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General Comments / Re: Holy......
« on: November 17, 2016, 11:15:49 AM »
I get my news through the internet so my perception may be skewed but my impression is that it's more than just the media giving Trump a megaphone. It's also that there was such reduced coverage for all the rest of his opponents and when they DID cover his opponents, it seemed they were always asking for a response to something Trump said. It seemed pretty clear that many candidates wanted to get their message out but the media always shifted toward what asking the candidate what they felt about Trump's antics. Many candidates tried to quickly answer and get back to their message but so many interviewers that I watched wouldn't let it drop and kept bringing it back to Trump. Eventually, some of the candidates tried to mirror Trump and say outrageous things about him...but while that might get a blip in the news, it never really helped them as it always came across as reactionary.

The media quickly chose to give certain candidates a near media blackout and others an emphasis on their response to Trump's statements.

In a way it's not fair to blame Schultz personally for this since it's standard practice and won't stop after she's gone. I guess she's taking the fall for what is actually a systemic corruption in which she was a player but not a significant one.

It's not much of a fall. Hillary has already hired her for Hillary's campaign. So she can keep on doing what she was doing but now out in the open.

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