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General Comments / Re: Our Racist President
« on: Today at 10:18:40 AM »
Your position on what is opinion and fact is noted.  Much like a scientific theory, we do not "prove" things with 100% certainty.  Even if the theory is shown to be accurate time after time.  It still remains a theory.

How do some people function in a world so full of "Fake" news and "Fake" science I wonder?

General Comments / Re: Our Racist President
« on: Today at 10:06:02 AM »
It gets complicated with Trump because of his mouth.  He constantly says things that are completely offensive.  In this case, I think he deliberately played on a meme/dog whistle to provoke a reaction that middle America may believe is unwarranted.
If someone deliberately ACTS racist, or tries to entice racists to support him, does it really matter if it's a calculated ruse?  Not that calculation jives at all with the, unpolished public speaker excuse he often skates by on.

I don't see how it's "complicated" at all.

I also don't see how ANY level of opposition to the policies others are proposing excuse what he said and the way he's behaving. 

"they're aware that Trump isn't really a racist,"   Doubt's pretty much gone on this one.  So keep pushing your, criticism = hate for country.  That one at least may gain some traction.  It's BS, but it seems likely to sway some people.  The "he's not a racist" line is a joke.  Either he is, or he just 'plays one on TV'.  In which case, who gives a poop about the difference?  It's a danger to our country either way.

I still like my plan, though its far more expensive and I lost my primary care doctor, who decided to switch to conceirge practice (you have to pay $4000 to join the practice, then they take your insurance). 
One of my co-workers who is insured through his wife's university insurance had this happen as well. 

A mess indeed

General Comments / Re: Our Racist President
« on: Today at 09:28:36 AM »
Fake news?  This is a direct quote that he and his staff have defended...  If you are going to use that term in relation to opposition to Trump at least try and use it in a sensible manner.

Watching people defend Trump's statements as 'not what some seem to be reading/hearing' is like watching an episode of Ancient Aliens.

"Is it possible what he said wasn't blatant racism?  Absolutely!"  What he really meant was X, Y & Z. 

I get it.  You aren't going to kick this guy to the curb and replace him with someone else after 1 term and have a shot at winning the WH in 2020.  It's him or nothin and you're trapped.  The sooner you start acting like resigned prisoners without a choice instead of tying yourself in knots to deny reality the sooner you can save your party.

It may even work as the Democratic party seems to have its head up its ass or is overreacting to Trump's button pushing far too often for its own good.  Maybe you can fake it till you make it for another SC pick, then it's all worth holding your nose for, I guess.

As if we aren't witnessing the break down of America right this moment into something completely different.  I hope someone likes what is being built because it's going to take awhile to un*censored* it all.

I noticed no significant changes to my employer provided plan.  Well, correction.  The prices largely stabilized around the same time as ACA went through.  They did increase some, but our employer has been covering that gap.  Our own contributions are close to unchanged the last few years.  Prior to that the steady march upwards was never a high point of the year when they went over changes to our benefit package.  (the company we hire to manage benefits shops around when necessary)

While I dislike the Healthy Blue Living nanny system for tiered benefits, ACA didn't do anything to it.

So I guess I'm one of those unicorns who did get to keep their health insurance the way it was.  And others with pre-existing conditions I suppose got an improvement.  I think our prescription coverage has improved over the same time period, but I don't pay as close attention to that to say for sure.

General Comments / Re: What are Democrats running on in 2020?
« on: July 16, 2019, 08:11:49 PM »
Thanks for the info DJQuag.  I also though the insulin pumps included glucose monitors and were largely automated.  Were I in a position to need one I don't know if I'd like having a needle permanently jabbed in my side for something I still had to manually manage...  Then again, I don't like stabbing myself with a needle either, so I guess it depended on how comfortable the blasted thing was.

General Comments / Re: Our Racist President
« on: July 15, 2019, 04:10:55 PM »
I considered a post earlier about what line he could cross to lose support,  (or finding a thread I believe we already had on that topic and digging it up), but decided not to bother.  It's all rather pointless by now.

Those who want to excuse his behavior will do so still.  Those who can put up with it, may grind another layer off their teeth but that's about it.  Everyone knew Trump's character before they voted.  Probably more so than most to hold the office.  Maybe some believed that Trump the persona wouldn't be the same as Trump the president? 

Whatever, the man can't become more of a disappointment to me.  Maybe the "cure for cancer" campaign comment by Biden was just code for getting Trump out of office.  Until then though Trump will keep stirring the pot and shocking us with the realization that the prestige and dignity of the office is no match for one such as he.


partial retraction:  I see already to some extent I'm wrong.  Several GOP lawmakers are condemning his comments.

Don't know what to tell ya.  If these things didn't make the news, that omission would be shown as "proof" that the 'left controlled media' were trying to hide it.  If it is reported on, apparently it's playing into the hands of terrorists.

Most common line to me in these stories,
Makes it sound like an epidemic.  Which I don't agree that it is. 

Any time police or mayor's don't do their job, they should be held to account (and/or sued).  As some like to point out often, our country is still a lot better off than the alternatives in this regard.

At the risk of pushing buttons, I will say that my generation and, I would think the one before it, were raised with some not too subtle propaganda against certain far-right themes.  That some are susceptible to (what they view as) provocation is not shocking to me.

Those breaking the law should be arrested and prosecuted, beyond that I find it hard to get worked up about it as a threat to civil discourse rather than isolated criminal acts.

I'm confident in saying everyone DOES take it seriously.  Just about every incident gets a lot of coverage.  And not just because of partisan outrage on one side.  It's thankfully a rare occurrence, and thus, newsworthy. 

General Comments / Re: Not sure how I feel about this
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:24:55 AM »
By the way, this was clearly designed to provoke an overreaction with ice agents using excessive force to portray them in a bad light. Congratulations to them for not taking the bait.
While I agree this was the likely intent, it's a sad commentary that it's an expected response such that anyone would attempt to bait them, and that we give them a pat on the head for not doing so.

Drake does bring up a good point though.  If I thought I was likely to be the target of a hate crime, and someone was berating me in public before the event, I may very well believe they meant me a lot more harm than some viral video of me covered in a normal shake.

So if we changed "milkshake" for "whiffle bat" does the calculation change much?
I grew up with siblings.  The whiffle bat I DO have experience being hit with.  :P

So no.  No change haha

General Comments / Re: Not sure how I feel about this
« on: July 14, 2019, 01:44:47 PM »
So from peaceful protest (albeit a disrespectful one), to act of war? 


General Comments / Re: Deplatforming
« on: July 14, 2019, 09:14:25 AM »
It would remain, but it would allow for the opportunity to draw a very clear line.  There's no more, "I should have the right to ban someone just like any user!" 

"Nope, you are not just any user.  This is an official platform of your office and there are rules." 

"I should be able to share whatever I want, I like what this guy had to say!"

"Actually this should be run through your communications team to vet it first and make sure neither this post, or something associated with the author, doesn't embarrass us later."

"None of this is fair!  Don't I have free speech rights as well?"

"Sure, but you also have an obligation to live up to, and preserver respect for this office; and you still have your personal account which you can use at any time.
 That distinction showing the public that these are your personal thoughts and comments as any other user and not as a government official speaking in the capacity of that office."

So no, none of that would work with Trump unless it required multiple launch keys from anonymous staffers all approving and executing any particular tweet.  But it SHOULD work on most.

IDK if I've always been prone to deescalation or if my time with a CPL changed my opinion, but I can't imagine a scenario I started a fist fight over a milkshake.  Though several where that could be a prelude to someone else starting it I guess. 

If your assumption is A automatically leads to B, then I guess I understand why some see it as 'just as serious'.

I've never had a milkshake thrown in my face but I have been punched in the face. 

I'm totally for trying the milkshake next time instead of the fist... 

But maybe that's just me. 

as long as it's not mixed with super glue type stuff that could blind me or hits me like a minty smelling brick I suppose...  :P

General Comments / Re: Jeffrey Epstein arrest
« on: July 12, 2019, 07:19:44 PM »
We don't have to imagine.  Both on display all the time.  Why in the world would we want to take things seriously and treat it all as if we were rational adults?

Talk about a recipe for mental health problems.  I prefer to participate in selective absurdity.  It's preventative medicine.  :)

Don't be silly.  We should indeed punish people who 'assault' others with eggs or... shamrock shakes, but there IS a difference.

Just out of curiosity, would you still be in favor of a lighter punishment if it were say anti-gay activists throwing Shamrock shakes on people at a gay pride parade?  Or it were people throwing animal blood on PETA activists? 

To me if we're going to have an idea of "hate crimes" then people who engage in hate should be accountable.
I would yes.  There is a huge difference to me between 'attacks' which are more vandalism of clothing / embarrassment type attacks and those that are genuinely dangerous.

As was pointed out, the discussed incident also involved physical assault.  But that put aside, WHAT is being thrown or splattered onto someone means a lot to me in determining the penalties/charges the perpetrator should face.

In case I was unclear, I don't suggest giving people throwing 'just a milkshake' or 'just an egg' a free pass.  I just would suggest you hit someone throwing dangerous things at people with more strict charges/sentences.

IDK if it's a northeastern thing, but even I use them interchangeably in all but official documents on blueprints.  :P

The only people who seem to care much are the vendors selling cementicious such-and-such product.  ;)

Further, the linked type of cement tends to be "liquid applied _" or "bonding agent"  Just to further complicate things.

Either way, none of which would I want splashed on my person.

[hyperpartisanship]With almost 24/7 accusations of being hypocrites slung at the right, they salivate at attempts to pin that label on the left.[/hyperpartisanship]  ;)

Umm, having your day ruined and being embarrassed is a far cry from being chemically attacked.  Yes.  I'd be less angry.  I'd also not need medical treatment or risk permanent scarring / disfigurement or permanent blindness. 

Don't be silly.  We should indeed punish people who 'assault' others with eggs or... shamrock shakes, but there IS a difference. 

When one is attempting to contradict conspiracy plots or an outrageous claim, it's best to do so with something more... concrete.  :P 

Honestly, I don't think anyone cares how fast / if the mixture hardens, nor would consistency of the mixture prove or disprove much of anything. 

It either did or did not contain chemical irritants. 

General Comments / Re: Jeffrey Epstein arrest
« on: July 11, 2019, 05:10:07 PM »
Or maybe someone just wonders out loud on twitter why nobody's done anything about this guy already since "the system" seems incapable?

General Comments / Re: Jeffrey Epstein arrest
« on: July 11, 2019, 04:47:33 PM »
And if he doesn't get bail, given the rumors and speculation flying around, maybe he disappears before trial anyway.  Just by different means.

General Comments / Re: Jeffrey Epstein arrest
« on: July 10, 2019, 03:53:39 PM »
That does tidily make him look like one of the few who at least tried to do SOMETHING.  An another helpless cog in the machinery.  Regardless of how accurate all that is, it's a darn nice piece of work.

Massive compared to what?  Today?  I think we're already pretty big... 
But civil war huh?  Wow indeed.

We seem to be conflating things.  I don't think "we all" need to.  As to the rest, I believe there are many things a government is good at.  I don't even believe we could strip away enough power to be "safe" from corruption or even that we'd be likely to encounter smaller threats.  I'm not THAT much of a libertarian, even if I do find a lot of their positions compelling. 

Consolidated power can be dangerous sure, but it can also accomplish a lot of good.  As long as we protect it from those who would abuse that power.  We've got a darn good system in place to prevent that.  I'm not ready to tear it all down out of fear.  But closing loopholes so it operates as intended?  I'm down with that.

I don't think so. 

Related to today's topic:
"Joe Biden Used Tax-Code Loophole Obama Tried to Plug"  -WSJ

This is the kinda thing I believe the people should know.  Maybe it impacts their support, maybe not.  But at least making an (a more) informed decision is possible.

Ya I had the same thought while typing it. 
I suppose the way I justify that conflict is that I honestly believe that those with that much power over other people must be "better" and beyond reproach and corruption.  If the methods to achieve that are not palatable, then those are the exact people I wanted to weed out.

General Comments / Re: Jeffrey Epstein arrest
« on: July 10, 2019, 01:49:50 PM »
Swamp creatures come in all flavors.  I don't morn their exits.  :P

General Comments / Re: Jeffrey Epstein arrest
« on: July 10, 2019, 01:34:42 PM »
Does Trump get credit for draining the swamp if the swamp is drained in reaction to TDS?  :P 
I kinda think it should count.

I mean obviously the drain is IN the swamp... so how else was this suppose to work? 

General Comments / Re: Cooking with gas
« on: July 10, 2019, 01:31:53 PM »
Not me.  I congratulate myself for a batch of Tuna Helper finished without incident.   :-\

General Comments / Re: Personal awareness of data gathering
« on: July 10, 2019, 12:29:41 PM »
Next you'll have people tracking what porn you watch to determine if you are prone to "risky behavior" and raise your health insurance rates as well. 

And that doesn't get into the realm of false positives I was trying to illustrate.

Objectively, public release has not made them accountable or less corruptible.
This, by it's nature is unproveable.  How can we know who has steered clear of the highest office and those a rung or two down because they did not care to have people poking into their business? 

What more may we have to put up with in the future when others see that expectation/tradition can be flouted? 

General Comments / Re: What are Democrats running on in 2020?
« on: July 10, 2019, 12:07:04 PM »
Jargon misfire.  Thought this was a snipe at ACA marketplace.  100% though huh?  Big Pharma are helpless here I suppose.  My mistake...

It sounds like you guys don't believe privacy has any value.
It sounds like accountability goes up relative to the power of the office. 

I'll admit, my position on this is idealistic if not outright naive.  But any tool added to the box to make our public leaders more accountable and less corruptible (or disqualify those who already are) is a huge win in my book. 

Were I him, I'd ignore it as well.  I think we need laws mandating the release, not going by the "honor system"  for a system that everyone seems to agree has zero honor...  (and some don't mind)

General Comments / Re: Personal awareness of data gathering
« on: July 10, 2019, 11:56:45 AM »
BINGO Seriati.  I don't find it innocuous at all.  I hope the EU paves the way.  They are a bit more hawkish on internet data rights and a big enough market that we'll be dragged along in their wake eventually.  Our own lawmakers are either impotent or ignorant (or too personally invested) to do anything here.

General Comments / Re: What are Democrats running on in 2020?
« on: July 10, 2019, 11:40:15 AM »
And if, "nobody pays list price" anyhow... Why not push to list them at what people should pay?  You don't view it as predatory (if not downright evil) to net those "foolish" enough to pay that list price, or unable / unknowledgable enough to find how to pay what "others" do instead of list price?

People are extorted for life saving medication.  Just because there is a way to earn your life back with the right knowledge or enough time jumping through hoops, instead of just paying excessive costs,  does not make it any less vile.

the health care market huh?   ::)

General Comments / Re: What are Democrats running on in 2020?
« on: July 10, 2019, 11:35:16 AM »
I was just bitching in general.  Not directed at anyone, just popped in there as it related to the general topic.

You'd create a huge disincentive for average people to one day decide to embark into public service. It's a good way to ensure a ruling class.
Said it before, but I'll do so again:  This is crap.  "Average people" don't have anything to hide in their tax return other than protecting their identity from criminals.

You'd create a huge disincentive for people who made their living exploiting people and loopholes their whole life from deciding they want not JUST more money but more power over others as well.

Oh. ok. You're moving the goal posts here. You said it was about having more power than the average citizen but now you think it should be about being elected. Ok.

Just because you tilt your head to the side and squint, doesn't mean the goalpost actually moved Crunch.

More power than the average citizen to elected. That's a huge difference.
Someone elected, does have more power, yes?
If anything this "move", would take say... my employer off the list, or the traffic cop.  They got more power in many respects. 

The kinda person I want in charge?

Probably not realistic, but maybe we'd get people who pretended well enough that the end result would be indistinguishable from the desire.  :P

Oh. ok. You're moving the goal posts here. You said it was about having more power than the average citizen but now you think it should be about being elected. Ok.

Just because you tilt your head to the side and squint, doesn't mean the goalpost actually moved Crunch.

General Comments / Re: Personal awareness of data gathering
« on: July 10, 2019, 10:46:52 AM »
I still game with some friends and made a D&D character about 2 years ago that was good at climbing rock walls. 

I still to this day get banner adds for climbing hooks and other gear thanks to some google searching back then.  :)

IRL... ain't never gonna find me climbing down or up a cliff recreationally!  haha

Even the night time cleaning crews?
Normally, I'd just say, YES, them too.
I don't know how expensive it would be to make them all publicly available.  Maybe someone has to show up and request the records, pay for the copies and a fee for any man-hours required to go retrieve them.  Or, barring feet dragging, maybe let them send some intern there to show up and get them themselves (probably security issues with that...)

Logistics necessitate changing "everyone" to, just people someone has an interest in.  In principle though...  Everyone.  (Elected only, may be a good bar to improve logistics.  /shrug)

Public service is... well, public.  Privacy goes bye-bye.  See who still wants the job, and I think we'll all be better for it.

General Comments / Re: What are Democrats running on in 2020?
« on: July 10, 2019, 10:35:35 AM »
Cost to produce or time past since a drug was cutting edge seems to have little to do with cost to the end consumer. 

I get it, we need to keep them innovating and that takes money, but some of the pricing we put up with here, whether out of pocket, or just out of mind because insurance handles it, is absurd.

General Comments / Re: Deplatforming
« on: July 10, 2019, 10:32:07 AM »
Cash is speech.  Put enough of your voice in an envelope and I'm sure someone will listen.   ;D

Sure, yes, anyone paid by Uncle Sam.
That sounds good to me.
Public record less redactions for any obvious methods of identity theft.

All this fretting about creating a "political class" is bullpoop.  It may be far FAR from perfect, but it is A tool in both holding our public officials accountable and knowing who it is we're asking to represent us.  (or who it is those people hire to work for us)

General Comments / Re: Deplatforming
« on: July 10, 2019, 09:04:17 AM »
Maybe it's more like owning the convention hall, having an event "open to the public", then having security escort some "disruptive people" off the premises. 

General Comments / Re: Personal awareness of data gathering
« on: July 09, 2019, 09:21:20 PM »
All the things.  You've given up all the things... 
Privacy is something you must claw back inch at a time.  The default mode is none.

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