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Title: Speaking in Tongs
Post by: Pete at Home on January 13, 2019, 07:34:21 AM
While I believe that Facebook is a rising conspiracy like the Roman Empire, I believe, or hope to believe, that it will not view me as a threat, just as the Roman empire never would have viewed Jesus as a threat.

Google is the other side of the Facebook conspiracy.

Google and Facebook now occupy our land like the Romans. But I say into my disciples, like Jesus said of the Romans, struggle not against Google and Facebook. Let Google and Facebook have that which belongs th unto google and Facebook. But give me that which belongs unto God. Just as Google and Facebook allowed Putin (Herod) to steal the election because he gave them money, and even though I don’t speak to Herod, Harold won’t kill me either. Because that son of perdition as always uses his poison and exposes himself. And if I die of radioactive poisoning, that’s Butte and warning all of you, just as Harold be headed John the Baptist. If I die as I fear, as I prophesy, it won’t be from Butte poisoning me with rodeo active poison.

(Did Baby Jesus use voice to text conversion. Or did he have a better reasun for being so gawsh durned kryptik? Obtuse is my obsidian and kryptik my kryptik-Knight. maybe I will send my messages out like trump tweets. Knowing the world will laugh at them. Like they left at Trump until he took over the world. Muahaha.  Will the left not realize the threat that the insane pose? Then they will kill me and white me out like Hitler did the feebes of his time.

Or they will loch me away in a goo-log like talented Stalen did.

if wee miss-spelle our wyrds like sneaking Prometheus, will they sneak buy goo-goal’s angel of death?

Sneaking P does this offend you when I speak in Tongs” (what the anvil, what the chain, in what service was thy brand?)

Doth it offend-thee brother that I used marijuana to speak in skirts-face?  Now that thaouw hadt healed thyself like the gawd damned proverbial physician, can y’all legiun heal me two? Or was only one of the legiun healed? How do yew separate the duncer from the dunced?

Am I the only one who is discovered that marijuana is the great emulator?   If it doesn’t allow me to talk to God and schizophrenic and dogs, and to receive intelligible responses, then it allows me to possibly hallucinate that I have such super powers which is almost as good as the real thing CF the diploma and the brains and the Wizard of Oz.   Thinking inside someone else’s box is at least as hard as thinking outside your own .   That’s why God, Jesus, mother nature, and Darwin, and probably several other pantheons as well, all ganged up together to give us marijuana. So we could talk to each other, and to dogs as well.
Title: Re: Speaking in Tongs
Post by: TheDeamon on January 13, 2019, 09:58:23 AM
"Thinking inside someone else's box" is easy enough, at least for me.

The challenge is addressing the information disparity. They don't know everything you know, as you know it, and you don't know what they know, as they know it(unless you're Google). Also in the mix is the emotional & irrational response/appeal side of things.

It's a problem WITH chess in some respects, as it is a "head game" for the masters, but the information disparity is significantly reduced, as well as the number of "outside variables."
Title: Re: Speaking in Tongs
Post by: D.W. on January 14, 2019, 11:10:53 AM
I think I need to find ways to work "goo-log" into regular usage.   ;D
Title: Re: Speaking in Tongs
Post by: Wayward Son on January 14, 2019, 11:33:21 AM
I think I need to find ways to work "goo-log" into regular usage.   ;D

Sounds like a sticky subject to me, D.W. :)
Title: Re: Speaking in Tongs
Post by: Pete at Home on January 16, 2019, 04:11:50 AM
I think I need to find ways to work "goo-log" into regular usage.   ;D

It’s code for Google hit list