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Reasons I'd Write in My Dog's Name Before Voting for Gore
October 25, 2000

1.   Gore's signature on a memo to the Russian Prime Minister, agreeing to ignore U.S. Law so the Russians can sell arms to Iran -- arms that may well be used against Americans, or against our allies in Israel or elsewhere. I know it's harsh, but I keep thinking of the T-word.

1a.   The Russian Prime Minister's request that Gore break another law and not tell Congress, a request that Gore granted.

1b.   The refusal of Gore or the White House to provide the memo to Congress, spinning it as "old news" even though this is patently false.

1c.   The fact that the press is so fanatically supportive of Gore that they haven't even treated this obvious Constitutional crisis as news. Instead, they treat it as a Republican ploy to embarrass Gore right before the election. What they forget is that even if the timing is partisan, Gore signed the memo and hid it from Congress and the people. This tells us what we can expect from the press during a Gore presidency -- Gore could commit any crime, and neither we nor Congress would ever hear about it from the press.

2.   Gore thinks he's smart, when in fact he is so functionally dim that it hurts. He has given himself over to manipulation by the American intellectual elite, a group that has institutionalized political correctness, without question and without evidence. Even in Congress he manipulated hearings in order to suppress facts that might bring politically correct bushwah into question. Nothing is more dangerous than people who have all the answers without ever asking any questions.

3.   Gore's fibbing whenever he spots a chance to make himself look good. After eight years of meticulous, nit-picking lies from one "president," now we get one who just sprays 'em out like spit? No thanks.

4.   "No controlling authority." Gore apparently believes that laws are only binding when there's someone to punish you if you're caught. So his oath of office is meaningless to him.

5.   Gore's lack of a core. There's no "him" inside him. Whatever it did to him, growing up as his father's son, he is trying endlessly to invent a self that will be good enough. But he doesn't believe in any of them. That's why he's so wooden and stiff. He uses his body like a puppet as he flails around, trying one script after another. I hope someday he finds out who he really is -- and being out of office for a while may be his only chance.

6.   He has learned too much from Clinton. He knows how to "triangulate" his opponents, and he knows the press will go along with the scam. No one who stuck with Clinton after he betrayed his oath of office deserves the trust of anyone in America ever again. It's obvious that they all place their personal ambition higher than their duty to the nation they pretend to serve. Gore is one of many who fit that description ... but he is the one running for president.

7.   Gore as commander-in-chief. Clinton has weakened our military in every way it can be weakened: Morale, materiele, overcommitment, loss of prestige, and criminal misuse without regard for the cost in foreign lives. Gore's ventures into foreign policy suggest he has learned Clinton's law: Foreign policy is just a tool in the toolbox of domestic politics. Do whatever will play well at home, regardless of law, regardless of decency, regardless of consequences down the line. With luck, someone else will be president when the bills come due. All that matters is the next election.

8.   It's time to break the power of the American press and show them that they can't fool all the people, all the time. We've had an aristocracy long enough -- especially considering how credulous, how useless, how shortsighted that power elite has proven itself to be. Let's try the democracy thing again for a while, where the people are told the truth and make up their own minds, instead of having all the self-appointed smart people decide for them and then lie about it so the people don't find out what's being done in their name, with their money, to their futures, to their children.

Any one of these reasons would be enough to tempt me to vote for a Republican, especially when the Republican is a decent guy who is in the process of transforming his party into something that an ornery American can live with.

But when I look at all these reasons in combination, all I know is that in all conscience I can't vote for Gore under any circumstances. To me, he's as impossible a choice as, say, Buchanan.

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