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You Mean Someone is Going to die?
By Russ Wood August 6, 2004

Normandy Beach, June 6, 1944: The first wave of troops hits the beach amid the blistering sounds of Nazi gunfire. One young soldier, a private, takes a bullet to the head, ending his life instantly.

"Whoa! Pull back, everyone! Looks like they've got us beat!"

The American troops turn and board their amphibious vehicles and return home to live in a future where you need not be embarrassed for sporting an Oliver Hardy-style mustache.

Revisionist history by today's standards of warfare.

I am surprised at the Philippine Government for acting so hastily and pulling their troops out of Iraq. One man is taken hostage and the fight is over.

Well, isn't that an effective little tactic for the terrorists to use? Isn't this exactly how terrorism works? A nation is threatened with deaths of innocents, and is forced to coerce themselves into meeting extremist's demands.

I once heard a speech from a man named Charles Wiley, who is a speaker affiliated with the group AIM (Accuracy In Media), and he stated that one of the main problems with today's world is that nobody is willing to give other's lives for a better cause, even though the others may be perfectly willing to do so. While aboard a battleship in WWII, he and the other sailors on board were told, "Do not fall off the ship. If you do, we are not turning around to get you. We have a war to get to."

And that was the way it was.

But in today's world, we are saturated with the idea of "no man left behind" from Hollywood and the press. America's military, to some extent, has accepted the call to duty with all of its implications. Some people might die.

And while no death is desirable, in times of war it happens to those who engage in combat. But as a former Marine, I can say that I would be proud to give my life in the defense of freedom. And regardless of what stories the media tend to highlight to show the soldiers disdain for the war they are fighting, I can assure you personally that the majority of military men and women do not feel that way.

I may be inclined to write here of another thing that Mr.Wiley pointed out; namely the 180 degree slander with which Vietnam vets are constantly depicted in the media. Unlike my previous mistaken idea, in a poll of Vietnam vets living today, 90 percent of them said they would do it again in a heartbeat.

And now the media is trying to paint the current war and soldiers with the same tint of rose they see through their glasses.

The Philippine's decision to give into terrorist demands equates to a victory for the terrorists that will inevitably lead to more videotapes of hostages who are threatened to be beheaded. Heck, it worked on one nation!

And I think the point of whether or not Saddam had ties with Al Qaeda is quite moot by now. If beheadings, car bombings, and suicide bombings are not evidence enough that Iraq harbors terrorists, I don't know what is.

Perhaps we should be remorse that we only have 800 lives to give for our nation, and for other nations, if the outcome of the election swings Michael Moore's way. In three years we may have lost 800 who were willing to die, but in one day we lost 2700 who weren't.

All because it proved effective before on those passive Americans who were scared of losing one life.

Copyright © 2004 by Russ Wood

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