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General Comments / Re: 2024
« on: December 14, 2022, 04:37:58 PM »
Is Trump really running? I mean he announced he is but what has he done that a person running for President would normally do? What staff has he hired? What rally has he done?  Has he even left Mar-A-Lago since the announcement?  Maybe he forgot that he announced.

The longer he goes without hiring a large staff the more money he saves.  That's why he has minimal staff which is why they are struggling to keep him from having dinner with Ye and Hauptsturmtrupper Fuentes.  Because the perfectly normal genius who they want to see made POTUS again cannot function without babysitters.  I suspect that the primary reason he declared so soon, against advice, was in the hope that it would shield his dirty ass from prosecution.  That and he's already built some kind of slight momentum.  He gets to be called "frontrunner" on the interwebs because he's the only *censored* who has declared so far. 

General Comments / Re: 2024
« on: December 13, 2022, 05:01:50 PM »
Didn't we just finish an election cycle?  Can we give it a rest?  It makes people ptptpptptptpptpt enough.  But you want more?  Please don't let it end?  Need one more hit?  Just one last hit?  Just to get you to 2024? 


Forgot Ducey.  He might be enticed to run by people who think DeSanctis is too Trumpy. 

Cruz-  Because his ego won't let him not.

Rubio- See Cruz

Rand Paul- So you have the choice

and Hogan, like M^2 said, for the same reason as Ducey. 

Romney and Cheney will not run.  Neither will Jeb!  They're too selfless.  They're not fit for American politics. 

The only for sure choices seem to be Trump and DeSanctis.  But we'll see how the egos and the centrists behave.  Anything more than two running and Trump is guaranteed to win.  He might still win even against DeSanctis alone in a primary.  But he won't win the general. 


Biden- Old as Methuselah.  Gets confused.  Has two years for the economy to snap back, which could happen.  Inflation is starting to flatten.  Victory against Russia would clean out some of the bad taste of Afghanistan.  Too much road between now and 11-2024. 

Bernie- I think he's done. 

Harris- Will have the South Carolina caucus of the Democratic party behind her, but not much else.  Even SC might want to look elsewhere. 

Abrams- A perennial loser.  Same as O'Rourke. 

Warren- But, why?  Again, won't run against Uncle Joe. 


This is where it gets REAL FUN.  Only the most megalomaniacal are allowed. 

Kanye West- Endorsed by YHWH and the Anti-Illuminati League.   More than crazy enough.  Could actually suck crazy votes away from the Republicans and Democrats.  The only question is how much of each.  Wins New Hampshire. 

Elon Musk-  Now poster child for megalomaniac.  Has anointed himself a crusader against woke.  Twitter polls has convinced him he has power.  Hopefully Chappelle fans have convinced him otherwise, but I doubt it.  Maniacs are hard to convince.  L'Orange Jr.  Has the money.  Is crazy.  Check, check.  Wins Kentucky and West Virginia.   

And you WANT to think about this madness above? 

General Comments / Re: Russian prisoner exchange
« on: December 10, 2022, 08:19:19 PM »
Good deal or bad deal?

Too much noise and not enough data. 

Good deal because we got an American back. 

Bad deal because it could incentivize Pooter to take more hostages.  Hopefully it incentivizes FBI and other NATO security agencies to come down hard and Russian agents and other Russian arms dealers. 

I'll admit, I personally would not have accepted the deal as done.  I would have demanded Paul Whelan, Sarah Krivanek and Marc Fogel in addition to Griner, but would have accepted just two.  But I would not have settled on a one for one trade.  Especially when I have an arms dealer.  That's like trading a Nolan Ryan card for a Dontrelle Willis card.  The only single person I would have accepted in trade was Snowden, now Russian Citizen and Real American Hero Snowden.  So I could throw him a parade and a party.

I know some people are getting bent out of shape because of the idea that Griner was put at the front of the list for trade because she was black and lesbian.  I don't know if that's true.  It's disturbing if it is, but I don't think that Paul Whelan is a poster boy for being put at the front of the line just because he's white and was an ex-marine and court martialed and dishonorably discharged for attempted theft.  I know that excites Trumpists, since they love criminals. 

I think the only reason this was done at all was for Pooter to show another diplomatic victory that he can wave around to his buddies.  "See, I out-witted the Yankees again". 

Personally I don't care how good Pooter thinks he can make himself look as long as Uncle Joe drops 24 x F-16s in Ukraine's stocking, with another 100 M1 tanks under their tree.  Can lose out on all the prisoner exchanges in the world as long as we win the GD war, and win it quickly, and devastatingly. 

I think Fenring was being sarcastic.

Yes, but what is the target of the sarcasm?  Why is it sarcastic?  Because the Russians are already guilty of all kinds of war crimes, or because the whole idea of war crimes is limited because of the inability to enforce outside of total victory or a moral actor within the country whose people are guilty?  There are so many ways this could be sarcastic. 

General Comments / Re: So what will the Senate split be in Dec 2022?
« on: December 09, 2022, 11:36:35 AM »
I guess I just have an issue with changing once the balance of the Senate had changed. Why not last week? Or last year? 

Because the balance of power had not changed.  Which may be her primary concern.  Though I don't know if anything really changes because of this.  She was already a rogue Democrat.  I suppose it would really *censored* up somebody's bet on which could cause some consternation, but really isn't Sinema's problem. 

As soon as her power to tip the balance was gone, she did what she could to tip it back to her personally.

If the belief is this is about her personally wanting or gaining power, I suspect she would gain more power by staying with the Democrats or defecting completely to the Republicans.  Going independent means she's kinda cut off and now can't count of Dem $$$.  She basically just committed political suicide. 


Man, if they don't stop what they're doing they might actual be guilty of a war crime? They'd better watch out!

I'm not sure what your point is. 

I believe that several Russians are already guilty of war crimes, when it comes to deliberate targeting of things like apartment complexes and hospitals with their missiles.  Throw in the executions of civilians some of them have perpetrated in Bucha and Kharkiv and Kherson Oblasts.  Just about everywhere.  The looting.  Hitting the power grid is the least outrageous thing on the list. 

The whole "war crimes" thing doesn't mean much unless your government and military actually care about war crimes, justice, and their reputation, or you are going to go out and catch the guys who did it.  Given that Russia will most likely not be prosecuting their leaders and soldiers for war crimes (many of the soldiers and officers from Bucha are already dead, the Ukrainians have been keeping receipts), and it is unlikely that the Ukrainians will have in their hands any criminals guilty of missile targeting since they are all in Moscow, the whole war crimes thing will probably not go anywhere.  There are probably a number of Ukrainians guilty of war crimes as well when it comes to Russian prisoners.  I don't know how they will be dealt with. 

The general solutions to the horrors of war is to prevent them from happening or end them quickly.  NATO and the United States do not seem to be interested in ending the war, only preventing Ukraine from losing. 

General Comments / Re: So what will the Senate split be in Dec 2022?
« on: December 09, 2022, 08:46:57 AM »
I guess she misses her power position and is taking her ball and going home.

I think she's still going to be around til 2025.  Not exactly going home anytime soon. 

Well Sinema betrays her party

LOL.  So serious.  BETRAYS HER PARTY!  Think she'll end up in the 9th Circle of the Inferno?  LOL! 

Dante divides the circle up into four rounds. 

The first is for traitors to their family
The second for traitors to their country
The third is for traitors to their guests
And the last is for traitors to their lords

Which one of these is Sinema bound for?  Betrayal! 

I suppose they can make a new circle for her.  Traitors to their political party.  Can be joined in there with Liz Cheney. 

Always fun when the bully who starts the fight claims to be the victim of the fight.

Knocking out an enemy's power grid is a good tactic, when it serves a purpose.  It's usually done at the beginning of an offensive, to help knock out communications and control systems.  Russia doing it now, when there is no general offensive being conducted, only a local one around Bakhmut, with the only purpose to increase suffering of a civilian population, is pretty close to a war crime.  But let the Russians keep shooting their million dollar super cruise missiles at power stations.  Every one they waste like that is another one they don't shoot at a real command or control center, an airfield, or a logistics center full of fuel or ammo or new weaponry being transported from Poland.  The power grid has been repaired and will continue to be repaired.  The Ukrainians are prepared for the most part. It's not like this is a surprise.  So let the Russians keep wasting their missiles. 

General Comments / Re: Die Bantam-Bedrohung
« on: December 08, 2022, 02:18:01 PM »
Severely disappointed in the FSB.  The KGB would have been knee deep in this.  The guy even had a Russian girlfriend.  Apparently the only government they can still put their finger on is Belarus. 

General Comments / Re: Die Bantam-Bedrohung
« on: December 08, 2022, 01:23:15 PM »
No one ever suspects the real estate agent.  That's why Phil Dunphy went on to seize control of California.  That's the part of Modern Family they didn't want to show you.

So far, the nationalists are not doing such a good job at coup d'etats in the 21st century.  Certainly not as successful as the communists were I would guess.  I will now compile a scorecard of coups and their records in the 20th century.  Where would you draw the line between a revolution and a coup?  Or is it basically the same thing? 

General Comments / Die Bantam-Bedrohung
« on: December 08, 2022, 11:18:39 AM »
Real Estate Agent, Prince Heinrich XIII of Reuss, of the House of Reuss, has been arrested, along with 25 others part of the Reichsbürger Movement, for being part of a plot to overthrow the German government by seizing control over the Bundestag.  Prince Heinrich was apparently one of the two ringleaders of the plot.  The Reichsbürger Movement does not recognize the current German government as legitimate and wishes to return to the Bismarckian German Empire created in 1871, with Prince Heinrich as head of state.  Prince Heinrich XIII was arrested with his life partner, Russian citizen Vitalia B.  The Reichsbürger Movement has been linked to COVID skepticism and QAnon type "Deep State" conspiracies.  In a 2019 speech given in Zurich, he complained about the Rothschild family and said the First World War was forced on the Kaider by international financial interests (funny speech to give in Switzerland). 

The rest of the House of Reuss says that Henrich XIII broke off ties with the rest of the family a decade earlier. 

Second ringleader has been identified as Rüdiger von Pescatore, a 69 year old retired Heer officer, who seemed to top out as the commander of Fallschirmjaegerbattalion 251, once a part of the Bundeswehr special forces division. 

Birgit Malsack-Winkemann, a former member of the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) party, and a current judge in the Berlin district court, was arrested and was supposedly in line to be the Justice Minister of the new German Empire.  She was supposedly obsessed with QAnon and other conspiracy theories. 

They attacked partly because they didn't want to appear weak. Now they look weak. Hoisted by their own petard.

I don't think they understood they were weak.  I think they still havn't come to terms with their own collapse.  There was nothing wrong with them "on paper".  They had the numbers, the equipment.  Their people sucked.  The corruption and ineptitude in their Army officer corps and defense ministry and industry was something difficult to put a finger on unless you really knew what was going on inside the VSSF.  They also didn't understand what they were getting into in Ukraine. 

But why should they have?  The calculations were mostly political and were based on plenty of successful moves like this in the past.  Crimea 2014.  Georgia 2008.  Syria 2015. Arming the Taliban. They walked in and Pooter did what he want and got what he wanted.  NATO and the US did nothing.  They were constant wins.  They didn't NEED a competent officer corps.  Their adversaries handed them their victories. 

Russian seems ready to claim the idiom "Paper Bear".

Ahhh but they still have the largest stockpile of nuclear vepons.  We're just lucky that it was just the Ukrainians who decided to attack Russian soil and not say, a NATO country like Finland or Luxembourg.  The Russians would have retaliated with a nuclear strike on Clervaux.  I've been assured of this since March.  A single Russian soldier being killed by a single NATO soldier, or any attack on Russian soil, will cause World War 3(TM).  It is written.  If the United States dared to attack Russia, nukes would be falling on 6th St tonight. 

this doesn't mean that Russia has lost air superiority over Moscow

Russia lost superiority over Moscow since 1987, when a Cessna successfully penetrated Soviet airspace and landed in Red Square. 

Russia cannot or does not fly missions over Ukraine really makes you wonder how vulnerable they are

The VKS has been flying plenty of missions over Ukraine.  That's why they have lost so many of their Su-25s, Su-34s, and Su-30s.  They have lost a total of 63 aircraft.  Almost all of them strike aircraft.  Most of them probably by SAMs.  You can of course now add two strategic bombers.  And 73 helicopters.  Important to note that many of those helicopters were destroyed by Ukrainian artillery strikes.

General Comments / Re: Guns
« on: December 03, 2022, 01:27:29 PM »
Remember guns are for white people. If you are Brown or Black, you do not get to claim your right to self defense.


Alright.  Where is the data that shows a black or brown person is more likely to be shot in their home by police than white people?  Most of the investigations I'm looking at, done by the press, or by universities, seem to show that white people are more likely to be shot by police than black or brown or whatever. 

I mean, I'm willing to entertain the premise.  I wouldn't be surprised.  But the stark lack of evidence for so strong an accusation against not one, but every police officer and every DA in the entire country is mind boggling.  That's the kind of stuff that would incite behavior, no?  You would be guilty of spreading disinformation that leads to other people making decisions based on this disinformation.  You would be Donald Trump.  You.  You're him. 

Or maybe you have some cards.  I dunno. I kinda rather you did have some evidence to go along with this.   

Interesting to note however, that the officer's name was Sanchez.  I guess he just didn't like Singhalese people.  Definitely racist. 

The real problem I see here, is that the investigation being done on the shooting is being conducted by the Austin PD, the same department that Sanchez belongs to.  It should be mandatory that investigations into officer involved shootings be conducted by a state or federal police organization.  I believe most of these investigations in my state are done by the state police.  Officer involved shootings that end up killing innocent people in their own homes is a problem.  There should be discussion and corrective actions proposed and made.  If there is a racial problem this needs to be addressed too, but if the problem isn't systemically racial, then framing the problem as racial does not help matters. 

General Comments / Re: #Tweetstorm 14:1-5
« on: December 02, 2022, 09:50:54 AM »
Well free speech mavin Elon has banned Ye from Twitter.

What?  No poll to decide if he should be banned? 

That Vox Populi, Vox Dei crap that Musk is trying to pull is one of the stupider things he's attempted.  The man loses more respect from me daily.  The entire history of populism can be wrapped around that idiotic phrase.  I'd rather go with Alcuin of York's interpretation. 

Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.

"And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness."

Or as Agent K would say, "A person is smart, people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it". 

Not to mention that polls on Twitter are the most vulnerable aspect of the platform to bots.  And Musk knows this.

General Comments / Re: #Tweetstorm 14:1-5
« on: December 01, 2022, 11:03:41 PM »

So after...

After this dude goes on Alex Jones Infowars today....

And talks about how Hitler's "not so bad", or something like that....

At that point where Alex Jones has this look on his face that says "I'm not the craziest SOB in the room anymore"...

People are looooozing their minds.

And then.  Then.  When you gotta ask yourself what the hell this person could do to make it worse.  How could this person dig themselves deeper?



Then, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, tweets a picture of a SWASTICA INSIDE A STAR OF DAVID.



THIS MAN MAKES DONALD TRUMP LOOK LIKE A *censored*ING GENIUS.  No wonder he likes him and has him over to dinner a lot.

I mean, people were already losing their minds over Kanye.  Now, there is this frothing at the mouth that is occurring. 

I mean, there is stupid, and there is mentally ill, and there is hateful, and there is racist and anti-semitism.  But this guy.  This guy here.  This dude has a gift. 

I'm gonna say it.  This dude could actually be President.  He is the only dude I know that can make the news cycle about him, every time, multiple times, and drown out the bandwidth of Il Don.

This guy has proven that he can say the most outrageous *censored*, have every swinging Richard with their hair on fire, and just keep on walking. 

In a world of war, World Cup madness, nuclear threats, economic downturn, out of control inflation, election furor, pandemic disease, and a twice impeached former wannabe dictator running for Prez while under investigation...  in this world, Ye is King.  He is the 5th Horseman. 

Kanye West has proven that the quickest way to fame is to say the most outrageous *censored* imaginable to upset the greatest amount of people.  Pretty soon he's going to be able to run as President of Iran, Saudi Arabia, or the PLO. 

I never believed he was personally socially conservative, but he did his job there for us. The January 6th stuff is way overblown. Trump was bad on some things, like COVID and his twitter account. I got all of that in exchange for a hysterical media. I'll take it. The media was a quiet tyranny and is still tyrannical although Trump did a good job in exposing how manipulative and biased they are. I'll take Trump's response to the media's manipulation over Romney's every single time.

I'd happily vote for Trump in 2024.

It always comes down to the ends justifying the means, doesn't it?  That's where it starts.  Then it slowly corrupts like some weird Chaos plague from 40K. 

Thus it is the error of men who are not strictly upright to seize upon something that seems to be expedient and straightway to dissociate that from the question of moral right. To this error the assassin's dagger, the poisoned cup, the forged wills owe their origin; this gives rise to theft, embezzlement of public funds, exploitation and plundering of provincials and citizens; this engenders also the lust for excessive wealth, for despotic power, and finally for making oneself king even in the midst of a free people; and anything more atrocious or repulsive than such a passion cannot be conceived. For with a false perspective they see the material rewards but not the punishment—I do not mean the penalty of the law, which they often escape, but the heaviest penalty of all, their own demoralization.

You're a somewhat unique bird, Josh, just not that unique.  You're not exactly a low information voter.  You don't get all of your thought from Fox News.  You're just a member of the anti-left intelligentsia.  Anything is better than a Democrat, yes?  I'd think that events, recent and historical, would have illustrated where this thought leads, but the hallmark of partisan politics is a kind of set of blinders. 

Morality cannot be traded for perceived expediency. 

four years of prosperity

Clinton gave eight

three supreme court justices who oppose radical and abusive constitutional interpretations

It won't mean anything if L'Orange destroys the Republican party and there isn't another conservative President in 20 years.

Roe v Wade is finally dead, and good riddance. Terrible ruling, terrible results.

Dobbs has been overblown by both extremes.  It simply returns the question of the legality of abortion to the States.

Trump kept us out of wars.

It's easy when you're sucking up to despots and tyrants. 

He was effective in dealing with ISIS, North Korea, and Russia.

This is where you begin to veer off from anything remotely arguable.

I never believed he was personally socially conservative, but he did his job there for us.

You have traded your soul for some silver.

The January 6th stuff is way overblown.

Lol.  No. 

After all, he appeals to people because he's a "winner."  ;D

All he needs is another storm.  Doesn't even have to be perfect this time.  He just needs the establishment vote split and a suitably disliked Democratic candidate.  It's not impossible. 

The greatest threat to L'Orange isn't the American electorate or the Republican establishment or even his own delusions.  It's the Judicial Branch of government. 

I agree completely. But after everything he's done its kind of a hilarious hill for the GOP establishment to make their stand on. The man tried to end the tradition of the peaceful transfer of power that has lasted since the founding of our nation. That can be overlooked but dinner with Ye and a right wing nutjob. That's a bridge to far.  ::)

To be fair, a bunch of the same people for whom this is "a bridge too far" were the same people who criticized Jan 6, criticized Charlottesville, criticized Pussygrabgate, silently fought against the perfect call, and supported other candidates in 2016 during the primary.  The only real difference is Pence, who was "turned" on Jan 6, though he's been generally silent since.  That's changed since he's trying to feel out a run in 2024.  And the same people are being silent, like Hannity and McCarthy, etc. 

The difference is the volume and coordination here.  I mean, this isn't the first time L'Orange has hung out with Kanye.  And Kanye has been labeled a "jack-ass" since Black Jeezus labeled him as such in 2009.  Lord Protector Wallbuilder is basically buddies with the guy.  Nick Fuentes is all over hanging out at CPAC with all kinds of turds in the punch bowl like MTG and Boobert, etc.  But suddenly it's "too much".   ::)

I also don't see what the point is.  It's not like Fox News is going to be backing this.  It's not going to change the mind of the two core bases.  The Hard Core Trumpist Base (NatCs, Anti-Lefts) and the Blue Collar Base (McConnel who?).  You're never going to peel away the Hard Core Trumpists and the only way to pull away the Blue Collar Base is for Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, and ConRadio to all turn negative on Il Don, then have it penetrate far enough into Facebook and the water cooler and Thanksgiving.  I'm sorry, but it's all just beating the head against the wall.   

General Comments / Re: The Jan 6 Commission
« on: November 29, 2022, 08:50:44 PM »
Well 2 OathKeepers found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy and the rest of obstructing an official proceeding.

Hmph. Max sentence 20 years. Nobody is going to remember these morons. Or be deterred from their crazy bs.  They’re going to descend into a magic rabbit hole and nobody is even going to know their names 20 years from now.

They need to be publicly hanged outside the Capitol Building and their bodies left out until they decay. Fox News and OAN and Newsmax need to be made to replay the executions every hour during a commercial break.

So, I'm flabbergasted at the timing of the knives coming out from the non-Trumpist wing of the party.  Because of having dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes.  That was the straw that broke the camel's back?  Dinner with Kanye and Nick Fuentes?  I'm not trying to downplay anti-Semitism here.  Anti-Semitism is a problem in the United States, along with other forms of racism, and Anti-Semitism may be the biggest.  But Kanye West isn't exactly an anti-semitic superstar.  I mean, really?  Between him and Fuentes, one is a pathetic joke and another is certifiably mentally ill.  This isn't Louis Farrakhan here.  This isn't Robert Gregory Bowers. 

But that was the last straw?  Not the stolen classified documents in a closet?  Jan 6?  The election denial?  The food of BS?  Dinner with Kanye West was the last straw? 

I'm incredulous.  Honestly I think the same people were against L'Orange in 2016, except for Pence.  Who now has a reason to speak out I guess because he wants to be President now?  It's so self serving.  I'm not saying it was ok.  I am just incredulous that THAT was the final straw. 

General Comments / Re: #Tweetstorm 14:1-5
« on: November 28, 2022, 11:24:28 AM »
As prophesied, Libertarian Messiah is managing to trigger everyone easily by acting stupid. 

His latest trap was to post a picture of his "bedside table", complete with four empty cans of Caffeine Free Diet Coke and two toy guns.  Cue the anti-gun nuts who through a fit about him having guns out.  Which cued the pro-gun nuts who supported having loaded guns next to the table as normal behavior and "American as F**k". 

The stupid.  It burns, precious.  It burns. 

I think this opinion piece is spot on.

Trump was never about the Republican Party, since he is the RINO, not all of the members who he has trashed.  When it becomes obvious that Trump will not be able to win in 2024, what will the rest of the Party do? Will they grow a back done, disown the  Trumpist in the Party and risk losing big in 2024 to get the stink off?

Lord Declassifier can still win the Republican nomination in 2024.  It all depends on how many other Republicans run against him.  More than one serious challenger would make the difference.  The only real hope is for a single establishment candidate that the establishment can rally around early and bring the 4th Estate with it.  Right now that person appears to be DeSanctis.  But there is still a large amount of open space between now and March 2024.  Splitting the Anti-Trumpist vote in any way will give the nomination to L'Orange.  I expect The Perfect Caller to still be able to get anywhere from 40 to 60% of the vote in early primary states.  The Grabber of Kitties should still be able to win New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.  Anywhere the Republican party is massively working class and non-college educated, L'Orange can still win.  He can lose the establishment but he still has a huge grasp on the proles.  But if DeSanctis or whomever else can win Alaska, Minnesota, and Texas on Super Tuesday 2024, it will change the race.  I expect Il Don to lose the rest of March, losing Kansas, Maine, PR, Idaho, Hawaii, and Michigan. 

The Trumpist apparatus in the RNC will attempt to stop a primary challenge from happening, as in 2020, but I'm unsure how successful they will be.  The key early states will be Iowa, SC, and Texas.  Nobody cares what NH does.  They're so nuts.  The final key race will be Wyoming.  If Wyoming turns against Il Don, it will be the end.  It means that the previous races will have had their effect. 

All this gets thrown out the window if the anti-Trump vote is split.  L'Orange wins easily. 

General Comments / Re: Cacas Maximus Has Reentered the Match
« on: November 16, 2022, 07:52:45 PM »
I love, love, love, that Trump is back in the race. This is awesome. Hopefully, he picks someone like Kari Lake as his running mate.

Roll Tide

General Comments / Re: LDS Church Supports Gay Marriage Act
« on: November 16, 2022, 04:10:11 PM »
I think in order to be able to claim that legalizing same-sex marriage led to a "slippery slope" of teens identifying as transgender, you'd have to actually make some sort of connection.

I don't think it is too much of a stretch to propose that growing societal acceptance of homosexuality and the rights of homosexuals would lead to questioning the limitations on and the rights of transsexuals.  I mean, that is kinda how it happened, historically. 

That said, it's probably too general and non-specific.  There are several cohorts that need to be designated.  There are those who were against homosexual marriage and those who were for it.  Then you split again between those who were for transsexuals' rights and those were were not.  Then how those groups have changed since, when?  From 2004 to 2015?  Then to today?  But there are obviously plenty of people around today that were against homosexual marriage in 2004 that are okay with it now, but are still against transsexual rights.  So the slippery slope doesn't seem to carry much weight.  I suppose there are some people in 2004 who were FOR homosexual marriage in 2004 and against transsexual rights back then, but have also changed their minds.  Maybe one did lead to the other.  But the logical or illogical chain of reasoning for so many people are probably varied. 

By that logic, simply asking people to not be dicks to each other is a "slippery slope."

But if this is the basis of the underlying argument, it is indeed slippery, because there are no definitions on what being a dick is, and what the limits are.  What is the difference between being a dick and being fair?  Is it never okay to be a dick? 

Whatever.  This is some dead *censored* right here.  You need some powerful spells to necro this crap.  Necronomicon stuff.

General Comments / Re: 2022 Congressional Leadership
« on: November 16, 2022, 02:39:35 PM »
Well, as put it, "Rick Scott has long been delusional about how popular Rick Scott is."  ;D


Cocaine Mitch leaves Rick Scott's corpse lying in the Rotunda, for viewing.  After being surprised by the upstart challenger, El Jefe responded

I welcome the contest

Cocaine Mitch let Rick Scott speak for 3 and a half hours before disemboweling Scott in front of Ted Cruz, in the manner of McConnel's people, the Dothraki of the Great Grass Sea. He finished stating:

I'm not going anywhere

Cocaine Mitch later deposited Scott's body as a warning, with a copy of Scott's "Twelve Point Plan to Save America" stuffed into his mouth.  Sen Thom Tillis, asked afterwards if Scott ever had a rat's chance in hell of defeating McConnel, said:

Not at all. Not at all.

Surprisingly not all news agencies jumped the gun. There was some proper reporting of the event as a event being investigated

The problem is that news agencies have become the slowest member of the news herd, often because they are actually checking things.  Meanwhile, a hundred tiny rabid rabbits are running ahead of the elephants on the interwebs.  All of them with hair triggers, and apparently are being read by the mouthpieces in government. 

I'm confused, Grant. I thought you wanted NATO to go all in.

I do. 

Thought you would welcome a Tonkin style fig leaf to generate hundreds of sorties from Poland and other allied countries.

If you don't understand I can't explain it to you.  I strongly suspect that you think people like me don't exist and cannot fathom how we think. 

General Comments / Re: Cacas Maximus Has Reentered the Match
« on: November 16, 2022, 10:54:11 AM »
Not sure where you got those numbers. It could be. I would like to see them.

Cherry is right.  I saw the numbers a few days ago somewhere. Can find again on WaPost.  More votes for Republicans than Democrats. 

But it is meaningless.  The key voter demographic does not vote for parties.  They vote for candidates.  Some even might vote split ticket just for the sake of split ticket.  The "popular vote" over different races doesn't mean anything.  A "generic ballot" poll might have more meaning.  And it still doesn't have a lot for an actual election.  You can look at the numbers.  All you can extrapolate from this is just how much better or worse a candidate, or their opponent is, from the "generic".  And there is NO GENERIC CANDIDATE.  There never will be.

General Comments / Re: Cacas Maximus Has Reentered the Match
« on: November 16, 2022, 10:27:56 AM »

 our first Hispanic President and a veteran.

Jeezus, Cherry.  He's Italian. 

As for his vetran status, he was JAG.  I guess that's ok.  David French was JAG too.  Just don't count it as operational experience.  A 71F has probably done more pushups and battle drills than DeSanctis. 

It's riskier though than just getting behind DeSantis right now, maybe in exchange for a nice position like Secretary of State.

Cherry, are you TRYING to kill me?  I choked so hard on a pignablanket I had to throw myself unto the back of a chair to get it out.  I've named the little chewed up piece of wiener "Secretary Trump" and am saving it. 

What makes you think that a blowhard narcissist would accept a lower job than one he has already served as?  Or that a person only liked by Pooter, Poohbear, and Kim would be someone you want talking to allies?  OMG.  I'm going blind.  I've finally seen something so crazy I'm losing my sight.     

General Comments / Re: Cacas Maximus Has Reentered the Match
« on: November 16, 2022, 08:48:23 AM »
LOL.  When you've lost The Federalist:

The NatCs not gonna be happy.  But the more they hammer CMaximus, the more likely the primary becomes a free-for-all that it was in 2016, splitting the "establishment" vote, and giving Cacas the edge.  The only thing different is that the lords of normalcy won't treat L'Orange as a lightweight fluke comedy candidate anymore.  They'll come after the King directly or indirectly first instead of trying to bump off the rest of the normies. 


This of course is unconfirmed.  By anybody.  But of course it's hard to confirm when the "officials" have already publicly stated, to the press of course, that the missile was Russian.  So the people that would confirm have would have been the people who *censored*ed up, depending on what the "official" was.  Like, the press could probably call a Pentagon janitor a "defense official, but I doubt that is what happened". 

So the officials have come clean.  Polish President and US "officials".  This is good.  Don't need a Tonkin Incident where you're itching for a reason to fight and then jump in on a mistake.  It would have fueled the conspiracy theorists for 200 years.

Hopefully some people learned a lesson, but from what I can tell, all the people wanting to mash the Article 5 button yesterday really havn't admitted that they jumped the gun.  Their excuse is that it doesn't matter who fired the missile.  Of course it matters who fires the missile.  Especially IF YOU SAY RUSSIA FIRED THE MISSILE.  Too many people can't accept responsibility and recognize and admit when they made a mistake.  It's the underlying epidemic that is screwing up the world.  I want to punch CPT Nathan Brittles in the nuts.  And I like CPT Brittles. 

General Comments / Re: Cacas Maximus Has Reentered the Match
« on: November 15, 2022, 11:16:12 PM »
The funniest thing I’ve seen so far is the Q frowd being decidedly underwhelmed. 

1.  By deciding to “run again” he is effectively conceding the 2020 election. 

2.  No one is being arrested or promising to arrest somebody.  The traitors and pedos who stole the election.

3.  It doesn’t “feel like the storm”.

4.  General fatigue. Like sounds like people wanting to commit suicide.  I personally don’t understand. What were they hoping for? 

General Comments / Re: Cacas Maximus Has Reentered the Match
« on: November 15, 2022, 10:45:28 PM »
The writers just have to keep growing viewership on planet Analsac. Think of the pressure. 

I have to admit everything just got more interesting. 

Will DeSanctis run?  Will anybody else in the primary? 

General Comments / Cacas Maximus Has Reentered the Match
« on: November 15, 2022, 09:47:36 PM »
Here we go again.

I just wanted to stay up to watch Artemis I get cancelled again.  And they have to pull this BS. 

Some Russian missiles apparently missed Ukraine and hit Poland, killing like 2 people. 

Just to keep everbuddy up to date: 

Got some pictures of the missile wreckage from the interwebs.  Probably from Poles. 

The smart peoples are saying it doesn't look like a cruise missile.  They're saying it looks like a missile from an S-300 system. 

Sooooooo.  The missile might actually not be Russian, but Ukrainian.  Fired in an attempt to take down a Russian cruise missile but either went off course or exploded on the wrong side of the border. 

This of course is unconfirmed.  By anybody.  But of course it's hard to confirm when the "officials" have already publicly stated, to the press of course, that the missile was Russian.  So the people that would confirm have would have been the people who *censored*ed up, depending on what the "official" was.  Like, the press could probably call a Pentagon janitor a "defense official, but I doubt that is what happened". 

Normally this is where I come down on the side of the officials and experts, but the REAL experts, the OSINT nerds, are saying it's not a cruise missile.

I think some people jumped the gun here.  It happens but it should not.  Everybody needs to tighten up. Particularly "officials".  Particularly "officials" close to the ground.  The Ukrainians are hyper enough.  I imagine the Poles are just as jacked to the tits.  Everyone reporting on this *censored*ing war needs a prescription for some THC. 

Some Russian missiles apparently missed Ukraine and hit Poland, killing like 2 people.  Polish Prime Minister, Moraweieskckkiekkikiskicki, has called for an urgent meeting of the national security committee. 

I think Poland has been praying for an excuse to get into the war since September.  Anything to get off the NATO leash.  I don't know if they will try and Article 5 over this.  Seems crazy.  But Poland has the most to gain from a quick Russian defeat.  I mean, Germany does too, but I don't think they want it.  Like the Pope doesn't want a lap dance for his birthday. 

The Russians keep falling  back on using their cruise missiles every time they get embarrassed on the ground.  They focus their attacks on power infrastructure, sans the nuclear plants. 

These tactics make no sense.  It would have made perfect sense to knock out the Ukrainians power and communications at the start of the war, but they didn't do that.  They held on to their missiles in case of whatever.  Now it's just a kind of pathetic revenge.  They won't even hit airfields and logistics points anymore.  The entire Russian war effort has been crap. 

General Comments / Re: 2022 Congressional Leadership
« on: November 15, 2022, 11:27:05 AM »

Was thinking of Clyburn. I didn't realize they had anyone in leadership who isn't eligible for SS and Medicare yet. Clark and Jeffries are practically kids.  ;D

Looking at some old information (maybe 1 year?)  It appears the Democrats had 59 Congresscritters age 50 and below.  Depending on how you define the midwest, there are only 10-11.  That includes Omar who probably doesn't fit your criteria.  The problem with these guys is that they do not have a bunch of TOS (time in service).  I imagine it takes time to build up political pull in Congress. 

Lecturing or targeting and dividing the populace based on race doesn't help attitudes.

OK Boomer. 

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 15, 2022, 11:09:22 AM »
Joe Biden stated on October 23, 2022 in a forum with Now This:

Student loan forgiveness is “passed. I got it passed by a vote or two. And it’s in effect.”

Is your point that Uncle Joe barely knows where he is these days?  Because if so, you could do better.  I hear he was trying to talk to dead people during a speech a few months ago.  Or that he has some strange fantasies that he now confuses with reality?  Particularly concerning his own accomplishments. 

What I really find sad is that this very old and confused at times individual is still the better alternative than what the Republican Party put up as their leader and champion in 2020.  I wish I could find it hilarious, and sometimes I kinda do, but most of the time it's just depressing.  Like: WTF were these people thinking? 

I'm able to give Uncle Joe some slack because he has one thing.  He has some respect.  Mainly because of the extremely low bar set by his predecessor.  A human being (and I say this dubiously) who most likely did not enter the world through a vagina but by some other mode.  I give Uncle Joe the same kind of respect as given to Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama.  None of them were perfect.  They all had problems.  But they were not scumbags. 

So you can keep yammering about his voter fraud, but nobody is buying it.  Nobody gives a *censored*.  If inflation was at zero and if Afghanistan hadn't fallen, Uncle Joe would be sitting at 60-65% approval.  Because if you stacked the amount of stupid stuff he said against the amount of stupid stuff by the Anally Delivered, it doesn't come close. 

General Comments / Re: 2022 Congressional Leadership
« on: November 15, 2022, 10:54:35 AM »

This is where the democrat congressional leaders have failed. All the democratic leadership in the house is old, really old. They haven't done a good job finding potential new leaders. Pelosi has been an effective leader. But it maybe time for someone younger than Joe Biden to have a leadership position in the Democratic house. If she stays minority leader, the democrats need to bring in some young blood in rest of the leadership position.

Clyburn is also 82. 
Katherine Clark is ONLY 59.
And Hakeem Jeffries is a spry 52. 

The problem with the Progressive youngsters is that they buck the system, which does not reward bucking the system with elevation within the system, and their policy preferences and campaigns would get the Democratic party destroyed. 

Sorry.  But real politics is seldom the place for the young. 

General Comments / Re: 2022 Congressional Leadership
« on: November 15, 2022, 10:16:26 AM »

Pelosi because there is no one else. 

McConnel because Hawley and Rubio and Cruz are in the wrong place to be radicals. 

I still think McCarthy for speaker because he is the only one with feet in all wings of the party.  He will have to cave on the rules demands made by Freedom Caucus.  Liz Cheney will not be Speaker.  The Democrats would be shooting themselves in the foot with their own base. 

General Comments / Re: Roll Tide
« on: November 15, 2022, 08:05:20 AM »
Arizona is gonna be nuts. 

Keri Lake is going down.  Roll Tide.  The spectre of McCain rises up.  Not close enough to be a recount.  How big will the furor be?  I don't expect Lake to go quietly into the night.  That would be too classy.  Plus we're talking about Arizona here.  High concentration of wackos. 

The establishment are starting to release polls that show Republicans favoring DeSanctis for Pres rather than L'Orange.  Surprising.  Not sure if accurate.  But it runs in line with the theory that there are plenty of registered Republicans left still registered that don't really like the Mental Declassifier, despite saying they "favor" Lord Wallbuilder in polls.  It's strange given that in the latest I have seen, Lord General Private Grabber has better favorability among Republicans than DeSanctis, 78% to 75%, but more would rather DeSanctis run. 

General Comments / Re: Alex Jones, scumbag
« on: November 14, 2022, 01:21:25 PM »
The broader accusations of pizzagate about the elites having a private underage sex trafficking operation eventually proved to be true.


The broader accusations of men being rapists eventually proved to be true. 

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 14, 2022, 10:27:14 AM »

So if you promise to buy something and then someone gives it to you and you don't pay what is that called?

Correct me if I'm mistaken but I do believe that's called fraud.

In politics it is simply called politics.  Like promising to build a wall and have mexico pay for it.  It is up to the voters to beware of politicians promising things that they probably cannot deliver or holding politicians accountable when they promise something and do not deliver because it was out of their power. 

As for Uncle Joe and the student debt relief, it was obviously something promised that he hoped to be able to achieve but could not.  The question remains, did he absolutely promise that it would be done, or that he would introduce legislation and attempt it?  There is a difference between saying "I will try to get this done", and "I will get this done".  Uncle Joe obviously was hoping for more support in the Senate for this, but I honestly don't think that it was a major campaign promise anyways.  I don't believe his entire campaign centered on student debt relief.  It's unpopular with a large majority of voters.  It's focused on a particular interest group.  Similar to the environmental legislation. 

Now, if the dude wanted to get it passed through Congress and could not, but wanted to fulfill his promise by attempting to get an EO for it past the courts, then he can say he at least tried.  But it is catering to the uninformed who believe that such things are possible. 

In the end, Democrat voters have no-one to blame but themselves for believing that Uncle Joe has magical powers to make all their dreams come true.  Most of them are probably happy enough if he tried to make it happen.  Similarly Republican voters have no-one to blame but themselves if they believed L'Orange could build a wall and have Mexico pay for it.  This does not absolve any politicians for writing checks they cannot cash, but the recourse is the polls. 

General Comments / Re: The Fallen: Republicans Disavowed
« on: November 13, 2022, 09:01:14 PM »
Pence puts his 2 cents in.

How long before Pence is a Never Trumper?

Pence probably been NeverTrump since Jan 6.  But he's still more concerned about his political future than anything else.  Some of these people like Brooks are just finally speaking their minds on the way out the door.  But if they were still in and relying on NatC votes, they'd still be kissing the ring. 

Nothing has changed in the Republican electorate.  It's simply the "establishment" that is trying to change course, and they got hit by the steamroller before.  It's no longer 2016.  The PGrabber Party is now in charge of what used to be the GOP. 

Of the 10 Republican Congresscritters who voted to impeach Trump, only two survived to return for 2023.  Four were primaried out by the PGrabber Party and NatCs.  Another four quit.  Murkowski is the only Senator who voted to find Trump guilty who ran this year.  She is currently behind her Republican challenger.  Three of the other 7 Senators quit.  If Collins loses, that leaves only Cassidy, Romney, and Collins. 

The Republican politicians are by and large cowards.  The establishment have less power than they did in 2016.  Republican voters are still apparently 51% or more PGrabbers.  The voters hold the key and the Republican voters are not turning away from the Lord High Defender of Amurica yet.  Just look around.   

General Comments / Re: Roll Tide
« on: November 13, 2022, 07:57:02 PM »
Trumps hand picked candidate for Gov in PA finally concedes.

A 14 point win and it takes him almost a week to concede.

Arizona is gonna be nuts.  Colorado 3 is gonna be nuts.  Georgia is gonna be nuts except that I honestly think that as dumb and unqualified as Walker may be, he's not a poor sport. 

General Comments / Re: Who funds the candidates?
« on: November 13, 2022, 10:14:12 AM »
Rather than addressing the issues we get more personal attacks and deflection from Grant.  Do you have anything constructive to add to the conversation?  If you don't maybe you should just shut up.

I don't think I was making a personal attack.  I was just pointing out a grammatical error, in the hopes of granting enlightenment, as requested.  Considering the value of this enlightenment, how it will make your future arguments even better because they will no longer be grammatically incorrect, I will accept your thanks.  You're welcome.  I personally thought that pointing out the grammatical error was very constructive criticism.  But at this point it's possible that you are not amenable to any criticism.  I will leave you to it. 

General Comments / Re: Who funds the candidates?
« on: November 13, 2022, 08:05:43 AM »
Please enlighten us.

1. Gaul is/was an ancient Roman collection of provinces, inhabited by Celtic peoples known to the Romans collectively as "Gauls". Most people think of "Gaul" as modern day France, but this was better understood as "Transalpine Gaul", or "Gaul beyond the Alps".  "Cisalpine Gaul" extended all the way to the Rubicon (Rubico) River, separating Gaul from Italy proper.  It is of course also the modern word we use to describe the Celtic peoples who lived in Gaul, whether "this" side of the alps or on the other. 

2. Gall is defined as "bold and impudent behavior".

Bask in enlightenment.  That will be $5. 

General Comments / Why You Never Answer Texts While Flying:
« on: November 12, 2022, 04:16:49 PM »
A P-63 Kingcobra and an B-17 flying at the Wings over Dallas airshow collided.  Probably only 3-400 feet off the ground.  Total loss all crews.  Thousands watching live.

As usual, the tragedy is only equaled by the commentary of people on the interwebs. 

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