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General Comments / Trump outs whistleblower
« on: December 29, 2019, 11:33:07 AM »
So he named a name via Twitter.

Gave his full executive authority by retweeting what appears to be a bot account.

I expect there to be cries of “he was just repeating hearsay” and a number of other things.

I disagree. I believe that power carries responsibility.

I believe misuse of that power is an act of evil.

I believe that those who back that misuse of power are another evil.

If he wanted the freedom to spout off his opinion without consequences he should have remained a private citizen. There is no requirement to run for the Presidency.

He needs to go. Those who support this need to go.

I miss Republicans who had values I could recognize. Values I could identify with. Candidates I voted for.

This fascist party has lost its soul and needs to be given a proper funeral. It’s time to start over.

So go on tell me I’m wrong. Tell me the unjustifiable is right. That lies are truth. Show me who you are.

General Comments / Soliciting positions on impeachment testimony
« on: December 16, 2019, 10:32:44 AM »
There have been a number of witnesses that have come forward and given their 2 cents worth.

What’s your position on the quality of their characters and testimony? Did any of them sway your opinion on the matter? If so what did or what might you have heard that would have?

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