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Posted by starLisa (Member # 2543) on :
Posted by RickyB (Member # 1464) on :
Nothing beats the town of Fu<king,_Austria. [Smile]

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Posted by JoshuaD (Member # 1420) on :
I must say, I support Banning, California.
Posted by Wayward Son (Member # 210) on :
I think they tried that, back in the Sixties at the height of the hippie movement, but they weren't able to secure the border and California got in anyway. [Smile]
Posted by Colin JM0397 (Member # 916) on :
Being "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (okay, I am aware that there is this thing called breast cancer.... what now?) I like Mike Adams' rant on the cancer industry.

Something about he read about a "Walk for Cancer".
Wonderful idea.

How about a "Run for Fascism", or maybe a "Walk for Greed".

Christ, do these people use their heads for thinking up these charity rally titles?

Why not "Walk for prevention"
"Run against cancer"...

But a friggin Walk FOR Cancer?
Posted by Pete at Home (Member # 429) on :
Originally posted by Colin JM0397:
But a friggin Walk FOR Cancer?

It's called a walk for cancer since they do it between noon and two PM during the summer, and most participants don't wear sunscreen.
Posted by HimuraKenshin (Member # 2930) on :
Originally posted by JoshuaD:
I must say, I support Banning, California.

It would be an interesting social experiment: "Hey - you California guys! No one in or out for... a year!" [Smile]


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Posted by Star Pilot 111 (Member # 1972) on :
You were correct about the guy hanging out at the street corner.
But I think that's illegal at most universities.

Not at Ball State [LOL]
Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 99) on :
Last year, I had a cashier at our local grocery store ask me if I wanted to "donate a dollar or more for breast cancer."

I blinked and tilted my head like a confused puppy for a second. Why, my brain wanted to know, did breast cancer need more money?

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