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General Comments / A Good Question.
« on: January 05, 2023, 12:23:51 PM »
Did Someone or Something Seize Control of the United States?
By Victor Davis Hanson 12:01 AM on January 05, 2023

What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally? Did Congress secretly repeal our immigration laws? Did President Joe Biden issue an executive order allowing foreign nationals to walk across the border and reside in the United States as they pleased?

Since when did money not have to be paid back? Who insisted that the more dollars the federal government printed, the more prosperity would follow? When did America embrace zero interest? Why do we believe $30 trillion in debt is no big deal?

When did clean-burning, cheap, and abundant natural gas become the equivalent to dirty coal? How did prized natural gas that had granted America’s wishes of energy self-sufficiency, reduced pollution, and inexpensive electricity become almost overnight a pariah fuel whose extraction was a war against nature? Which lawmakers, which laws, which votes of the people declared natural gas development and pipelines near criminal?

Was it not against federal law to swarm the homes of Supreme Court justices, to picket and to intimidate their households in efforts to affect their rulings? How then with impunity did bullies surround the homes of Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, John Roberts, and Clarence Thomas – furious over a court decision on abortion? How could these mobs so easily throng our justices’ homes, with placards declaring “Off with their d–s”?

Since when did Americans create a government Ministry of Truth? And on whose orders did the FBI contract private news organizations to censor stories it did not like and writers whom it feared?

How did we wake up one morning to new customs of impeaching a president over a phone call? Of the speaker of the House tearing up the State of the Union address on national television? Of barring congressional members from serving on their assigned congressional committees?

When did we assume the FBI had the right to subvert the campaign of a candidate it disliked? Was it legal suddenly for one presidential candidate to hire a foreign ex-spy to subvert the campaign of her rival?

Was some state or federal law passed that allowed biological males to compete in female sports? Did Congress enact such a law? Did the Supreme Court guarantee that biological male students could shower in gym locker rooms with biological women? Were women ever asked to redefine the very sports they had championed?

When did the government pass a law depriving Americans of their freedom during a pandemic? In America can health officials simply cancel rental contracts or declare loan payments in suspension? How could it become illegal for mom-and-pop stores to sell flowers or shoes during a quarantine but not so for Walmart or Target?

Since when did the people decide that 70 percent of voters would not cast their ballots on Election Day? Was this revolutionary change the subject of a national debate, a heated congressional session, or the votes of dozens of state legislatures?

What happened to Election Night returns? Did the fact that Americans created more electronic ballots and computerized tallies make it take so much longer to tabulate the votes?

When did the nation abruptly decide that theft is not a crime, assault not a felony? How can thieves walk out with bags of stolen goods, without the wrath of angry shoppers, much less fear of the law?

Was there ever a national debate about the terrified flight from Afghanistan? Who planned it and why?

What happened to the once trusted FBI? Why almost overnight did its directors decide to mislead Congress, to deceive judges with concocted tales from fake dossiers and with doctored writs? Did Congress pass a law that our federal leaders in the FBI or CIA could lie with impunity under oath?

Who redefined our military and with whose consent? Who proclaimed that our chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff could call his Chinese Communist counterpart to warn him that America’s president was supposedly unstable? Was it always true that retired generals routinely libeled their commander-in-chief as a near Nazi, a Mussolini, an adherent of the tools of Auschwitz?

Were Americans ever asked whether their universities could discriminate against their sons and daughters based on their race? How did it become physically dangerous to speak the truth on a campus? Whose idea was it to reboot racial segregation and bias as “theme houses,” “safe spaces,” and “diversity”? How did that happen in America?

How did a virus cancel the Constitution? Did the lockdowns rob of us of our sanity? Or was it the woke hysteria that ignited our collective madness?

We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize, and from a coup we never knew


(Please excuse my not citing this as a quote. It is so good, I didn't want to shrink it into the small-text quotation process. It is too important to make it easier to ignore. The url is there.

VDH is one of my favorite historians, for good reasons. His question is the root of this historic dysfunction.

General Comments / Who funds the candidates?
« on: September 29, 2022, 08:47:46 PM »
George Soros funds enormous sums of money to individual candidates. Take Kim Foxx in Chicago. He originally got her elected with $300,000 in 2016 - then, after negative reports on her actions, he gave her $2 million in 2022 to get her reelected. He’s done this throughout the country to install ultra-progressive DA’s in blue cities. He donated $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation. I recently heard that he is only the second largest donor for the Democrat Party. The winner is a foundation I have never heard about. I caught a report on it but didn’t catch the name. It was said to donate much more than Soros. When I went to track it down, I saw many foundations and political funding groups, as well as wealthy individuals giving millions to PACs that distribute that money to candidates - but no mention of this dark money source. The name of the Foundation starts with an “A.” Both Soros and this group funds Progressive candidates.

We all get fund-raising emails - and though the GOP is larger than the Dems, and get much more small donations - they can’t keep up with the huge dark money sources funneling into individual Dem races.

Isn’t this important? Dinesh D’Souza got jail time for a few thousand dollars he contributed to a friend’s local campaign. These billionaires donate billions of dollars that buy disinformational ads that can't be answered, yet no one seems to comment on it. Search engines don’t seem to help. This seems to be the driving force behind elections now.

What is the answer?

General Comments / Climate alarmists are wrong.
« on: August 02, 2022, 09:59:32 AM »
Data shows no catastrophic warming. No catastrophic climate change. Yet the Democrat policy is that Climate Change is the number one issue.

From meteorologist Anthony Watts:
…89% of the stations used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to calculate average U.S. temperatures failed to meet the National Weather Service’s (NWS) siting standards, which stipulate stations must be 30 meters (100 feet) or more away from any artificial or radiating reflecting heat source.

…NOAA rolled out a new network of temperature stations: the U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN). The USCRN comprises a subset of existing temperature gauge locations that meet all NWS conditions for unbiased, high-quality temperature data that are not expected to be affected by nearby development or the placement of artificial heat sources for at least the next 50 years. Describing the USCRN, the National Climate Data Center wrote, “[t]he USCRN measures temperature with superior accuracy and continuity in places that land-use change will not likely impact during the next five decades. Built specifically for this purpose … [t]he USCRN serves, as its name and original intent imply, as a reference network for operational estimates of national-scale temperature.”

…, NOAA developed a second new temperature reporting network, adding thousands of stations from the Global Historical Climatology Network to NOAA’s Historical Climate Network of 1,218 stations for a new dataset it called “nClimGrid.” This new system collects data from more than 10,000 high-quality (unbiased) and low-quality (biased) stations alike.

…Sadly, in its monthly and annual reports on temperature and weather trends, NOAA does not use or cite the data from the unbiased USCRN. Instead, the federal government’s official reports cite data from the woefully inadequate, fatally compromised nClimGrid network.

…The simple truth is simple: it is not getting as hot as fast as climate alarmists within and outside the government say it is.

This is from H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. ( is the director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy at The Heartland Institute, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research center headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

In Vegas, The temperature is too hot for accurate temperature reporting - to scare off tourists - so most of the temperature gathering stations used are the opposite. They are often in the shade and near cool-air pockets. As in most data collecting, you've got to get past the bureaucrats before you can trust the numbers.

General Comments / OAN Network being cancelled
« on: July 27, 2022, 11:20:59 PM »
The latest attack on OAN from Verizon mentions the reason as it spreading disinformation. Remember the massive lawsuits by Smartmatic? I wonder how the reversed election that showed the  Dominion machines WERE hacked plays in this. The cancel culture is a heinous thing, but this is particularly hard to even rationalize. How can the Left hold their noses and allow this kind of thing go on?

General Comments / Clinton archive of criminality
« on: July 09, 2022, 07:05:12 PM »
Here is a three-step archive of alleged Clinton and associates crimes, as requested in a question as to why Trump should not be investigated, because he was so much worse than them, when nothing in Clinton/Obama/Biden ever merited it.

McDougal Aledged charges against BILL CLINTON (Before Monica Lewinski):

  • Conspired with David Hale and Jim McDougal to defraud the Small Business Administration of $300,000.
  • Used State Police for personal purposes.
  • Abused his position as governor to extort sexual favors from employees.
  • Directed State Police to fabricate incriminating evidence against political opponents: Steve Clark, Terry Reed, and Larry Nichols.
  • Knew about drug importation and distribution by a friend and campaign contributor, Dan Lasater.
  • Allowed drug money to be laundered through ADFA.
  • Appointed and protected Arkansas Medical Examiner Fahmy Malak who repeatedly obstructed justice by declaring murders as "suicides" or "accidents."
  • Has never accounted for his actions during 40 days behind the Iron Curtain during the Vietnam War.
  • Tipped off Governor Tucker about upcoming criminal referral.
  • Violated Arkansas campaign finance laws.
  • Violated the Constitution by signing into law an ex post facto law, a retroactive tax increase.
  • Fired RTC chief Albert Casey to allow his friend Roger Altman to monitor and block Whitewater investigations.
  • Fired FBI director William Sessions and the entire top management at the FBI to prevent an autonomous FBI from investigating the suicide of Vince Foster and other scandals.
  • Fired all U.S. Attorneys to appoint Paula Casey who prevented Judge David Hale from testifying against Clinton.
  • Offered State Troopers federal jobs in return for their silence about Clinton's crimes.
  • Blocked Justice Department indictments after Inspector General Sherman Funk found "criminal violations of the Privacy Act provable beyond reasonable doubt" when former Bush employee files were searched and leaked to the press.
  • Appointed friend and felon Webster Hubbell to number 3 position in Justice Department in order to be able to block Whitewater criminal referrals by RTC investigator L. Jean Lewis.
  • Blocked the criminal trial of Representative Ford, a Tennessee Democrat.
  • Appointed a campaign activist to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, without the mandated "advice and consent" of the Senate, to derail a probe of his and Hillary's financial dealings.
  • Committed witness tampering by causing bribes to be paid to Webster Hubbell.
  • Committed witness tampering by causing a job with the NSC to be offered to former Trooper L.D. Brown in return for Brown's silence on several Clinton crimes.
  • Rifled through L.D. Brown's personnel file at the CIA in an attempt to find damaging information on Brown, a witness to many Clinton crimes.
  • Blocked Justice Department prosecution of Arthur Coia, a union Mob puppet and heavy Clinton donor.
  • Made fund-raising calls from the White House, a federal property.
  • Accepted a bribe from the Government of China, hidden from federal election inspectors by laundering it through Ng Lap Seng, the Bank of China, Charlie Trie and his relatives, and his Legal Defense Fund.
  • Accepted a $50,000 bribe from the candidate for president of South Korea, in return for a written endorsement of the candidate.
  • Engaged in a criminal scheme to launder illegal contributions for the president of Teamsters campaign and in turn laundered illegal foreign contributions through the "Teamsters for a Corruption Free Union" fund.
  • Subverted federal campaign spending limits through a DNC slush fund used for television advertising planned by political consultant Dick Morris.
  • Bill Clinton investigated by an Independent Counsel and by Congress. Caught lying: fined and debarred.
  • Impeached.
  • Made fund-raising calls from the White House, a federal property.
  • Participated in an illegal fund-raising event at the Hsi Lai Temple were campaign contributions were laundered through nuns.
  • Accepted a $50,000 bribe from a waste disposal company, Molten Metal Technology, in return for helping it get federal contracts. Al Gore is under investigation by Congress and by the Justice Department.
  • Accepted a $100,000 bribe, laundered through cattle futures, from Tyson Foods Inc.
  • Speculated in Health Care industry futures while overseeing legislative reform of same.
  • Failed to correct false testimony by co-defendant Ira Magaziner in the Health Care Task Force trial.
  • Ordered members of the Health Care Task Force to shred documents that were the target of a court probe.
  • Obstructed justice by ordering the removal and shredding of Vince Foster's documents on the night of his death.
  • Hired Craig Livingstone to conduct a political intelligence operation against her opponents.
  • Defrauded the U.S. Treasury of more than $10 million by funneling Community Development Financial Institutions grants to financial institutions in which she had an interest.
  • Ordered Treasury officials to cover up the fraud by fabrication of false documents. Hillary Clinton was investigated by an Independent Counsel.
  • Lied about having Rose Law Firm Billing Records which were found in her private office, out on a countertop in plain view.
  • Convicted for defrauding the federal government (FDIC and IRS).
  • Executed obstruction of justice in the Justice Department in several cases: The Inslaw case, and the RTC criminal referrals on Whitewater. Webster Hubbell has resigned.
  • Violated federal law when he held Health Care Task Force Meetings in secret and refused to release documents.
  • Lied in court about the composition of the Health Care Task Force. A criminal referral by Judge Royce Lamberth was not acted upon by the Clinton-appointed U.S. Att. Eric Holder.
  • Obstructed justice in the Foster suicide investigation by blocking access, removing documents, lying about his removal of documents, and by retrieving Foster's pager from Park Police.
  • Attempted to quash a Whitewater investigation at the RTC through White House liaisons. Bernard Nussbaum has resigned.
  • Accepted a $600,000 loan below market interest and with insufficient collateral from NationsBank, a bank having business before the Clinton Administration.
  • Lied to Congress during Whitewater hearings.
  • Obstructed justice by attempting to have Whitewater investigator Jay Stephens at the RTC fired. George Stephanopoulos resigned.
  • Accepted bribes from Tyson Foods Inc. and other companies which were under regulatory control of his Agriculture Department. Mike Espy has resigned and is awaiting indictment by a special prosecutor.
  • Lied to Congress during Whitewater hearings.
  • When caught, lied to Congress about having lied to Congress.
  • Instructed Ellen Kulka and Jack Ryan at the RTC to block the Whitewater investigation by L. Jean Lewis. Roger Altman has resigned but is still carrying out assignments for the White House.
  • Negotiated a $700,000 bribe with the Vietnamese government.
  • Accepted a $60,000 bribe from Dynamic Energy Resources.
  • Sold seats on foreign trips to DNC contributors. Was under investigation by an independent counsel when he died in a plane crash.
  • By denying them military protection equipment, Aspin was responsible for the death of Army Rangers in Somalia. Les Aspin resigned and died before he could be held accountable in a public forum.
  • Fabricated charges against White House Travel Office personnel to have the business taken over by Clinton friends.
  • Coerced FBI and IRS agents into complicity with this scheme. Kennedy and Watkins have resigned.
  • Removed documents from White House Travel Office. Because those documents later became the subject of a trial against Office Director Billy Dale, that became an obstruction of justice.
  • Lied to Congress about the composition of the Health Care Task Force and the size of its budget.
  • Obstructed justice when she removed documents from the office of Vince Foster.
  • Fabricated charges against White House Travel Office personnel to have the business taken over by Clinton friends.
  • Obstructed justice when she removed documents from the office of Vince Foster.
  • Solicited and accepted a $50,000 campaign contribution from Johnny Chung in the White House in return for Hillary Clinton meeting with Chinese businessmen. Margaret Williams has resigned.

  • Lied to Congress about conversations with White House personnel about the RTC. Joshua Steiner has resigned.
  • Lied to Congress about the contents of redacted documents.
  • Attempted to withhold vital information from Congress, a felony.
  • Obtained a confidential Treasury report and showed it to witnesses before they testified before Congress in the Whitewater hearings. Lied to Congress when he denied having coached witnesses. Lloyd Cutler has resigned.
  • As chairman of Arkla, was responsible for the bribing of public utility officials.
  • Conspired with Democratic Congressional Leadership to block access by investigators to vital documents in a Congressional hearing. Mack McLarty escaped prosecution when a lobbyist working for him was convicted of bribery.
  • Broke into New York Republican headquarters in 1970. Has never been indicted for this crime which was similar to what the Watergate Plumbers spent time in jail for.
  • Had contacts with the Arkansas-based Park-On-Meter company which received questionable loan from Clinton's ADFA and was alleged to be involved in arms manufacturing.
  • Worked for Mafia-controlled labor unions.
  • Set up a $56 million slush fund by Union Mobsters for use in Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign.
  • Arranged meeting between Mob figure and Clinton campaign contributor Arthur Coia and Bill Clinton.
  • Lied to Congress during Whitewater hearings.
  • Improperly discussed a $500,000 contribution in a memo to businessman Warren Meddoff, using White House computer, telephone, and fax. Faxed instructions on how to launder contributions through tax-exempt organization to evade scrutiny of FEC.
  • Attempted to obstruct justice by orchestrating an approach to Whitewater witness Beverly Basset Shaffer. Harold Ickes was fired.
  • As treasurer for the Clinton gubernatorial campaign in 1990, he signed withdrawals from Perry County Bank, the president of which was indicted for conspiring to conceal these withdrawals from the IRS and FEC.
  • Covered up credit-card fraud by USIA Inspector General staff.
  • Launched a politically motivated investigation of Radio Marti, a staunchly anti-Communist radio station run by the government.
  • State and federal contracts were awarded to companies in which he had a financial interest. The Justice Department found insufficient evidence to appoint a Special Counsel.
  • Lied to the FBI about payments to former lover. Henry Cisneros is under investigation by a Special Counsel.
  • Fabricated charges of child molestation against the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.
  • Ordered the use of military equipment against citizens of the United States.
  • Ordered the use of chemical agents against citizens of the United States.
  • For more than a year stalled the appointment of a special counsel to investigate clear evidence of campaign fundraising illegalities.
  • Lied to Congress when he wrote that there were no memos circulating in the Labor Department instructing staff to gather political material against the Contract with America. Such memos were later published. Robert Reich has been replaced.
  • As Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Madison instituted speech codes which were found to be unconstitutional in federal court. Instituted thought-police star chamber proceedings to drive politically incorrect people off campus.
  • Used the EPA to campaign against Republicans running on the Contract with America, an illegal use of the executive branch for political campaigning. Carol Browner is under investigation by Congress.
  • Violated the First Amendment when she ordered HUD lawyers to silence citizens who spoke out against planned housing projects.
  • Exceeded her authority when she had HUD staff threaten Allentown County to withdraw an "Use of English language encouraged" ordinance. Roberta Achtenberg has resigned.
  • Used extortion to force banks to give preferential treatment to minorities. Congress is investigating the possibility of impeachment based on abuse of power.
  • Was found by the Supreme Court to have been abusing his position to subvert the election process in a manner that created more safe "black" seats. Deval Patrick has resigned.
  • Paid a penalty for violating campaign finance laws during his 1988 presidential campaign.
  • Accepted political donations as a bribe to kill an Indian casino proposal. The DOJ is considering appointing an Independent Counsel to investigate the bribe.
  • Started a criminal probe of Secret Service agents John Libonati and Jeffrey Undercoffer after they had testified that the Secret Service was not the source of the list used to compile FBI files in the Filegate scandal.
  • Provided confidential depositions of White House staffers to White House Counsel Lloyd Cutler ahead of Whitewater hearings in 1994.
  • Leaked information to the White House Counsel's office that FBI agent Dennis Sculimbrene had revealed in a confidential FBI interview that it was Hillary Clinton who hired Filegate operative Craig Livingstone.
  • Accepted $25,000 from Johnny Chung in return for meeting with members of the Chinese Government.
  • Paid outside consultants to prepare a list of "hostile reporters."
  • As U.S. Attorney stonewalled repeated criminal referrals of Clinton administration employees by courts of law and by Congress. Eric Holder was rewarded with a promotion to Deputy Attorney General.
  • Gave the green light to an illegal arms pipeline from Iran to Bosnia. The pipeline was reportedly used to smuggle drugs.
  • Lied to Congress about the illegal pipeline. Anthony Lake withdrew his name from consideration for director of the CIA.
  • Committed espionage on behalf of Lippo Group and the Chinese government.
  • Facilitated payments from the Chinese government to Bill Clinton and the DNC through Charlie Trie and others. John Huang has resigned and is refusing to testify to Congressional investigators.
Summary: The only Clinton Cabinet Secretaries who were are not under investigation for criminal acts and have never had criminal allegations raised against them in public are Richard Riley, Secretary of Education, and Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State.

Published in the Oct. 27, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly ( Reposting permitted with this message intact.

General Comments / War on Cops
« on: September 14, 2020, 09:32:43 PM »
Two deputies were ambushed and shot in the face. The shooter was recorded on camera but has not been identified yet. The female officer who was shot through her jaw, a mother of a six-year-old, managed to rig a tourniquet on her partner.

The BLM street goons blocked the hospital emergency entryways, and chanted support for killing cops.

The laughing BLM people who wanted the cops dead, should be put on the terrorism watch list. These animals need to be arrested and punished for their parts in all this. No way should such actions be allowed.

General Comments / Official Party Platforms
« on: August 21, 2020, 03:52:39 PM »
After the Democrat Virtual Convention, the main takeaway from many observers is how dark the message was. Most speeches were attacks on Trump. As Obama said, "Donald Trump hasn’t grown into the job, because he can’t, and the consequences of that failure are severe: 170,000 Americans dead. Millions of jobs gone. Those at the top taking more than ever. Our worst impulses unleashed, our proud reputation around the world badly diminished, and our democratic institutions threatened like never before.”

No mention of Biden proposals, yet every Democrat apologist says they are on his official website. I went there, and did not see them clearly delineated. As in all the convention speeches, the info speaks in broad terms, denying what Trump actually accomplished, and then plagiarizes the actions Trump has already taken.

In Obama's speech, the long-established principle of decorum was ignored and the message was dark attacks on Trump and his supporters. I have yet to see a MSM vetting of Obama's speech to point out that each insult was disinformational.

Point in proof, was Biden's claim that Trump has ignored the Coronavirus and done nothing to fix things. His changing the rules to allow vaccine research to bring them online in a few months rather than six years proves Biden lied.

Go to the official website and look for yourself for fully developed policy. If you see mostly generic attacks without coherent details, then what is it Biden is actually proposing?

General Comments / China is in a bad, bad way.
« on: July 25, 2020, 12:57:05 PM »
With the greatest flooding in history, hundreds of millions of refugees, and the entire croplands inundated, why are we missing any reporting of the opportunities to help them, as well as leverage politics? One answer is the MSM not wanting to give Trump any opportunity for success, and the need to keep China the bogey man.


General Comments / Pick a President...
« on: June 26, 2020, 02:14:44 PM »
Serious question for you.  Is there anything any President has done that you think was worthy?  I'll point out before you answer that whatever it was that you approve of was done in the political realm and a lot of people objected and were opposed to it when it was done.

Honestly my opinion of Presidents since JFK is pretty low. Granted, for several of them I've only read about them or seen videos, as I wasn't alive at the time. I don't know that I have a problem with Carter, generally. I blame Reagan/Bush for the War on Drugs, among other things. When I was younger and didn't follow these things I liked Bill Clinton well enough. Since him I've had serious problems with those that followed. If you want to talk individual good moves I'm sure I could cite some that even W did, but I'm not sure what zeroing in on one good thing amid many bad things achieves. Obama was better than W, but that's not saying much.

Interesting. JFK was never high on my list of good presidents, more of a space filler - but is a great example of the organization being more important than the man or woman at the helm.

For example, Washington was a great president for the time - but his time in office was marked by the presence of the Founders in his administration, who pretty much wrote all his initiatives and authored all his actions. He actually dragged his feet with most of the great things that happened on his watch.

FDR was known for his young and powerful group of men considered to be the best and the brightest, who were instrumental in his administration. Amity Shlaes, the historian who wrote, "The Forgotten Man", was very good at pointing out the real numbers and effect of what was accomplished. Those FDR minions were entranced by Stalin. They were taken in by his propaganda and Potemkin villages. At the same time, Walter Duranty ws being awarded a Pulitzer for lying about Stalin's history.

That idea of the "best and the brightest" was reinstigated during JFK, along with the Peace Corps to bring in "better than politicians" to help run things. Rockefeller, when running for President dittoed that need for good helpers when he stated his secret of success was to "surround himself with his betters."

The Clintons added a new element to having a strong staff. They were mentored by Saul Alinsky (who in turn was mentored by the Mafia.) This input revolved around his Rules for Radicals and went a step beyond Machiavelli. Historians have noted the classic crime family paradigms that occurred. The basic rationale was "The Ends Justifies the Means." When Bill Clinton entered Washington, he fired the political class and replaced them with personal liege-men.

Obama was also a Saul Alinsky acolyte, but when he was elected, he had no personal liege-men who could be put into power via confirmation. He just picked up the Clinton retreads, and appointed his activist friends as Czars outside of confirmation.

Most effective presidents have had great staff to run things. The greatest, had charisma that over awed the staff.

By contrast, Bush 43, the highest-educated president, reinvented the office, itself, and created a new Presidential Office that was easier and much more effective to run.

Obama and Trump both had a stream-lined Presidency to run, and could plug successful operators into power positions more easily. Obama had to reuse Clinton staffers, but Trump had the entire nation's business world to select from. The prior paradigm was all about tenure. A know-nothing with thirty years on the job was given greater creds than real leaders. This is one of the reasons why Trump is so reviled by the "ruling class." They are left on the outside looking in.

General Comments / Literary causation?
« on: June 20, 2020, 12:13:06 AM »
This forum started when Orson Scott Card put it together to discuss his works and to mentor hopeful authors.

The current remake is now a political forum, and Card seems to have distanced himself from it.

Harkening back to the original author-focused times, I've noticed several recent novels that have raised fictional international adventures which seem to predate the real world in many disturbing ways. I had the latest Vince Flynn novel on order from the local library co-op, and it was postponed because of the Wuhan Flu shut down. Our mistake of a governor allowed libraries to reopen this week, so I received the book vis curbside pickup.

Funny thing is the publishing date is 2019, but it nails the Coronavirus pandemic to a "T". In the novel, Mitch Rapp prevents a terrorist from sending martyrs infected with a SARS-like Acute Respiratory Syndrome that came from bats, in order to break down the US economy and lifestyle. The contagion was extremely high, and the mortality rate was high, The virus was spread easily by touch from hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, and from body fluids. Sunlight may help to kill it. Sure sounds familiar, doesn't it? Doctors without Borders had stopped the zero-point and locked down the village where the population was infected, but a terroristt realized what a great weapon it would be - so came to the village and burned it all to the ground, but kept enough patients to infect his martyrs, who were illegally entering the country through the Mexican border.

This is the second time books that recently came out foretold real time events, just before it actually happened. Vince Flynn and Brad Thor write in the same genré of espionage adventure, with Mitch Rapp and Scot Horvath playing the President's personal spy/assassin. I think after Vince Flynn died and Kyle Mills took over his series, that the two have written a very similar plot line. Both have Russia starting WWIII by attacking Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Rapp. in "Red War" fights against a "Putin" alias to help a failing NATO and an America with no skin in the game.Thor's "Spy Master" and Horvath has uncovered the Russian plot to start WWIII by invading Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, while compromising NATO.

Both novels seem to stage this plot line around the mess Obama left the world in.

However; almost all the problems that allowed Russia to play this role were fixed by Trump. Was this an echo from what was going on behind the scene?

I know some people with contacts in the world of intel agents who seem to know what is going on before anyone else, These books seem to contain some leading indicators.

How much is imagination, and how much is purposefully revealing the future?

General Comments / Protestors vs. Rioters
« on: May 30, 2020, 12:56:01 PM »
In 1968, Vietnam War protestors rioted at the Democrat national Convention for Hubert Humphrey. That was the first time that anyone noticed professional agitators making a peaceful protest into a riot. Since then, there have been many photographers and journalists who noticed the same people stirring up protests, but no DOJ investigations to discover who these people are and who they are paid by. Third party investigators have tracked some of these people, and George Soros and other Democrat fundraisers have been named as those who want to create riots. It is not cheap to move protestors from city to city across the nation, but they show up at all the events that make the news.

The knee-jerk reaction is to claim that "both sides do it", but the reality is that people like Soros profit by tearing down the USA, and are certainly not conservatives. It is hard to trace the contemporaneous research done over the years, because anything that tarnishes the Left-wing image is routinely taken down.

The clashes over George Floyd has erupted into hundreds of small businesses looted and destroyed, Stores that had nothing to do with Chauvin and the other police. It is the rioting which is the goal - not protests over Blacks being targeted by White police. The numbers show Blacks being confronted by police has lessened dramatically, while Whites targeting has held steady. The cities where these riots are occurring are all Democrat-run locales. The KKK was the military wing of the Democrat party, and now it is Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Occupy Wall Street. If you watch the crowds, you'll see the same agitators reappearing - just like in 1968.

General Comments / Time for the Swamp perp-walk
« on: May 01, 2020, 12:58:03 PM »

Now that the facts are finally seeing the light of day, we see the biggest scandal in the history of the country coming to light. Flynn was hated by McCabe for being a witness against him in 2014. Trump no longer thinks he needs to pardon Flynn because he is being totally exonerated. There must be catharsis, and the penalties must be observed to prove no one is above the law.

General Comments / Michelle Obama being groomed as VP candidate.
« on: April 27, 2020, 07:48:22 PM »
Evidently, Netflix has several projects ongoing to position Michelle Obama as a saintly celebrity, just waiting to be tapped on the shoulder, the way Eisenhower was.

I notice the lack of any such coverage on Melania, who is a much better First Lady to look and write about. ...Still waiting for that first MSM magazine cover.

General Comments / What about Bernie?
« on: April 09, 2020, 07:11:17 PM »
Now that Bernie ended his candidacy, did anyone notice he did not ask his supporters to adopt Biden, nor pull himself out of upcoming ballots? He is keeping the money raised, so maybe he can buy another four houses.

The speeches all focus on issues he will continue to push. In effect, which means he is supporting AOC for future nomination. Many believe he never wanted to win the Presidency. He didn't when he ran against Hillary, refusing to bring up her eMails or Foundation scandals. This time around, he gave Biden a pass on The Ukraine and his gaffes. How can you believe someone wants something if he keeps back in the shadows? The fight in the DNC now will be who runs the party. The Elites or the Greens.

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