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Posted by 0rnery (Member # 398) on :
A couple days ago, after work, on a gloomy, cold, rainy afternoon, I headed for Walmart to handle a couple errands. Not in a particularly good mood with the lousy weather and holiday traffic. Parking lot jammed, as expected.

While walking through the isles, I saw customers and employees with various afflictions and obvious lack of money. It would make a great story if they were all happy and laughing despite their circumstances, but that wasn't the case. They did cause me to reflect on how trivial my own "troubles" are.

I always keep that in the back of my mind, but sometimes I need a reminder. By the time I left, I felt much more calm and patient. Actually enjoyed the ride home despite the rain and traffic. That feeling has lasted through this morning. Hoping it continues into the new year.

Hope you all have a pleasant holiday with your families, and appreciate your blessings as well.
Posted by RedVW on a Laptop (Member # 615) on :
Thanks and same to you. For all the hardships my family faces right now, we have health and safe habitation which is a far cry from what many people face this year as well as the next. My wife and I did our bills last night. We have about $400 unallocated that will make up our Christmas budget this year.

It was definately depressing from the standpoint that we have watched this amount shrink every year since 2009 Christmas. We will be skipping Christmas dinner this year as well as gifts for either myself or my wife. It is certainly depressing to know next year will likely be worse.

I hope next year will be better for us, but I don't expect it to be. We have pretty much cut all the budget items that don't include food, shelter, and utilities. Transportation costs are thankfully slightly cheaper due to ad velorum depreciation and gas being $1 cheaper compared to last year. Healthcare starts skyrocketing in two weeks.

But compared to many my family is doing fine. So at this time of year you do what you can to help out people worse off. And by doing so you appreciate what this season is and should be about. There are kids that won't even have a bed to sleep on so the magnitudes of disparities keeps one from wallowing.
Posted by AI Wessex (Member # 6653) on :
For a lot of people, this is a particularly sentimental and spiritual time of year. I tend to be that way a lot of the time, so I don't get that way when the calendar verges on tipping over to start the new cycle. It's the cycle itself that gets my attention, thinking about how the next one will be full of twisty little passages like the past year, many of them alike the ones before and many different. My daughter is pregnant, hallelujah!, and I'm closing in on retirement, three hosannas! Frost's poem about a snowy evening means something different lately, and Roethke's The Waking seems nearer than before.

But I admit I'm grateful for a great many things, some the fruits of hard won or hard fought endeavors, but more are the happy result of serendipitous happenings that I can't claim responsibility for. Health I have less but security I have more. Happiness is a Hallmark metric that I won't dignify, but moments of joy among a slight rising tide of contentment are satisfying rewards for making it this far.

I'm ready to go again. I'm almost always up before the sun and will be again. Let it rise and shine.
Posted by 0rnery (Member # 398) on :
In the same vein, my New Years resolution should be to be very thankful for what I have. But, I'm having a hard time getting in that mode.

The person who drove home that point at Walmart, was a gal unloading a pallet, who was a midget. Not only dealing with the awful height disadvantage, but the myriad other afflictions that accompany that disorder. There I was, perfectly normal and healthy, griping about my little problems. She put those out of my head in a hurry!

Now, here I am with a decent job, nevertheless stewing over little problems, while she's unloading pallets at Walmart. Somebody kick me...

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