as it's almost unsingable for an individual) are my favorites though I've got to give Jingle Bells and Silent Night props for the all time greats.
Posted by RickyB (Member # 1464) on :
Song: A New York Christmas Carol by The Pogues

Movie... I dunno.
Posted by Colin JM0397 (Member # 916) on :
Movies: A Christmas story, The original Grinch, and - damnit I missed the digitally remastered version last night - A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Songs: funny - Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Traditional - Oh holy night by any good soprano - no, not the Tony kind.
Honorable mention to KE’s Little Drummer Boy.

For nostalgia's sake, I have to throw in Silent night sung by the whole congregation - they always turned the lights off and everyone lit candles... And it was the last thing in the midnight service before we went home and got to open 1 gift. Christmas services are probably the only thing I miss about not going to church any longer.

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Posted by KE (Member # 6535) on :

One of my earliest memories is sitting along the walls in a vacant apartment, my dad was security and they were having the apartment Christmas party in there, with everybody holding a candle and singing Silent Night. "Sleep in Heavenly peace". That is a beautiful song.
Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 99) on :
Ricky, that song is actually called, as I mentioned above, "Fairytale of New York."
Posted by Talltwin (Member # 5610) on :
My wife's favorite song is Eartha Kitt singing "Santa Baby".

"A Christmas Story" is probably the funniest all around, but I have a warm spot in my heart for all the stop motion films like Rudolph, Frosty,

Posted by scouser1 (Member # 3455) on :
I'm so utterly disappointed that noone has mentioned the absolute classic christmas songs!

How could you forget Wizzard's I Wish it could be Christmas Everyday.???

Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody???

Darlene Love's All alone on Christmas (which also comes from one of my favourite christmas films too)???

But I must admit that this is fast becoming my favourite christmas song of all time. [Big Grin]

As for films, theres so many christmas ones I like that I couldnt really pick some faves.
Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
I've a soft spot for this one too:

Ride Your Donkey

As for movies, I too adore A Christmas Story. It addresses full on but fondly the modern material lust that is so much the Xmas of today.

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Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
My fave Xmas tune proper:
Divine Drummer Dude
Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
Now I know what I want for Xmas!
Posted by asmalls4 (Member # 6504) on :
I agree with Scouser on her favorite new Christmas song. That was the song I thought of too when I saw this thread. It's becoming my favorite too. I also like Celine Dion singing, " Oh Holy Night" it's one of my favorite songs.

As for movies, I love "A Christmas Story" and the old claymation Christmas movies. We watched " The year without a Santa Claus" last night and my kids loved it.
Posted by Brian (Member # 588) on :
For sheer majesty, I like the Hallelujah Chorus.
For a haunting melody, try I Wonder as I Wander by a good soprano. Preferably acapella.
My favorite, though, is O Come Emmanuel, all 10 verses, performed by a choir, with the antiphons.

Dennis Leary's The Ref is only tangentially related to Christmas, but it is extremely funny.
After that, I'd have to go with Bill Murry in Scrooged.
Posted by JWatts (Member # 6523) on :
"It's a Wonderful Life"

Shows, I like
"Frosty the Snowman", "Charlie Brown's Christmas", and probably most of all the original cartoon version of "The Grinch Who Stold Christmas".

I like many of the songs, but mostly I think I just love the couple of days before Christmas when many radio stations play nothing but Christmas music. It really puts me in the holiday mood.
Posted by RickyB (Member # 1464) on :
"I also like Celine Dion singing, " Oh Holy Night""

Um, no offense, but if we're ever at a party together, just stay away from the stereo, OK? I don't care if you're hosting the party. Sir, put the CD down nice and easy, now... [Big Grin]
Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
And so yet another Xmas party was marred by homicidal tragedy.
Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
I also have a soft spot for this bit of tree-trimming fluff:

A wunnaful a wunnaful a wunnaful...

Incredibly cheesy video. Part of its charm. And that Fluffer-Nutter synth... what can I say? It's wonderfully bad and awfully good. Why? Because 3-10 yr old kids like it.

"...we're here tonight and that's enough..."

My friend, only published novelist I know (sold 5 books so far) barely escaped mortgage foreclosure last month. Dude stopped by last night to drop off some home-cooked food (we sort of trade off since our kids take turns living at each other's house and eating everything in sight), told me his woes, and actually gave me a hug. He wasn't even all that drunk.

Weird. Guy's even more of a hermit than I am. I guess he likes me. I try to be a good friend. I like him.

I repeat: "...we're here tonight and that's enough..."

Raise a glass and be grateful if there's something in it, I say. And, since The Drake didn't grace us with the fruit of his choice, I will:

Have yourself a merry little Xmas, have yourself a good time, but don;t forget the kids who got nuthin', while you're drinking down your wine...

Now, give us yer $$!!! It's Xmas, dammit! (I've been ringing a bell for the Salvation Army.)

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Posted by scouser1 (Member # 3455) on :
"ChrIIIIIIIIIstmas time,
Mistletoe and whine, *ahem*
Children singing Christian rhyme.
With GIFTS on the FIRE,
And LOGS on the TREE,
A time to rejoyce in the good that we see!" [Big Grin]

And for some bizzare, crazy, off-its-head reason unbeknown to me, I am strangely drawn to Cliff's Millenium Prayer.

I think I need help [Frown]
Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
Merry Xmas, Monsieur Dey.
Posted by jimskater (Member # 181) on :
All I Want for Christmas (is You) by Darlene Love and Little Drummer Boy both get to me in ways that take me back to my younger years and childhood, respectively. But a terrific voice (Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo or Kire Te Kanawa) singing O Holy Night can reduce me to tears in 3 notes. Luciano sings like I sound to myself in my head, even if I did inherit my father's singing voice. During High School, my father was the only member of the St. Rita's choir asked to mouth the words to whatever he sang.

A Christmas Story

It's a Wonderful Life is flat out one of my top 2 or 3 all time favorite movies.

Bad Santa, otoh, is funnier than ****.
Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
I sound in my head like David Crosby and Graham Nash harmonizing.
Posted by asmalls4 (Member # 6504) on :
Originally posted by RickyB:
"I also like Celine Dion singing, " Oh Holy Night""

Um, no offense, but if we're ever at a party together, just stay away from the stereo, OK? I don't care if you're hosting the party. Sir, put the CD down nice and easy, now... [Big Grin]

No offense taken. [Smile] And it's ma'am. [Wink]
Posted by jimskater (Member # 181) on :
Originally posted by kenmeer livermaile:
I sound in my head like David Crosby and Graham Nash harmonizing.

Me too, sometimes.

Did you see this??


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Posted by vulture (Member # 84) on :
Originally posted by KE:

And "Die Hard" doesn't count as a Christmas movie.

It bloody does you heretic!

Best song: "Fairytale of New York" by Kirsty MacCall and the Pogues.

Best Film: "The Muppets Christmas Carol". It deatures one of the best bits of advice ever: "Light the lamp, not the rat!".
Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
jim: Paul SImon was meant by Gawd Himseff to sing with D&G. Somehow that clown Neil Young got in instead.
Posted by kenmeer livermaile (Member # 2243) on :
Long ago, in ancient '60s of a past century, Nash wrote and harmonized songs like this:

On A Carousel

Their drummer never got credit for his crisp apposite playing and uncommonly well-tuned drum sound, particularly the snare. That kind of chopping-wood crisp punch is rare even today.

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Posted by OceanRunner (Member # 5605) on :
My favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually. It was already a favorite, but it's The Christmas Movie to me after celebrating Christmas in Iraq with my closest friends with that movie. We just exchanged a set of emails about how much we all miss each other during the holidays, which has me thinking about them (glad as we all are to be home with our families).

My favorite song is "The Little Drummer Boy"
Posted by Kuato (Member # 6445) on :
The Blind Side.

It might not be about Jesus, but it is EVERYTHING Jesus taught.
Posted by aupton15 (Member # 1771) on :
I'm sitting at a truck stop waiting for my friend whose flight has been delayed. Of course, they are playing Christmas music. I have discovered that my least favorite Christmas song is Neil Diamond's rendition of Immanuel. I almost ran my head right through this window.

I will never forget growing up watching A Christmas Story.

I think the Carol of the Bells is amazing, and as much as I like the traditional version, I think the Trans Siberian Orchestra's might be my favorite.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Posted by RickyB (Member # 1464) on :
"Fairytale of New York" by Kirsty MacCall and the Pogues."

That's the one I meant! Great tune.
Posted by Pete at Home (Member # 429) on :
Oddly enough, one of my favorite christmas story since I was a child has been the little match girl, by Hans Christian Andersen. I heard it was made into a movie. Wonder how it was.
Posted by munga (Member # 6006) on :
exactly as depressing as the story, is my memory
Posted by Viking_Longship (Member # 3358) on :
I tried explaining "Little Drummer Boy" to my wife the other day and broke into tears, something she had never seen me do. Something about "I am a poor boy too" sends shivers up my spine.

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