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Posted by OrneryMod (Member # 977) on :
As you are likely aware, our front page has a place for guest articles to be published.

Mrs. Card has expressed an interest in increasing the quantity and quality of the articles published in that section and so she asked me to make a small announcement here to make sure that every member of the forum knows that they are welcome and invited to submit articles for publication.

There is no requirement regarding content: all reasonable points of view and political persuasions are welcome.

Submissions can be emailed to me at:

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Posted by Greg Davidson (Member # 3377) on :
My expression of liberal values was just welcomed.
Posted by AI Wessex (Member # 6653) on :
Posted by Pete at Home (Member # 429) on :
Consider contacting Stradling and asking if his essay on War Watch can be posed on the front page, along with news of discovery of the Higgs particle
Posted by OrneryMod (Member # 977) on :
Thank you for the suggestion, I will do that.
Posted by Pete at Home (Member # 429) on :
Here's a brief submission for the front page:

Fox News doesn't get it:

Judging by what is being said by the atheists who are suing, you probably imagine that students in New Jersey are obligated to say the Pledge, even if they don’t want to. But that’s not true. In New Jersey, as in every other state, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is entirely optional. No one has to participate. In fact, if a student declines to participate, he or she is even allowed to remain seated—students don’t have to stand up, salute the flag, or say anything.
But it's a Pledge of Allegiance!

Here's the original phrase:

"One Nation Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All"

In the 1950s during the Red Scare, Congress divided the words Nation from Indivisible, with a phrase calculated to divide atheists from believers. The insertion turns the "indivisible" word into hypocrisy.

As a Christian, I'm troubled that we would use the name of God to question the American loyalty of Atheists and Agnostics. It seems unChristian to cause an atheist or agnostic to feel that they are less American than me.

As a Christian, I'm troubled that turn the name of God into an empty ritual. What Christ called a "vain repetition." It seems unChristian to use patriotism and the need to belong to pressure someone into a false declaration of belief.

I was raised by Christians but I was not convinced of that belief until I came to college. I thank God that my own parents and church did not pressure me into a statement of belief before I gained faith.

Faith comes from listening to the word of God. Not from being pressured to recite the word "God." Take God out of the pledge of allegiance, that we might be one nation indivisible and free.


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Posted by scifibum (Member # 945) on :
Pete, I meant to tell you that this is a very good and very well argued position.
Posted by Pete at Home (Member # 429) on :
Thank you, SciFi. It's short for an essay. Any suggestions on how to lengthen it, or any counterarguments I can address?

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