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General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: August 08, 2022, 04:52:24 PM »
As for Heliocentrism vs. Geocentrism, the Church erred trying to marry tested science with once-believed Biblical interpretations, which were later proved to be different. The whole issue meant well, to support science vs. non-science.

Guesswork without empiricism is not science. It was only at the birth of Christianity, that a wise God appeared who fostered the idea that science could be done and should be done. The Church understood there was a duty to understand God's handiwork, the better to marvel at it.

It was the Church that fostered science. Quintus Tertullian instructed in the second century, "Reason is a thing of God, inasmuch as there is nothing which God the Maker of all has not provided, disposed, ordained by reason — nothing which He has not willed should be handled and understood by reason." The success of the West, including the rise of science, rested entirely on religious foundations, and the people who brought it about were devout Christians.

In the early seventeenth century, Heliocentrism and geocentrism were open-ended untested science which confused some people who should have known better - to flex their bureaucratic muscles to proclaim what science was and was not. It wasn't until 1916 that Pope Pius V said geocentrism was not De Fide. Non-scientists had held opinions that were wrong and tried to win their arguments by what I have stated as "Laughter by Intimidation", just like some do in this forum. They said the church proclaims it so it must be so. Science continued to accelerate, and truth and reason won out, as it always should. I am not all that religious, myself, except to understand the role the Church had to nurture science. When things fell between the cracks, they festered for a while, but were corrected. Those who poke at the church or religion as holding back science are just mirroring the Andrew Dickson White's of the world.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: August 08, 2022, 04:01:02 PM »
Actually you confuse me, too. Heliocentrism is usually compared against geocentrism - not a flat earth. All in all, it was the Church that sought out the science. It was the church that decreed the earth revolves around the sun, not placing the Earth at the center.
Could you give me sources and dates on that?

Rodney Stark wrote:
Every educated person of Columbus's time knew the earth was round. This includes Roman Catholic theologians. The Venerable Bede (ca. 673-735) taught that the Earth was round, as did Bishop Virgilius of Salzburg (ca. 720-784). Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), and Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274), and all four became Saints. It was part of an ages-old conspiracy of atheists to portray Religion as being anti-Science. Columbus was not argued out of sailing off the edge of the world. The scientist of his day knew the world was round - but much larger than Columbus estimated. He put Japan at being only 2,080 miles from the Canary Islands, but the "sundry wise men of Spain" knew it was over 14,000 miles. Had Columbus not run across an unsuspected continent - his crew would have all died at Sea.

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 08, 2022, 01:12:33 PM »
William, please understand that a "valid response" isn't something anyone can do to your posts. Almost everything you say is wrong in either the particulars or the circumstances, and it's not remotely productive for someone to spend the time rebutting every third word you utter. People have tried before to reach you, either by pointing out the multiple, repeated factual errors that your regularly make or the contorted moral hypocrisies you've forced yourself to accept, and it bounces off; I am not under the impression that I'm going to reach you by engaging you with evidence that, for example, Trump is plenty "dirty."

But neither am I laughing at you. Sometimes your posts are amusing, but for the most part I find you a very tragic figure.

wm. I tend to agree with this assessment of your mental state to engage in sincere dialogue. You repeatedly post the same unverified or false claims. When asked for why you believe that you point to some rando right wing blogger or internet troll who has no credibility or you don't respond at all, claiming that google or tech companies somehow deleted all records and evidence. That isn't dialogue, that's you claiming crazy crap repeatedly with little to no justification.

2000 mules for example. Nothing in that film has been verified indecently. No one has gone to jail because of the film. No mules have been identified because of that film. The one name you gave me was arrested 18 months before the film was published (for ballot harvesting during a primary). The film was made by someone convicted of campaign finance fraud. The man has a fraud conviction! And you believe him unquestionably, not even Fox will touch his claims because they are already getting their asses sued off for defamation. He hides all the "great evidence" that shows the election was stolen behind a pay wall. Have some discretion in what you are willing to believe. He isn't putting out a public service by uncovering evidence. He put together a film to further fleece the Trump base.

You search around for "evidence" but just end up reading opinion pieces that serve as confirmation bias. Your "best historian" works weren't about uncovering new historical facts or details but all consisted of just telling the facts with a "free market is the ultimate good" narrative. That isn't great historical writing. It can be interesting to debate the causes for the beginning and ending of the great depression. But that is economics, not history.

I have no idea where you find the crazies you believe on climate science. They all seem to be either opinion writers or in the employ of oil companies. You have claimed repeatedly we're due for cooling. I've been asking you for the last few years over multiple threads: What models predict cooling? When should the cooling start? How have those climate models performed since their creation?

All that said, I'll repeat this again. I'm glad you are here. I think this forum may be the last place you are exposed to ideas and facts outside your confirmation bubble. But until you can allow your brain to process and respond to information outside of that bubble don't be surprised if people tire of taking you on point by point when you just jump to the next crazy idea or just repeat the same thing that has been shown to be false or at best completely unverified a week later.

Thank you Yossarian for at least posting honorably. I see too much from posters doing exactly what they blame me for doing to take them at face value.

BTW: I don't post only from opinionated sites. I read all the news sources, and usually end up in places you call spotty, because the MSM seems to edit and not show all the news. Even video clips are truncated and only shows a portion of the video. If I cite a news source you don't like, ask yourself why the news sources you prefer didn't show all the truth and only sugar-coated it for you. If that is all the news you are getting, then that is too bad.

I have posted over and over again that the often cited judicial reviews of vote-scamming declared to be refuted were often never looked at. I am sick at seeing obviously intelligent people throwing that back as definitive. No matter the rejoinder to them, they refuse to actually look at the eyewitness affidavits. There was vote-scamming. You all agree to that, You just seem to think it was not enough to be commented upon. To any purist, one hint of it is more than enough to look for redress. One scammed vote is enough to invalidate your own individual ballot.

After the voting, numerous mathematicians evaluated the voting numbers and concluded that Trump made inroads in every group that voted against him in 2016, and no one that voted for him then changed their minds, in any number. The numbers he generated were beyond anything anyone had expected, breaking all the records. Up until the bogus ballots started coming in after acceptance times, he was so far ahead that none of them thought there could be a new trend established. Evidently, hundreds of thousands of single vote ballots were marked for Biden without any Trump votes mixed in. Yet the Biden apologists here say to move along, nothing to see here.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: August 07, 2022, 11:23:52 PM »
Just to be clear, here: you're saying that the Capitol Police are "Pelosi's minions?"

You are kidding, aren't you? You do know the chain of command at the Capital Building, don't you? You do know the Sargeant of Arms wanted to accept the offer of Trump to provide National Guard support, but Pelosi nixed it, even though the building security forces were at half-strength? Pelosi is the number one suspect for the incursion on Jan 6, but she rigged the J6 Committee so she will never need to testify and explain her decisions.

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 07, 2022, 11:15:01 PM »
It is a real shame I never got to know you when you were sane.

Still no valid response, just more of the debate fallacy of "Laughter by Intimidation", which as I already explained to you denigrates you - not the debater you are insulting. Afraid to admit that Biden is "The Big Guy" as Bobulinsky already testified? Face it. He's dirty and Trump is clean You are on the wrong side, and you will look back on this time in your life with regret. You have the opportunity to get it right, now. You choose the dark side. That's on you - not on me or anyone else.

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 07, 2022, 11:03:37 PM »
I absolutely do mean that. Biden hasn't done nearly enough to reverse the damage Trump has done to our institutions. While he's canceled some of the more egregious boondoggles and ended a couple of the worst EOs, it'll take another three administrations moving at his current pace to correct for the crap Trump put into place.

What are you talking about? The Keystone Pipeline was shut down before Biden could figure out which end of the pen to use to sign his executive orders. He sent out instructions to all his minions to search for Trump actions to be stopped. It was easily argued at first that Trump's actions were wrong and needed to be challenged; however, once his minions put on the brakes, reality set in and Biden's actions were seen to have caused monumental problems.

Look, he is the most vilified President with the lowest ratings of all time. That didn't happen out of the blue. We had energy dominance, with more clean production than OPEC. Now, we're begging Venezuela and the Saudi's for the world's dirtiest oil. Nothing was done to clean up our environment, because our oil was the cleanest on Earth, and now what we are forced to use to replace it is the dirtiest. Logic is missing, yet you are not commenting on that, just claiming Biden did not do enough.

Just because Wray won't admit the Humter laptop nailed the Biden Crime Family doesn't mean we don't know how corrupt they have been. He can't hide behind "we are investigating, so we can't comment." No one did that when all the illegal disinformation was leaked to empower all the "investigations" against Trump.

The world is anticipating fixing the corruption inside Justice. Maybe we can start at the Midterms. Maybe it will happen in 2024. We are waiting, and none of it is because Trump did anything wrong. The corruption is with Dems and their complicit useful idiots.

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 07, 2022, 04:21:59 PM »
Have to agree with Tom.  Biden may claim to be a Democrat and some of his policies have been but most are Right leaning moderate.

I see him rubber-stamping everything from the Bernie Sanders/AOC playbook. His self-expressed number one issue is Climate Change. So what are you talking about?

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 07, 2022, 03:55:35 PM »
You know Biden's one page playbook says to delete every Trump policy he can.
Gotta tell you, man, I sincerely wish that were true, or that Biden and I shared the same definition of "can" in this case.

Seriously examined your post trying to figure out what you mean. You can't mean you disagree that Biden has moved against everything that Trump put in play. You can't close your eyes to the things Biden did out of spite. One of Biden's first 17 Executive Orders was to stop the Border Wall construction which was close to finishing. When he did this he had to spend at least $3 million a day on contractors “to watch steel rust in the desert,” Adding regulations that Trump had ended is why no one can produce new oil supplies. He quashed Trump's project to cut the price of insulin. What did he keep?

General Comments / Re: OAN Network being cancelled
« on: August 06, 2022, 02:57:07 PM »
Has anyone viewed the latest Soros interviews where he defends his millions of dollars of donations to prosecutors who let crooks out and his crowing about how polls show his people are supported. The polls he quoted were researched and say the opposite.

According to Soros, open borders policies are about importing poverty and it is meant to destroy our citizenship, rendering it meaningless. Patriotism will be replaced by socialism once that is complete.

That is why Democrats don’t talk of American exceptionalism but go on apology tours.

The architect of these policies is George Soros. It’s all in his book – The Crisis of Capitalism. He wants a world without borders with the UN in charge. For that to happen, America must go.

That is what team Biden is doing. Please look up Immiseration, Global Immiseration, and Cloward and Pivens.
They create victims and only the democrats can protect them. That is in The Communist Manifesto. The freedom lovers — independent thinkers — people who love this country — are always painted as the oppressors who must be punished.
Criminals aren’t the bad guys — they too are victims. It’s all part of the George Soros plan.

General Comments / Re: What are some things that Biden gets right?
« on: August 06, 2022, 02:40:25 PM »
The early church supported pacifism and wealth sharing that is not overtly supported by the current biblical narrative.  I have always wondered what changes were made to the texts when the Roman Empire decided to claim Christianity as it's religion.

Why wonder? the history is out there. Look to King Constanti9ne who changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday to please the sun-worshipers. Look at the many, many versions and translations of Bibles and their collaborating associated works. Go to the religions that were prior to Judaism and Christianity. The whole narrative is there and shows how thought and philosophy grew and evolved over the years. Pick what works for you and see if it makes you happy. No one is preaching to you here. What you believe should be your own thoughts. Just get past disinformation before you accept things religiously, politics included.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: August 06, 2022, 02:31:11 PM »
...Confirmed by whom?  When?  What about the testimony of those Republicans who were in the White House with him begging him to take action?  Was Trump also deaf at the time?  Or couldn't he even hear the Senators and Representatives he called during that time who might have mentioned they were evacuating?  Or Hannity telling him to call the mob off?

How much of the actual testimony have you heard yourself?  Or are you getting it filtered by others? ;)

You miss much by only viewing the complicit media. I've seen the complicit media as well as legitimate news sources. What testimony which contradicts the Constitutional requirements embedded in the body of it, not just in the Amendments, do you think is worthy to believe? The J6 UnSelect Committee is a travesty and is embarrassing. Not for Trump - but for the people hanging on every inconsistency and lie put forward. Deflection is the name of the game. The vote-scamming is still what was important - not the scammers trying to deflect their scamming by calling everyone who sees through them deniers.

BYW, the time period where the J6 Committee stresses over is when Trump was in his room watching the protest as I noted. The other stuff came later - after he was apprised of possible violations (remember security did wave protesters into the Capital.) He told them to be legal and peaceful from the beginning. Did Pelosi tell her minions not to shoot unarmed women? The contrast is stark.

General Comments / Re: More evidence on how shady Trump is
« on: August 06, 2022, 02:13:13 PM »
It was Ivana's wish, which Trump agreed to.

Why do you say that?  What is your source?

I tried looking for one, and all I found was this Intelligencer article, which had some strong points about why it probably wasn't her wish:

If Trump National Golf Club Bedminster held a special place in Ivana’s heart, there’s no record of it. Donald bought the property in 2002, a full decade after their divorce was finalized. While Ivana maintained a friendship with her ex-husband through her final days, and her daughter, Ivanka, was married at the club, it does not appear that Ivana ever publicly praised the property.

Why spend eternity at a golf course bought a decade after you divorced the bum?  It doesn't make sense.

I need more evidence than some Trump's word that Ivanka wanted a golf course to be her final resting place. :)

There were plenty more sources than what you deigned to look at. Primarily, The place was Trump's favorite spot, reserved since 2014 for his family. It was nice that he included the mother of his three eldest children, wasn't it? Listening to his kids after the services, it is unarguable they thought she knew about it and would be happy to be included. Only a dufus would fuss about tax write-offs.

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 06, 2022, 01:52:53 PM »
Inflation, al-Qaeda, and immigration are hardly existential threats to the republic, even if one accepts that Biden is the cause of inflation and the loss in Afghanistan, and that his immigration policy are "open borders."

Trump's the reason you lot are staring down the barrel of a constitutional crisis over conflicting slates of electors with a Supreme Court who's legitimacy is already questionable. One of the outcomes of this crisis is that the President is no longer elected but instead appointed by the states. That seems a lot worse to me than almost any failed foreign, economic, or immigration policy.

All those things you try to dismiss are threats you can directly lay at Biden's feet. The Constitutional crises you should also lay at the Dems' feet. They did steal the election and Trump allowed their scamming to stand to not bring about a civil war. Many people think he should have resisted their cheating - but more of us believe once he gets back into power in 2024, he will be properly empowered and motivated to cleanse the corruption. The only crisis is the Dems' fearing their total erasure forever more of any chance of regaining power. With their power players in prison their scamming will become irrelevant. SCOTUS legitimacy is not questionable. Acting like it is, is. The election process will be strengthened under Trump unless the Dems can destroy it before the Red Wave guts them.

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 06, 2022, 01:42:49 PM »
It wasn't just FROM the Trump playbook. It was actually Trump's doing.

Don't be ridiculous. Lying never serves anyone's purpose. You know Biden's one page playbook says to delete every Trump policy he can. Trump has already specified how if he had been in charge, the Taliban would not have been allowed back into governance, nor the deaths, nor a billion dollars of military materiel allowed to fall into their hands. None of the stupid things Biden did can be laid at Trump's feet. If he put Trump's successes back into place, we would get out of the recession PDQ.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: August 06, 2022, 12:47:45 PM »
If you would just take the time to do your own research instead of listening to the Lame Stream bought and sold Media, you would know that it has been proven beyond a doubt that every one of these people are a deep state Soros/Gates funded Anitfa long term plant used to discredit Trump.  How can you follow these obvious media lies?  The Truth (patent pending, trademark pending) is out there if you would just take off your Liberal Media bias.

Rush Limbaugh used to say that humor has to be true to be funny. Your heavy-handed attempt at false irony proves his point. The continual abuse of honest and honorable people who disagree with your disinformation is disrespectful and only established your own lac k of credibility.

We just had a primary election in Michigan, with all the heightened interest in getting it right - and look what happened:
“DETROIT: Poll Challenger Thrown Out Of Counting Center For Challenging Ballots and Internet Connection To Computer…Demands Detroit Police Officer Arrests Men Who Broke The Law!”

Several reports from different counting locations have commented that there were obvious testing going on to see what the vote-scammers could get away with for future elections.

The issue is to stop this mindset - not just the specific scamming they are trying to perfect.

I hope there will be more attorneys available in future elections, because without any - the "Men in black" said their policy trumped the law. In fact, policy has no force of law. It is merely a procedure designed by policy-makers for their own self-interests. I hope the ousted observer gets these abusive security staffers arrested, as well as their bosses who told them to break the law. This is what must be focussed upon - not just the tactics of illegally certifying or decertifying ballots. As a secondary plan, I propose all observers come equipped with bodycams.

The downside of this is the courts holding up the law, over spurious policies only cited to facilitate scamming. How would you handle such heavy-handed tactics if you were the observer trying only to do your job? Multiply this one example by the thousands of observers throughout any election, like in 2020 who filed affidavits of eyewitness wrong-doing that the courts refused to even look at, citing "lack of standing."

General Comments / Re: We gotta talk about Uncle Joe
« on: August 05, 2022, 08:49:15 PM »
...You are unwilling to admit that Trump is an oath breaker when the evidence is right there.

No, we all wonder why you want to derail a Biden thread by disparaging Trump.

Please reference Biden's alleged lies about Hunter and his felonies/treason. If there is anyone unwilling to admit anything it is you about the Biden crime family. The evidence really is right there.

General Comments / Re: More evidence on how shady Trump is
« on: August 05, 2022, 08:43:03 PM »
Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana was buried in a gold-hued coffin at the former president’s New Jersey golf club last month, following an Upper East Side funeral service where she was remembered as a woman who was “adored.”


Under New Jersey law, land being used for cemetery purposes is exempt from real estate and personal property taxes, as well as sales tax, inheritance tax, business tax, and income tax.

Cemetery property is also exempt from sale for collection of judgments, with cemetery trust funds and trust income exempt from both tax and sale or seizure for collection of judgments against the company.

But the Orange Fan Club will no doubt laud him for being a shrewd businessman and delighted at any maneuver that deprives the government of taxes.

It was Ivana's wish, which Trump agreed to. You sure are mercenary. Why can't you just believe that she loved the property and wanted to be buried there?

BTW; is a one-millionth part of the entire property worth money-grubbing about?

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 05, 2022, 08:37:48 PM »
It would be far more convincing if Hawley were dealing with the world as it is, and not as he wishes it was.  ;D

Alliances work, especially NATO.  Isolationism doesn't, not in a world where international trade (esp. oil) is a necessity for every country, including ours.  The fact that he can't see that shows he is living in a fantasy world.

On the contrary. Hawley, like Trump, is not an isolationist - but they both fought against power-mongering without benefit for our country. They strove to stop terrorism and then separate from babysitting every country run by despots, Evidently, the Dem agreed, because they took this concept of disengaging from Afghanistan to a whole new level that resurrected the Taliban, and wrought havoc. The reason for doing so was straight from the Trump playbook - but without his competency.

General Comments / Re: The Biden Economy
« on: August 05, 2022, 08:29:05 PM »
...Sounds like you’re trying to make an argument here for moving away from fossil fuel dependency. Though it’s a really indirect long winded way of doing it. Are you afraid of tipping off your sponsors?

Perhaps the pejorative ID of "Fossil Fuels" would sit better if the idea that it is a renewable, non-fossil energy source gained more acceptance.

General Comments / Re: What are some things that Biden gets right?
« on: August 05, 2022, 08:21:02 PM »
...Interesting.  How does this relate to those who insist that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God?

We weren't discussing them. That issue sounds like Andrew Dickson White claiming the Church thought the Earth was flat. That had nothing to do with reality. Judiasm and Christianity was all about studying how the physical laws of the Universe work - not about taking things literally. There is more argument about what is metaphor or symbolism, in the Bible, than what is Gospel.

General Comments / Re: Climate alarmists are wrong.
« on: August 05, 2022, 08:05:12 PM »
I get around the small gas can spout problem by having an electric lawn mower. It's quiet and works great.  And now my wife does not have an excuse that she is not able to start the lawn mower because she is not strong enough to use the pull starter.

My issue with the toilets is not the flushing as much as the cleaning of the sides of the bowl.  All the stuff goes down on the first flush, but sometimes the bowl side are not 100% clean. Not sure if that is a low water usage problem.

Agree. Generally, electric lawn mowers and snow blowers do work - but battery models do badly compared to gas machines. Some people with small yards may cut their whole yard without recharging, but the batteries in our string trimmer run out faster and faster as the batteries age. Some folks with small yards swear by their battery mowers. They are easier than pulling a 15-amp cord around.

BTW, the non-Chilton gas spouts do spill far more gas than the old spouts ever did. Prior to the new government intrusive edicts, most burn incidents have involved consumers pouring gasoline on a fire.

I live in Michigan. We have more than enough water to make power flushes applicable. Why do we suffer because California has less water? There is no trade-off from my area to theirs.

As for plastic cement, if you crack a tray in a refrigerator, the replacement part is costly compared to a simple squirt of cement to mend it. Dr. Kevorkian argued suicide should be painless, but plastic cement must not be existent. The Mash song from M. Altman and J. Mandel never mentioned plastic cement, but PC is all that was outlawed, neh?

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: August 05, 2022, 07:17:58 PM »
Monumentally, Liz sided with Dems and other Never-Trumpers to impeach him for issues that have since been proved to be in error. Downright lies, when what Trump had said was proved correct.

I don't know how you can say that the impeachments have be "proved to be in error."

There is sworn testimony that the Ukrainian officials were told that they had to start an investigation on Biden to get a White House visit and their much-needed weapons.

And after all the Republican testimony to the Jan. 6th Commission, how can anyone state at this time that he absolutely did not try to incite an insurrection?  A march he planned and wanted to attend; that he knew had armed individuals; and did nothing to stop it once it turned into a riot that threatened the life of his own Vice-President?  This is what you consider to be proven to be in error??  ???

You live in your own little world, William.

You really should watch other networks than CNN or MSNBC. Those testimonies were shown to be wrong. Trump talked about Hunter and Joe blackmailing the Ukraine, which was proved to be accurate. We all saw Joe bragging about doing it. We recently saw Joe bend over backwards to avoid offending those that gave his crime family so much illegal graft.

Everything you just quoted about what Trump knew and did alá J6 is moot. The J6 commission put on an embedded agent in the Proud Boys who said nobody was armed. It is Pelosi who is avoiding being investigated. She is responsible for her people murdering an unarmed woman, and for denying the offered military to support the half-strength Capital security. Trump was home watching the protest on a station that did not show the supposed break-ins nor any violence. That was confirmed - but the J6 presentation missed it.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: August 05, 2022, 12:25:11 PM »
Dick Cheney says Trump is a threat to Democracy.  Waiting to hear the Trumpist call him a RINO.

He was shown on Fox News and Newsmax, in full. No edits or paraphrasing, and he said a whole lot of nothing. He and his daughter are Never-Trumpers. Both are tainted by personal ingratitude. Cheney is a Republican Neo-con. That is not in dispute. He and she made the decision to visibly denigrate Trump at every opportunity. More and more, they have been on the wrong side of issues. Monumentally, Liz sided with Dems and other Never-Trumpers to impeach him for issues that have since been proved to be in error. Downright lies, when what Trump had said was proved correct.

Dick Cheney is often castigated for proclaiming WMD in Iraq, Yes, there were WMDs which were documented there, and a massive Russian operation to hide them before the US buildup. He should have stated the case clearly, but instead, bent the knee to the WMD deniers to try to keep on the good side of a Leftists media that wanted to smear Bush 43. His legacy was shaken and calling attention to it made him a leper. Liz was good on most issues until she got the anti-Trump religion.

General Comments / Re: What are some things that Biden gets right?
« on: August 05, 2022, 11:15:23 AM »
The law of God, as seen in the Bible, is clear about what is moral and immoral. And since even people who have never encountered the law know generally what is moral and immoral
So you are happy with the entirety of Leviticus as a description of good & bad?

Its a position certainly.

Leviticus is primarily a cut and paste from many religions that predated Judaism. Most were matriarchal, but the laundry lists of accepted wisdom was passed down long before the Bible.

General Comments / Re: What are some things that Biden gets right?
« on: August 04, 2022, 02:38:28 PM »
Remember what Jesus said, to defeat the evil liberals the Ends Justify the Means.

I'm not sure that is what Jesus said. Maybe he did, but not in any Bible version. The closest is Matthew 6:25–33.

The law of God, as seen in the Bible, is clear about what is moral and immoral. And since even people who have never encountered the law know generally what is moral and immoral, we can assume that the Bible is simply describing a law that exists already in the human heart, rather than arbitrarily saying "this is good" or "this is bad." We all know right from wrong. That doesn't mean, of course, we are capable of always doing what is right. There are always motivations to do what is wrong, in order to gain something. Here we see why the philosophy "the ends justify the means" sprang into existence. It gives us an excuse to do something we know is not right

Pointedly, the usage of this is part of the Democrat mantra - not the GOP. I could quote scores of Dem leaders who follow TEJTM. It is similar to "Never letting a good crisis go to waste." The Democrat foundation is Immiseration and Global Immiseration from Marx and Engels, and the ideas of Cloward and Pivens. All of this to grant license for lies and deceit.

General Comments / Re: GOP nutbag of the week
« on: August 04, 2022, 02:21:47 PM »
Josh Hawley explainned his no-vote: "Our foreign policy should be about protecting the United States, our freedom, our people, and our way of life, and expanding NATO, I believe, would not do that,"said Senator Hawley. "What I am arguing for is the return to a classic nationalist approach to foreign policy [...] grounded in our nation's interests and in the reality of the world as it is, not as we wish it was."

He is very honest with his issues, following the Trump America First agenda. I also disagree with his not supporting a broadened NATO, but he did not do that because of China. That is a separate issue. His history shows he always supports ends that are good for the USA, not getting us embroiled in endless wars that are not our concerns. He may disagree with me on NATO, but he is one of the few honest politicians.

He is far from being a nutbag. Argue with his concerns - not just insult.

General Comments / Re: Climate alarmists are wrong.
« on: August 04, 2022, 01:34:25 PM »
When did we lose the ability to seek out the solution between extremes?
There is a part of me that honestly wants to just slap anyone who's, like, "can't we please try to find a compromise in the exact center of this question of fact?"

2+2 is not 7. But maybe it's rude to insist that it's four, and everyone should just agree that it's 5 to be nice about it.

There are Climate alarmists who demand we jump to 'clean energy' and end all dependence on fusel fuels immediately. Close the coal plant before we have the means to replace the energy via other means.
There are Economic alarmist who see any move away from fusel fuels as the end of thier prosperity and the world.

Common ground - both want to live in a economically healthy community with clean air, clean water, and clean earth. Talking about, finding and implementing the best method of how to get there is not a attempt to make 2 + 2 = 7.  That many think it is is part of the problem.

Their is no requirement or need to believe that Climate Change is happening in order to work towards a healthy community and their is a lot of evidence that moving towards clean will be economically beneficial and a even stronger economic driving force then fusel fuels were. Yes change is scary but the driving force behind the economy is always changing. (hell for a few years it was tulip bulbs) 

If anything the last 30 years ought to have taught everyone that those who don't adapt get left behind.  "boohoo the industry I've worked in all my life, and my father before me, has become obsolete... lets stop time so we can pretend it isn't".  2+2=4 move forward or get out of the way. How smartly we move forward and transition that is the question.

Totally agree. No one is requesting  to stop LED technology and go back to all filament bulbs. What people resent is the political cleansing of anything that the Free Enterprise system has not yet deemed replaceable. Personally, I used to enjoy building models. I had the George Washington submarine that the USSR bought thousands of kits of, because it was too accurate. Then a few people suicided by glue-sniffing - so the plastic cement was taken away from us. Every time a plastic item breaks, I sure wish that glue was still available. I hate the mandated gas can spouts that no one can use without spilling more than any old-style spouts ever did. ...And toilets that need three flushes to work use more water than the old reliable ones did are annoying. I concur we shouldn't fix what's not broken.

I also resent the idea that species that have been replaced by newer offshoots should not be allowed to naturally disappear. Thousands of species go extinct every year, yet snail darters must be protected.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: August 03, 2022, 09:22:01 PM »
Who knew that trying to have your followers overthrow the Government is not with in the bounds of Presidential Duty.

He keeps trotting out the same defenses and he keeps losing.  He has the be the losingest President of all time.

Exactly the opposite. The news reports from the States running Primaries all proclaimed Trump support as winning the day for his choices. Here in Michigan, you should have seen all the Democrat sponsored hit-pieces aimed at Tudor Dixon after Trump endorsed her. They were completely unhinged in their attacks. But she won in a landslide. It seems no one believed any of the attack ads - which portends for the future. The Never-Trumpers are reeling - as well as the Dems

In a news story today, the Dems were trying to perfect new vote-scamming procedures in Michigan. They tried, but the Trump-endorsed candidates won in landslides. People's eyes are open. I doubt the Dems can cheat as well as they did in 2020.  The slanted news reports that say GOP are rallying against him are bogus.

General Comments / Re: What are some things that Biden gets right?
« on: August 03, 2022, 09:09:50 PM »
Afghanistan is the Kobayashi Maru. There is no "win" to be had. Both Trump and Biden actually realized this. To win militarily, you'd have to commit genocide because you'd never win the population, 20 years of trying followed by the return of the Taliban demonstrates that. Of course if you did take a "kill them all strategy" you would just become an even bigger pariah than Russia.

Wasn't the stalemate better, you might ask? Even if it was going to be perpetual? Well, that cost 300 million dollars per day. Hardship for a bunch of Americans deployed to a country that wanted to murder them, even if they weren't in active combat roles. They're still away from their family.

No one is saying that. Trump's and Biden's plans of withdrawal were greatly different. No one knows why Biden decided the timing he did, and the order of withdrawal. Trump told us he wanted to end the US endless wars, but also planned for logical disengagement. There was no reason to abandon a billion dollars of top-class military materiel. Obama's funding of Iran's terrorist sponsorship in the dead of night was terrible, but a fraction of what Biden allowed to happen. Those who apologize for Biden say there is no way Trump would have done better. But I think we all know better. The military base would have been the last place abandoned - not the first - and the stores of weapons and supplies would have never been abandoned to terrorists. It is hard to imagine Trump would have abandoned the Afghan government to the Taliban. He had the Taliban sequestered and away from power. He was proud of eradicating terrorists - not in giving them rebirth.

The  Kobayashi Maru was a trick set up by Spock to show the impotency of always winning. I think Trump and Kirk enjoyed the same mindset. You should put winning ahead of easy.

General Comments / Re: Climate alarmists are wrong.
« on: August 03, 2022, 08:21:53 PM »
As for "real climate scientists" agreeing on a coming Ice Age, see

Science is easy to disinform about. One can state a conclusion, and then search for anything that tends to support the position. If one's position agrees with the politically-correct position, odds are conflicting research articles have been deleted or hidden away - so anything one finds stand a chance to support the disinformation.

126,000 years ago, temperatures over Greenland were as much as 8 degrees warmer than at any time during the last one thousand years. There is only disinformation because politicians see a benefit in inventing it.

General Comments / Re: Climate alarmists are wrong.
« on: August 03, 2022, 07:38:56 PM »
...Sorry if this was a side track...

Almost all the replies are inadequate side tracks. The report specifically indicates the 2009 temperature-gathering sites that were found by the alarmists, themselves, to be inadequate or compromised. See the "MMTS placement near a ground mounted power transformer at USHCN station in Glens Ferry, OR. This station was surveyed as part of the original 2009 report and was identified as being biased, but has not been corrected as of 2022." on P. 24. This is just an example of what you are all attesting to believe. Like, I said, The real climate scientists agree we are in a long-lived Ice Age, with glaciation in our future, Science - not me or you - says that warming in the midst of this is a good thing.

Will anyone make the simple argument as to why anyone should be against the short-lived warming period we are currently experiencing?

Yes, many alarmists have said we had only a few years to live - several decades ago. Almost every model has been proved wrong. Science is only believed by alarmists if it is pushed by bureaucrats and seekers of political power Talk to a scientist and you are insulted and mocked.

19 years ago, S. Fred Singer said in the WSJ:
...The Summary of the UN-IPCC science panel report (but not the report itself), bases its conclusion about existence of human-induced global warming on three major claims. Although widely publicized, none of them pass muster; they have been or are being disproved by actual data.

  • The IPCC claim, that the climate is currently warming, is based solely on surface thermometer data. It is contradicted not only by superior observations from weather satellites but also by independent data from radiosondes carried on weather balloons. In addition, proxy (non-thermometer) data from tree rings, ice cores, etc. confirm that there is no current warming.
  • The IPCC claim that the 20th century was the warmest in the past 1000 years is based entirely on a misuse of such proxy data. Two Canadian scientists have just published a detailed audit that exposes a shocking set of errors; it permits anyone to independently verify their counter-claim. Note that even if these two IPCC claims were valid, they would not by themselves prove a human cause; the warming could well be a natural climate fluctuation of the kind frequently observed in the past.
  • The third IPCC claim is that climate models which incorporate the observed increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases can accurately reproduce the temperature record of the past 100 years. That assertion is inaccurate. True, the models employ enough adjustable parameters to mimic the global average temperature. But once the record is reconstructed according to latitude and altitude, any agreement with model results disappears.
Thus, human-induced climate warming, although expected from greenhouse theory, appears to be difficult to demonstrate and is likely to remain insignificant in comparison to natural variations of the climate.

What has changed since then? What changed is that the alarmists stopped calling it Anthropomorphic Global Warming and started calling it Climate Change. Go back and look at the Global Cooling research that has been suppressed. It was solid and authenticated, yet vanished from most electronic archives. One of the Wikipedia founders did admit that he deleted thousands of such articles.

General Comments / Climate alarmists are wrong.
« on: August 02, 2022, 09:59:32 AM »
Data shows no catastrophic warming. No catastrophic climate change. Yet the Democrat policy is that Climate Change is the number one issue.

From meteorologist Anthony Watts:
…89% of the stations used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to calculate average U.S. temperatures failed to meet the National Weather Service’s (NWS) siting standards, which stipulate stations must be 30 meters (100 feet) or more away from any artificial or radiating reflecting heat source.

…NOAA rolled out a new network of temperature stations: the U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN). The USCRN comprises a subset of existing temperature gauge locations that meet all NWS conditions for unbiased, high-quality temperature data that are not expected to be affected by nearby development or the placement of artificial heat sources for at least the next 50 years. Describing the USCRN, the National Climate Data Center wrote, “[t]he USCRN measures temperature with superior accuracy and continuity in places that land-use change will not likely impact during the next five decades. Built specifically for this purpose … [t]he USCRN serves, as its name and original intent imply, as a reference network for operational estimates of national-scale temperature.”

…, NOAA developed a second new temperature reporting network, adding thousands of stations from the Global Historical Climatology Network to NOAA’s Historical Climate Network of 1,218 stations for a new dataset it called “nClimGrid.” This new system collects data from more than 10,000 high-quality (unbiased) and low-quality (biased) stations alike.

…Sadly, in its monthly and annual reports on temperature and weather trends, NOAA does not use or cite the data from the unbiased USCRN. Instead, the federal government’s official reports cite data from the woefully inadequate, fatally compromised nClimGrid network.

…The simple truth is simple: it is not getting as hot as fast as climate alarmists within and outside the government say it is.

This is from H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D. ( is the director of the Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy at The Heartland Institute, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research center headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

In Vegas, The temperature is too hot for accurate temperature reporting - to scare off tourists - so most of the temperature gathering stations used are the opposite. They are often in the shade and near cool-air pockets. As in most data collecting, you've got to get past the bureaucrats before you can trust the numbers.

General Comments / Re: OAN Network being cancelled
« on: July 28, 2022, 11:15:24 AM »
Sincere question, William: why are you so afraid of George Soros? Is he the only rich anti-Communist you know of?

No - you are being disingenuous. Soros has publicly stated he hates the USA and wants to destroy it. Dis you miss that? He hates Free Enterprise and wants a change.

General Comments / Re: OAN Network being cancelled
« on: July 28, 2022, 09:59:21 AM »
BTW; businesses are still being forced to do things that hurt their bottom line under duress from the Soros-backed counter culture. Free Enterprise is the best system, but needs to be fought for.

General Comments / Re: OAN Network being cancelled
« on: July 28, 2022, 09:53:43 AM »
Are you under the impression that Smartmatic is likely to lose its suit, William?
Not is it's in DC - but if it was an honest world, of course they would lose their suits. It is a proven fact that Dominion is hackable. The 2000 Mules Documentary demonstrated that a widespread vote-scam was used that had enough numbers to steal the election. There have been no refutation of that. I see opinions expressed - but not facts. One American News reported news as it was seen, contemporaneously. They even went so far as to look at some of the eyewitness affidavits that were never looked at in court because poll watchers supposedly lacked standing, and factually verify them.. Why haven't the counter culture funded by Soros gone after disinformationalist CNN, MSNBC, and the MSM for their years of lies? This is strictly Political and against the Constitution. What is your excuse for siding with the Darkside? Why do you think Biden fired all the Trump-appointed Immigration Judges? It surely wasn't to help - it was to harm. You need to look at yourselves and stop being loyal apologists.

General Comments / OAN Network being cancelled
« on: July 27, 2022, 11:20:59 PM »
The latest attack on OAN from Verizon mentions the reason as it spreading disinformation. Remember the massive lawsuits by Smartmatic? I wonder how the reversed election that showed the  Dominion machines WERE hacked plays in this. The cancel culture is a heinous thing, but this is particularly hard to even rationalize. How can the Left hold their noses and allow this kind of thing go on?

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 27, 2022, 03:11:20 PM »
The FBI’s reported conclusion was that Chinese telecommunications company Huawei placed equipment on American soil capable of disrupting military communications overseeing U.S. nuclear weapons. Biden is into China for over $31 million in graft.

Stop rationalizing for him and play it straight.

General Comments / Re: We gotta talk about Uncle Joe
« on: July 27, 2022, 02:54:41 PM »
So no comment on his being an oath breaker?

No more than for any family that has problems. I wasn't there, and neither were you. As i said, Ivana's own words were that it was all for the best. I don't know exactly what she meant by that, and neither do you. Your focus on Trump's family is weird when Clinton and the entire Biden family are so dysfunctional, and yet no Democrat seems to care. Somehow, with all the history, Trump's family has survived and prospered, while all still staying friends.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 26, 2022, 07:26:45 PM »
BTW, do YOU realize the link you poste exxonerates Trump and calls the FBI dirty? Here's a pullquote:
...As the FBI concluded its Russia investigation, specifically into former president Donald Trump, you can find an electronic document that spells out just how wide a net it gave its agents to find evidence relevant to a crime committed by a president.

As a result, this leeway was largely attributed to Igor Danchenko, the Russian-born US resident, who played a key role in the development of Christopher Steele’s dossier in the 2016 election season. Steele’s London-based research project, now widely viewed as a hoax, was funded by Democrats. It was used for months by the anti-Trump forces under the direction of Rep. Adam Schiff of California, in order to sabotage, harass, and disorient the presidential administration.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 26, 2022, 07:21:03 PM »
This week we can focus on the many actions against Huawei Technologies under Trump, and how the Biden decisions to earn his graft from China to allow their espionage is another on-going Biden in-your-face failure. Since Biden was paid for his China actions, this may well be treason: do realize that Pompeo was quoting a CNN report on Huawei equipment, right?  If it weren't for CNN, you wouldn't even know about this!

What have you been looking at? According to Peter Schweitzer at the NY Post: "The Bidens received some $31 million from Chinese Businessmen linked to the highest level of Chinese intelligence."

$20 million from Che Feng. $5 million from Ye Jianming, $188,617 from Li Ming. $5 million from Henry Zhao., $1 million from Patrick Ho.

General Comments / Re: We gotta talk about Uncle Joe
« on: July 26, 2022, 05:35:43 PM »
Wm, no comment on the fact that Trump is an oath breaker?

Sure. Here's some: Ivana was married four times, and according to her books, "For Love Alone," "The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping With Divorce and Enjoying Life Again," and "Raising Trump." Her own words tell us that she was happy with her life and her decisions, and everything worked out for the best. Marla Maples was also someone who was sorry for her participation in causing the Ivana divorce. She also wrote about it. Ivana's first marriage, before Trump, was ostensibly to legally get into Canada and the USA. Evidently, you are the only one really obsessed or concerned with how things worked out for them all. Ivana's last wedding was held at Mar-a-Lago. There is a sentiment that the best ending for a divorce is mutual hatred, but often that is not the best result. Somehow, these people managed to have happy lives after their divorces with little regret. the worst thing it seems, was how the Complicit media and entire Democrat fantasy world ganged up on Melania for sheer spite. Forget the Trump marriages, and explain the resentment and maliciousness inflicted on a good woman.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 26, 2022, 05:01:27 PM »
...The main thing to keep in mind is there's a difference between resistance to change and refusal to change. The Church's tendency is and was to be very slow to accept modifications to its received worldview, and did not want any old crackpot teaching people all kinds of stuff as fact which hadn't yet had a chance to (slowly) make its rounds about the community in a satisfactory manner.

That is directly contrary to fact. It was the Church with a Capital "C" which sponsored science, and ushered new thinking and technology to come into being. Christianity actually inspired science. It was only at the birth of Christianity, that a wise God appeared who fostered the idea that science could be done and should be done. The Church understood there was a duty to understand God's handiwork, the better to marvel at it.

Any slowness of acceptance to new science was bureaucratic and political inertia. And what disinformation against the Church we read about today usually stems from the Atheist efforts in the  early 1800's. As a real world example, look at the Crusades. Think about "The Hammer", Charles Martel. At the time of the Umayyad invasion of Aquitaine at the Battle of Tours, he was outnumbered and facing what was considered the greatest army of horse soldiers in the world. However; Martel had the scientific inventions of the Church behind him, and the new innovations of stirrups and reins allowed his forces to demolish the Umayyad Caliphate.

Acceptance of change is immediate. There are many who try to push the idea that new thinking takes forever and a day to sink in. Actually, we learn and use what we learn at once.

When Trump regains the Presidency - anticipate the corrections after Biden's failure to be far quicker than the media allows will happen. Just think about what Biden's firing of the Immigration Judges that Trump appointed means to the Never-Trumpers who do not deserve their platforms to delimit Trump for a second time. Biden and his handlers have unwisely given any future regimes plenty of precedents to unpoliticize bureaucracy.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 26, 2022, 04:32:50 PM »
[quote author=yossarian22c link=topic=1143.msg62791#msg62791 date=1658856...I know Galileo did other stuff, but he wasn't the only one doing mechanics and astronomy. I guess my point was that he uniquely invented the technology to revolutionize astronomy, so I count that as a big win in practical science. But I never saw him particularly as an originator of experimental methods. I'll keep in mind to check up on this next time I'm spelunking through the history.

Getting back to the thread about the many Trump successes compared to the Biden failures - This week we can focus on the many actions against Huawei Technologies under Trump, and how the Biden decisions to earn his graft from China to allow their espionage is another on-going Biden in-your-face failure. Since Biden was paid for his China actions, this may well be treason:

Mike Pompeo said: "FBI investigations confirm what we knew in Trump Admin: the CCP uses Huawei equipment to conduct espionage, even disrupt essential national security operations."

Let's all go look at the MSM's revelation of all the national securit threats created from this. It should be everywhere, neh?

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 25, 2022, 10:40:29 PM »
I'm sure some people still get confused about the Church's denial of Heliocentrism and a flat Earth. But I don't know of any professional historians who would confuse the two.

Actually you confuse me, too. Heliocentrism is usually compared against geocentrism - not a flat earth. All in all, it was the Church that sought out the science. It was the church that decreed the earth revolves around the sun, not placing the Earth at the center.

The issue with talking about "The Dark Ages" is not about history - but about politicians trying to denigrate their opponents.

Stark wrote:
...The entire "Dark ages" is a crock. Christianity actually inspired science. There was no science in ancient Greece or Rome. Aristotle thought the weight of objects were proportional to the speed with which they dropped. A simple test by dropping two different weights off a cliff never occurred to him. Guesswork without empiricism is not science. It was only at the birth of Christianity, that a wise God appeared who fostered the idea that science could be done and should be done. The Church understood there was a duty to understand God's handiwork, the better to marvel at it. ...The phrase, "Dark Ages," was a myth, first used in the early 19th century by atheists to claim credit for a sudden "enlightenment" that occurred against the Church's wishes.

My personal thoughts about these points of disinformation is that they are part of a dumbing-down of our educational system. John Dewey admitted that in his books, which are available for free on, that he wanted to create a system where students  would be good little government lemmings. Read his words. Don't accept my interpretations.

That also leads into the strategy created by Marx and Engels to counter Free Enterprise. They coined the phrase "Capitalism: as a pejorative and expected the strategy of "Immiseration" to end it in failure. That strategy failed because Free Enterprise lifts up all quintiles and no lesser groups were going to hate those on a higher quintile for "stealing" from them. The secondary strategy of "gloabal immiseration" fails also.

However wrong-headed these strategies are, they are the Democrat standard today.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 23, 2022, 11:02:35 PM »
Wm, can you name one of these “best historians“ and what qualifies them as best.

I recognize them as they come up in my research. Some, like Rodney Stark or Dr. Burton W. Folsom appear many times and authenticate their observations well. I discount many so-called historians who write "puff-pieces" for hysterical politicians who want a certain conclusion that suits their imaginings. I treat so-called scientific authors the same way. Many, often quoted by some politicians are charlatans, poseurs who are mere bureaucrats who pretend to be scientists. For instance, I've read many papers on climatology, and have never found a real scientist who doesn't start off by stating we are currently in an Ice Age, during a warming interval which is way overdue to return to cooling. How many professional educators have you met who admitted there was no "Dark Ages?" ...or that the Church did not prevent Columbus from his desire to circumnavigate the globe because the world was flat? There are many charlatans out there, and even the ability for students to recognize them has been removed from basic curricula.

How many know Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote: "Modern studies indicate that insanity, epilepsy, criminality, prostitution, pauperism, and mental defect, are all organically bound up together and that the least intelligent and the thoroughly degenerate classes in every community are the most prolific. Feeble-mindedness in one generation becomes pauperism or insanity in the next. There is every indication that feeble-mindedness in its protean forms is on the increase, that it has leaped the barriers, and that there is truly, as some of the scientific eugenicists have pointed out, a feeble-minded peril to future generations - unless the feeble-minded are prevented from reproducing their kind. To meet this emergency is the immediate and peremptory duty of every State and of all communities." (From her book, "The Pivot of Civilization.") Her plan to abort such miscreants as a means to control the "unwanted" is rarely mentioned today, is it? With everything shaded to meet political ends, it is important to study and research those whoonly pretend to be credible.

IOW: Any person's expert must be vetted. There are good ones well-worth looking at and reading. Everyone should do the required work to know who is good and who is not. This is one reason I always request those I converse with make the effort to not take my expert's testimony blindly - but to find their own sources they can really on - but not to take disinformation without proper study.

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 23, 2022, 09:32:34 PM »
BTW: Newsmax did a timeline presentation on Trump after his rally, when he was in his office watching the coverage of the protest. They had the channel he was watching and noted that he was watching a view of the march that showed no violence or storming of the Capital. That was the time that the J6 Committee was clamoring that Trump should have decried the violence (which was not reported on what he was watching) and made more statements for the rioters to stand down. How could this have been handled, had there been anyone on that Committee actually looking for truth?

General Comments / Re: Trump looses again
« on: July 23, 2022, 09:09:26 PM »
Earlier I posted a pretty unarguable statement: "It is generally known by the majority of the people what has happened here. Trump was railroaded by Hillary and the Democrats, including the left-leaning Democrat apologists here in this forum. By any honest person, one cannot deny that the Russian collusion was made up out of whole cloth by Hillary and her people, and then abetted by the Clinton-aligned staff in the top floors of Justice. There is no longer any argument of that. The plan is how to outlast the guilt - not to plead innocence.

Hillary's people, including the judge in Sussman's case, want to believe that Sussman was not working on Hillary's behalf for claiming a non-existent Trump link to Alfabank, which he then billed for. Then they want to claim that Sussman did not get the go-ahead by Hillary to do so, even though we have the testimony from her own chief of staff that she did so. Weasels will waffle and say it was an innocent mistake that lasted two-and-a-half years and cost the country millions of dollars, several unsubstantiated impeachments, and systematic blocking of everything Trump was trying to accomplish. This has been called, by the best historians (not just the Clinton apologists) as the single worst example of political malfeasance, and failed coup d'etat, in the history of the country - yet it is still being defended in this forum.

Where are the heartfelt apologies?"

Instead of being answered or refuted, I was attacked. Has anyone here ever admitted they do believe Hillary did do dirty deeds and Trump was innocent? Just wondering?

General Comments / Re: God Exists
« on: July 23, 2022, 08:56:18 PM »
Joshua, way back in your initial post you made two statements:
1. The universe exists and is intelligible. That is to say, things exist and we can see that there are reasons for why things exist. Things don't pop in and out of existence for no reason.

2. If this weren't true, science and philosophy wouldn't function, and we wouldn't be able to trust our cognitive and sensitive faculties. But science and philosophy do function, and we can use reason and our senses to learn about reality...

I'm not sure in the following pages whether you addressed this any better, but until Judaism and Christianity arrived, the entire world assumed the existence of God or gods, who were outside the need of consistency. They were not restrained by any physical laws of the universe and seemed to behave idiosyncratically. They could do whatever amused them, and Mankind had to just accept the results without understanding why or how occurrences happened as they did. The God of Moses was one of the first to be patriarchal - as most godheads were all matriarchal based on creating life. It took Christianity to establish a religion in which there were understandable physical laws f the universe, created in a way in which Mankind could study them and learn how they worked, in order to better understand Creation and revere the maker.

As far as we have grown, that basic dichotomy is still the basis of modern belief. It is confusing to see so many different things that could not have evolved independently which can only exist synergistically with other things. Most Biblical scholars believe the evolution of species is a one-dimensional genetic winnowing, in which all possible evolutionary goals must already be in the original genome, and evolution comes from positing one genetic trait and losing others. Nothing new under the sun, just latent genetics coming to the fore. Time, energy, and all physicality exist in the same equation.neh?

General Comments / Re: We gotta talk about Uncle Joe
« on: July 23, 2022, 08:11:51 PM »
...touch a few under age girls as a reward.

Y'know, Crunch, isn't it informative to see how the Dem apologists here spend so much energy trying to derail a thread about Joe, by attacking anyone who does talk about him?

Newsmax had a Geriatrics specialist on  who spoke about Joe's symptoms. He's a sad and sick elder placed in a position of stress - and apparently abused by those around him who need him as their surrogate. They can't admit he needs help because they fear Harris stepping in. She evidently cannot take direction from her handlers (note all the resignations from her staff) and the rumors of her antipathy to Ron Klain and the rest of Biden's handlers makes her even more of someone to be avoided. Can you imagine the cleaning house she would do if she grabbed the reins? Honestly, as shallow and unintelligent as she appears, she would probably do a far better job than the current crew, especially since she just has to undo what they have done to make things better.

In my entire lifetime, I have never seen an older leader like Trump in such good health and sharpness of mind - as opposed to Joe Biden, who doesn't even know how to control his own crime family.

The doctor talking about Joe's clean plate was walked back a bit by some Dem apologist who talked about those with Covid being unable to eat well, so talking about his licking the platter clean was a positive statement his doctor made. I'm with you - I think the doc wanted to help Biden somehow, but didn't have the courage to do more than quip around the edges.

General Comments / Re: We gotta talk about Uncle Joe
« on: July 22, 2022, 02:44:34 PM »
...So what is your definition of small again?

Small as in stakes in order to start a business empire not dependent on stealing from the government trough.

BTW: you make it sound like Trump was a college drop-out who got an over large allowance for just living at home. Actually, Trump was a powerful money-maker who contributed to their family wealth - unlike Biden, whom you guys refuse to address.

Please look at Biden and his wealth and explain where it all came from. Forget Hunter, his comeuppance is on the way - and much of it will land in "The Big Guy's" lap, neh?

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