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General Comments / Re: Who Pledges Their Lives and Fortune to Trump
« on: December 08, 2020, 02:55:50 PM »
What Trump is doing now is begging, pleading, and bargaining for every chance to be seen as the winner. That is not what someone does who already has the power to force the situation and become a dictator. Dictators don't need to say please.

Lord, I wish it were only Trump begging and pleading.  It would be pathetic, but at least it would be sane.

If you haven't heard lately, he has declared that he has won the election.  That he got more votes.  And only some huge conspiracy between several states (if not all of them), and between Democrats and Republicans has cheated him out of his victory.

Dictators need the support of others to be dictators.  Trump is hoping that his constant declarations of being cheated and having actually won the election will bring that support to him.  True, he's not a dictator, yet.  But he is trying hard to get the support to become one. :(

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: December 08, 2020, 12:26:24 PM »
Just a random piece of info about the Dominion voting system.

California does use the Dominion system--in 40 of the 58 counties.  Two of the five biggest counties, LA and Orange, didn't use them.  Which means that Dominion wouldn't have the data on those counties.  Which means any claims that the Dominion system in Europe knows the actual vote totals in California are impossible.


General Comments / Re: What to do with actual election fraud?
« on: December 08, 2020, 12:14:21 PM »
According to AP VoteCast, Trump won 8 percent of the Black vote, about a 2 percentage-point gain on his 2016 numbers (using the 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study, or CCES, a national survey of more than 50,000 confirmed voters, as a point of comparison).

I don't get why the Orange God Worshippers are bragging on this gain. WOWEEE. He went from 6% to 8%!!!!!!

Come on, Drake.  That's a huge 33 percent increase.  An incredible increase.  Astounding!  Unheard-of!  Better than Lincoln!

The only was he could have done better is if he went from 1 percent to 2 percent, an unheard-of 100 percent increase! :)

General Comments / Re: Who Pledges Their Lives and Fortune to Trump
« on: December 08, 2020, 10:45:47 AM »
Going back to the original topic of this thread, the Arizona Republican (i.e. Trump) Party makes it clear:

Arizona Republican Party

He is. Are you?

Ali Orange square #StopTheSteal
 · 13h

I am willing to give my life for this fight.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: December 07, 2020, 06:37:06 PM »
Here's the thing, Lambert.  There is a conspiracy going on about this election.  A conspiracy that starts at the very top, with the President of the United States of America.  A conspiracy that involves Guilianni, dozens of lawyers, Fox News hosts, and various other players.

It is a conspiracy to make you believe this election was stolen.

They lie to you.  They will bring up people who will lie to you.  They will find people who aren't lying but are mistaken, and say they are telling the truth.  They will do anything to misdirect you into believing the lies.  These lies don't hold up to scrutiny.  Judges throw them out without a trial because they are so obvious.  Because the stories don't hold up.  But these conspirators continue to repeat these lies in the hope that it will fool people into believing them, supporting them, and hopefully taking action for the conspirators' benefit. 

You are being lied to.  And you are making yourself look like a fool by repeating these lies.  I know, this video looks so good, a simple truck driver, a self-proclaimed "loser" who has nothing to gain from his testimony, telling you about shenanigans that he witness himself.  But there is nothing to it.  It didn't happen.  He is either mistaken, or confused, or figures when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose. :)  That maybe a few minutes of fame is worth losing nothing.  I don't know which.  But this has happen so many times now, so often, that to believe that this next person must be telling the truth, when all the previous stories haven't held up in court, shows a level of naiveté that is just sad.  You got to be more skeptical about things in this world.  Especially from this President.

Don't keep going like this, Lambert.  It isn't worth it.  He isn't worth it.  He never was.  He never will be.  Let it go.

General Comments / Re: Extreme Protesters
« on: December 07, 2020, 04:19:18 PM »
Coming to a protest armed means you are not expecting it to be a peaceful protest. :(

The only question is who you expect to turn violent first.

General Comments / Re: What to do with actual election fraud?
« on: December 04, 2020, 06:45:05 PM »
If we discover massive voter fraud but it's said that it wasn't enough to overturn the election so Biden wins anyway, is that anything like Lance Armstrong being proven to have massively cheated but all of his victories stand because it's determined that he would have won anyway?

No, it isn't, because Biden won because of the votes he got.  Saying he should be disqualified because someone may have cheated in his favor is disqualifying every single one of the 80,000,000 voters who voted for him.  Those other votes still stand, and if they were enough to elect Biden, the election stands.

Would you accept any candidate you voted for being disqualified because someone somewhere cheated on his behalf, and that cheating wouldn't have changed the results?  Not on your life, I would bet. :)

BTW, if it's shown that Trump committed massive fraud to convince people that there was massive voter fraud, don't you think there should be some penalty for that, too? ;)

General Comments / Re: What to do with actual election fraud?
« on: December 04, 2020, 05:00:30 PM »
If I got an official from the election board in question to assert that what occurred is ordinary course of business for counting, would that be sufficient? ;)

Why would you need more than expert testimony?

Maybe because the official in question would be directly responsible for the fraud in question?  Massive self interest.

I would expect if you make a claim that you demonstrate it.  We both know you have no idea at all if this complied with any relevant requirements or if it was in fact in the ordinary course in a provable way.  You're accepting it as such purely based on the team you think it benefits.

I'm accepting it because the official in question happens to be the one who is the most knowledgeable about the local election laws and how the ballot counting is supposed to be done among all those who are questioning this procedure.  Who among those you are listening to has a greater knowledge? ;)

So if someone is saying this was not done according to the laws and procedures, it behooves that person to point out which laws and procedures were not followed, not for the person who says they were all followed to prove that he actually followed them.

What's the point of having a suspicion if you don't know what you are suspicious about?  Unless, of course, you just want to throw a pall of suspicion over everything, regardless of merit.  Then, of course, one should ask the reason why a person wants to create suspicion when he has no reason for that suspicion? ;)

General Comments / Re: What to do with actual election fraud?
« on: December 04, 2020, 03:58:31 PM »
If I got an official from the election board in question to assert that what occurred is ordinary course of business for counting, would that be sufficient? ;)

Why would you need more than expert testimony?

General Comments / Re: What to do with actual election fraud?
« on: December 04, 2020, 01:56:45 PM »
The person testifying that the video didn't show anything untoward hadn't actually watched the video but was relying on his staff.  Can anyone say plausible deniability?

Could you please cite your source for this.

The video doesn't look suspicious because of a narrative.  The video looks criminal without a narrative.

Could you please provide your own narrative without reference to Trump's team's narrative, just based on what is shown in the video?

What I see are people walking around, one moving a container with wheels from under a desk, and counting ballots.  I see no reason to be suspicious about that container from under the desk.  I see no reason to be suspicious because observers weren't standing around.  What would cause you to be suspicious about the events without further information?

General Comments / Re: What to do with actual election fraud?
« on: December 04, 2020, 12:47:18 PM »
Not that it has anything to do with this theoretical topic, but Georgia Republican officials have already disputed the narrative to the video.

Georgia's voting system implementation manager, Gabriel Sterling, said afterwards that the surveillance video provided no evidence that was suspicious, and that there was no wrongdoing.

Speaking to Lead Stories on Thursday, Mr Sterling was one of two Republican election officials in Georgia who denied the Trump campaign’s claims.

Mr Sterling said the suitcases were moved across a room as “normal procedure”, and that there was nothing “odd” about the process, because poll workers were tasked with scanning the ballots once observers and vote counters had left the State Farm Arena.

“If you look at the videotape, the work you see is the work you would expect, which is you take the sealed suitcase, you place the ballots on the scanner in manageable batches and you scan them,” Mr Sterling said.

Frances Watson, the chief investigator for Georgia’s secretary of state, told Lead Stories that Republican and Trump campaign observers were not told to leave, and that the ballots scanned in the surveillance video had already been counted, in contrast to Mr Giuliani and Ms Pick’s assertions.

“Nobody told them to stay. Nobody told them to leave. Nobody gave them any advice on what they should do,” she said. “And it was still open for them or the public to come back in to view at whatever time they wanted to, as long as they were still working.”

Ms Watson added that the ballots put through the scanners amounted to around 10,000, which was less than Joe Biden’s 12,670 vote margin over Mr Trump in the state.

Really, the only thing that makes the video look suspicious is the narrative.  Take that away, and you just have people moving and counting ballots.  I'm sure the Trump team has sworn affidavits, but didn't they also have a sworn affidavit that a truck full of ballots were being illegally moved into a counting area, with Joe Biden himself supervising?  ;D

It's worth investigating to make sure nothing untoward was happening, but I don't see much smoke, and certainly no gun. :)

General Comments / Re: What to do with actual election fraud?
« on: December 04, 2020, 12:09:52 PM »
Quick question, Seriati, as I look up this video: who told you about it?  What's your source?

It's is already smelling like another tempest in a teapot/fake new story.

General Comments / Re: Meet Special Council John Durham
« on: December 01, 2020, 06:27:19 PM »
Lloyd, look at the calendar.  In a seven weeks and a day, Joe Biden is going to be President of the United States of America.  And there's almost nothing that can stop that.

The scandal ship has sailed, left the bay, and is fast approaching the horizon.  Just about anything John Durham has is officially too little, too late.  It would have to be something truly spectacular for the next administration to pursue.  And the Trump Administration has never been able to find something truly spectacular with substance.  ;D

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: December 01, 2020, 02:50:28 PM »
Please remember, Trump made huge inroads with Blacks and Latinos, so why were all these votes only Biden? Waiting for logic.

Waiting for some common sense. :)

IIRC, the "huge inroads" with Black voters was about 4 percent.  Trump votes went from  8 percent of blacks to 12 percent, or something close to that.  A large increase percentage-wise, but hardly enough to make a spike unusual.  When Biden still gets 88 percent of a population's vote, you still expect a spike.  :P

General Comments / Re: Census Shenanigans
« on: November 30, 2020, 02:21:18 PM »
Two problems with not counting illegal aliens in the census.

1.  In all previous censuses, illegal residents were counted.  I have not heard of any census that excluded or removed illegal residents from the totals.  Which means that this census would have different criteria from all the other censuses in the past.

2.  In this census, illegal residents were counted, too, but were not distinguished as such, since the courts blocked any such question from being asked.  So any reduction of the count would be based on an estimate of how many illegal residents expected in an area, AKA a wild-@ss guess.

So I don't really see SCOTUS agreeing to make this census number questionable and unprecedented based on some numbers pulled out of the Administration's behind. :)

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 30, 2020, 02:02:34 PM »
And the WI recount in the 2 counties comes up with basically the same results A waste of 3 million dollars on Trumps part (or his followers, since Trump is not paying for this. He is so generous with other peoples money).

It's a bit worse that that.  Biden gained 87 votes from the recount.

Electoral calculations say that that means Trump paid about -$34,500 per vote. :)

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 24, 2020, 05:31:59 PM »
I'm still hoping Trump popularity will decrease once he leaves.

For one, the MSM won't be reporting on everything he says every day.  He's no longer President, therefore no longer that significant.  :D

For another, he won't have any power except over his follower's opinions.  And without power, how long will many of his followers follow?  He's just going to be another grumpy old man criticizing everything around him.  There are plenty of right-wing pundits that have been doing that for years.  What makes him special? ;)

The best we can hope, of course, is if he is convicted of criminal activity, like tax fraud.  Then he won't even be on the airwaves for a while (unless his prison allows broadcast equipment inside). :)

Without the power and the bully pulpit, I don't see much to Donald Trump post-presidency.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 24, 2020, 04:39:27 PM »
An NBC/Change Research poll confirms the Rueter's poll: 73% of Trump voters think Trump is the legitimate winner of the election.  Only 3% believe Biden won, and 24% are unsure.

Plus 81% of Trump voters won't give Biden a chance as President.  Only 19% would.

The poll consisted of 1203 respondents.

The poll also showed that 73% of the respondents would identify as being a part of Trump's party if he left the GOP.  Only 28% would still identify as Republicans.

If this holds true for the general population of Republicans, then the Republican party of old is dead. 

Long live the Party of Trump. :(

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 20, 2020, 09:51:58 AM »
An article on Americans who don't believe Trump lost, some of whom are ready to "go to war" over the issue.

In Reuters interviews with 50 Trump voters, all said they believed the election was rigged or in some way illegitimate. Of those, 20 said they would consider accepting Biden as their president, but only in light of proof that the election was conducted fairly. Most repeated debunked conspiracy theories espoused by Trump, Republican officials and conservative media claiming that millions of votes were dishonestly switched to Biden in key states by biased poll workers and hacked voting machines.

Many voters interviewed by Reuters said they formed their opinions by watching emergent right-wing media outlets such as Newsmax and One American News Network that have amplified Trump’s fraud claims. Some have boycotted Fox News out of anger that the network called Biden the election winner and that some of its news anchors - in contrast to its opinion show stars - have been skeptical of Trump’s fraud allegations. ...

Nothing will convince Fryar and many others here in Sundown - including the town’s mayor, another Patriots member - that Democrat Joe Biden won the Nov. 3 presidential election fairly. They believe Trump’s stream of election-fraud allegations and say they’re preparing for the possibility of a “civil war” with the American political left.

“If President Trump comes out and says: ‘Guys, I have irrefutable proof of fraud, the courts won’t listen, and I’m now calling on Americans to take up arms,’ we would go,” said Fryar...

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 19, 2020, 08:51:41 PM »
As far as "sexy stories" I call nonsense.  Hunter Biden's laptop was a sexy story, literally a game changer.  Joe Biden's connection to it?  Almost a once in a generation scandal if the media wanted it to be.

Seriati, that's because the media investigated the story and determined there was not enough evidence for it to be believed.  They did exactly what you wanted them to do: investigate the story.  But, apparently, because they came to a different conclusion than you did, you think they didn't investigate.

How is it that you keep buying these f**king LIES?  I thought you were an intelligent person.  :o

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 19, 2020, 06:11:50 PM »
Sounds like the media is investigating to disprove claims of fraud not to determine fraud occurred.  It's an interesting distinction, and one I don't think you accidentally ignored.

No, it sounds to you like the media is investigating to disprove claims of fraud.

Look at my example.  If 30 votes happened to come from deceased people, do you think the media would have quelled the story?  Hell, no!  It would be front-page, breaking news.  They would get so many viewers/hits/papers sold, they would never quash such a story. People would be outraged.  I would be outraged.  That's a sexy story.

But they had to go with the more boring story that they could not confirm it.

They couldn't confirm the story because the story was a lie. An out-and-out fabrication.  Something that you happen to be ignoring.  Trump and his cronies are lying to you.  They are making these false accusations, out and out lies.  And you're suspicious about the media because they aren't confirming them.  ::)

If you're so angry at the "liberal media" making false reports and lies, why the hell aren't you angry about Trump lying to your face for the last four years??

But, of course, we've all gotten used to that.  That's expected.  That's not "news."  That's what our country has become.  That what Republicans have made this country become.  >:(

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 19, 2020, 05:09:55 PM »
As John Oliver said, there is a big difference between saying "He's not my President" and "He's not THE President."  :P

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 19, 2020, 04:41:09 PM »
Maybe ask yourself, if the election results are legit, why aren't the liberal media investigating and reporting on these fraud claims aggressively?

Because they have been, Seriati, but every time they do, they find there is nothing there.  ;D

Didn't you hear about all those dead voters?  The "liberal media" investigated 30 of them.  Most hadn't voted.  Others weren't dead.  One wasn't the person who died, but his wife who was listed as "Mrs." so-and-so.  Look at Snopes and PolitiFact and see how many of these allegations were disproven.

I'm sorry Republicans are lying like dogs.  But the media is investigating the claims, and the ones they do are all coming up poop.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 19, 2020, 02:00:14 PM »
Well, actual voter fraud, corruption, and throwing out the legitimate votes of millions of American has a tendency to cause civil unrest, cherry. ;)

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 19, 2020, 11:42:51 AM »
I love how the article mentions that the Dominion & Hammer software is used by 28 states, but the map shows the "real" results for all 50 states, including the 22 that don't use the software and wouldn't be on the server!  ;D

General Comments / Re: coronavirus
« on: November 19, 2020, 11:34:15 AM »
And here's a story of community pushback for mask wearing from The Washington Post, as summarized by Electoral

Amber Elliott [is] a public health employee working in rural Missouri. Her job is to save lives. If you think that is not controversial, boy are you wrong. She lives and works in St. Francois County, not far from the Illinois border. The county has had 900 new cases of COVID-19 in the past few weeks. The positivity rate is 25% and rising. The hospital is full and has run out of staff. The virus is spreading unchecked. So what is Elliott's biggest problem? Something like lack of ventilators? No, it is a hostile community.

When her small staff calls people to do contact tracing, half the people they call are skeptical or combative. They refuse to talk. They deny their own positive tests. They hang up. They say they will hire a lawyer. They give fake contacts and fake contact phone numbers. They say they are quarantining at home—with the sound of beeping scanners at the local Walmart in the background.

Elliott was desperate to get people to help stop the spread so she arranged a public health meeting at a local church to discuss whether social distancing and wearing masks might just be something to consider. Over 100 people showed up. Most were opposed, even though she had three doctors and nurses in white uniforms there to explain how important it was. Some of the people brought guns.

Despite the negative reaction, the health board imposed a mask mandate. What happened next was strange cars driving back and forth in front of her house. People followed her to her son's baseball game, took pictures of her kids, and posted them all over social media. She was called a bitch and a Communist. Her daughter asked her: "Mom, why does everybody hate you?"

Is there a happy ending to Elliott's story? Well, it depends on what you mean. She quit her job and took a different (lower profile) job as a nurse. She's happier now. Will the families whose loved ones die of COVID-19 be happier? Maybe, since they know that the loved one died for a good cause (keeping the government from saving lives).

Now this was just about wearing masks. Imagine what is going to happen when Biden tells people that a vaccine is available, it is free, and please take it because it could save your life and those of people you love. In the blue states, most people will probably get it, but in the red states there will be a huge amount of opposition, with all kinds of crazy stories about how the vaccine turns you into a {zombie, lesbian, Communist, vegetarian, Muslim, cow, add your own term here}. If even a third of the population refuses to get vaccinated, the country will take years to achieve herd immunity, which is needed to protect babies and people who are immunocompromised. If asking people to wear masks got this kind of response, asking them to be injected with something made by Big Pharma and approved by Big Government is going to be a Big Challenge for Biden.

And for us all. :(

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 17, 2020, 07:29:00 PM »
The United States is done being the world's police force... at least for now.

I think we'll figure out pretty quickly that it's better to be the world's police force than it is being it's maid, and having to mop up after everyone else's mess. :)

Besides, who do you think will become the world's police force if we step aside? ;)

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 17, 2020, 06:04:17 PM »
Thanks to fracking, as of 2017, we no longer need to care about what the international energy market does.

Except, from what I've read, all oil is not the same.  The light oil that comes from the Middle East (primarily) is better and cheaper to use to make gasoline than what usually comes out of our fracking wells.  So unless you're expecting the U.S economy to go all renewable in the near future (something Trump has been trying his best to prevent these last 4 years), we will still need to be involved in the Middle East for the foreseeable future. :(

General Comments / Re: Lame Duck Actions
« on: November 17, 2020, 01:32:55 PM »
That last one worries me.  All the pundits I've read say that there's nothing to worry about, that our highest-ranking military personnel won't agree to anything illegal.

But as someone said, if you saw this happening in another country, what would you think?  :o

Let me tell you a personal story, which may or may not relate to a wider audience.

When I was an early teenage, I started reading Lewis' Narnia series.  I thought they were pretty good, up until about the third book, when I came across this quote from Aslan:

In your world, I have another name. You must learn to know me by it. That was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.

It was at that point I realized, even with my addled adolescent brain, that these books were just a way for Lewis to try to convert people to Christianity.  And I resented that, even though I was brought up as a Christian and was going to church at the time.

So when you write this story, keep in the forefront of your thoughts that you are out to tell a good story, and everything else is secondary.  Because if you have any other intention, people will notice, and some will feel manipulated.  And no one likes to feel manipulated after investing hours in a story.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 12, 2020, 07:22:59 PM »
Apparently just slightly more than wanted to keep him (despite  overwhelmingly negative personal reactions to him).  Real mandate there.

Considering that Trump never won the popular vote, Biden certainly has a much greater mandate than Trump ever did.  :D

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 12, 2020, 06:41:15 PM »

Trying to get my head around how the experience of reality can be so different between people
70 million viewing things one way and 70 million seeing it in another.
Are we all being gas-lit?

I dunno, dude.  I think it has some to do with the fact that on some levels, different people just have different values, and we live in an age of eclecticism.  Very rarely have nations had so many different opinions about EVERYTHING.  It used to be that when things like this happened, civil war would occur, and there would be a readjustment.  A nation would keep a certain degree of homogeneity in thought.  Not anymore. 

The other half of it is, I believe, that people want to subscribe the having of different values and different beliefs to sinister motives.  Democrats are crooked.  Republicans are crooked.  Catholics are crooked.  Jews are crooked.  Mexicans are crooked.  All that jazz. 

The final part of it is just plain and simple partisanship.  People are really really invested in their own point of view and their "side".  Because that is what they have been taught by all media because it sells and gets out the vote, and because we live in an age of unprecedented peace and prosperity where only 1-2% of the population has been exposed to the horrors of war that are stark lessons against partisanship.

There is something different now, but I don't think it is any that you listed.

If AGW is real, not believing it will almost definitely kill millions of people, at the minimum.

If Trump convinces enough people that the election was rigged when it was not, it will undermine our democracy.
If illegal immigrants are mostly rapists and murderers, then killing them is in our nation's best interest.

If enough people don't wear masks and follow health guidelines, Covid-19 will exponentially spread throughout our country, overwhelms hospitals and needlessly kill millions of people.

Before the parties disagreed about values and exactly how to handle our problems.  More or less money for welfare.  Higher or lower taxes.  Harsher or gentler punishments for crimes.  We disagreed about the degrees of the solutions.

Now we seem to disagree about reality itself.  About the facts.  Everything is an opinion now.  Trump can say factually incorrect things, and people will defend it as if it were merely his point of view.

How long can we agree to disagree when people's lives, and our nation's life, may be on the line?  :(

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 12, 2020, 01:06:57 PM »
Their news headline demonstrates that as they pander to the people who only skim headlines.

What you forget from your journalism class in Junior High (do they still teach that in JH?  :-\), is that headlines are NOT supposed to be accurate summaries of the articles.  They are supposed to be short and attention-grabbing, so the reader is drawn in to read the actual article.

While the difference between "no voter fraud" and "no significant voter fraud" is significant for the article itself, it is something that I could easily see an editor drop in the headline for the sake of brevity.  The lack of that one word doesn't change the fact that there has not been enough voter fraud shown to change the election results, as some Republican liars have been insisting.  To say that this proves that the newspaper is trying to fool its readers shows a grasping of straws. 

This is just another example of why I'm finding it harder and harder to take Republican criticisms seriously.  A newspaper headline that isn't 100% accurate (although the article is) supposedly shows that Liberals are trying to lie to us.  But a President declaring that he won the election because of voter fraud (that hasn't been shown) is worth considering as a reasonable assertion.  ::)

In MIchigan, we have poll watchers who were not allowed to watch.

I just read about that.  85 poll watches inside, and they couldn't fit anymore in.  So the 30 or so outside started chanting "Stop the count!  Stop the count!"  ::)

Bunch of babies.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 04, 2020, 06:37:06 PM »
The major news organizations have called Michigan for Biden.

If Biden gets Nevada (where he is currently leading and is favored to win) and Arizona (which Fox News and the AP have called for him, although no other major news org), then he'll have reached the magic 270 EV.

Then we just have to see how all the recounts, court challenges, etc. go.  :D

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 04, 2020, 06:17:36 PM »
Widespread apprehension at the display of Uncle Joe’s progressive dementia on the international stage.

I find it amazing that the people who worry about Joe Biden having dementia support a guy who speaks to them like he was a 4th grader and brags about passing a dementia test as if he aced an IQ test.  ;D

No sense of perspective.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 04, 2020, 05:12:57 PM »
Oh, yeah, the NY Times as a nice chart that summarizes which states have been called by which major news agencies.  Which shows, for instance, that only Fox News and AP have called Arizona for Biden, but everyone but Reuters has called Wisconsin for Biden.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 04, 2020, 05:08:53 PM »
Jack Dorsey doesn't get to put his opinion next to the Presidents every time he tweets.

If Trump doesn't like it, he can just close his Twitter account.  :P

Trump is not the boss of Jack Dorsey. :)

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 04, 2020, 11:22:29 AM »
But it hardly matters when you can harvest the large amount of mailed votes without any poll observers involved and already have them sitting there to be counted.

And how are they going to account for where these votes came from?  They have voter rolls; they know how many ballots they should have; they checked names off and check signatures for each ballot.  I don't see how you can throw in a "large" number of ballots without having a "large" discrepancy between how many you should have and how many you do. ;)

Idle speculation about how somebody "could" "maybe" "possibly" "might" "imaginably" commit "wide spread" voter fraud doesn't help matters at all.  If it is actually happening, find the evidence.  Flip one of the conspirators.  Get a pile of fraudulent ballots.  Show how it was actually done.  If there is so much of it going on, you should be able to show numerous instances where it made a significant impact on the results.  Otherwise, you're just repeating "just so" stories meant to rile up the bases and perhaps inspire civil war in this country.

Give us actual facts, not speculation.

General Comments / Re: Election Results
« on: November 03, 2020, 07:00:14 PM »
Sorry, Seriati.  It's not just the media that is causing the stink in this Administration.

Go review the "Message from the President..." thread.  At least half of the posts quoting Trump are directly from the President himself via Twitter.  No filter.  No media twisting his words.  They are his own unadulterated stupidities.  No middleman required. :)

If you haven't figured out how bad this Presidency has been yet, there's no arguing with you.  You've made up your mind.  But so have I, and right now, my cat would make a better President than Donald J. Trump.  And I don't even like her that much.  ;D

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« on: November 03, 2020, 06:02:58 PM »
It's funny, Serati, that all these terrible things about the Democrats that you are complaining about are almost precisely what the Democrats have been complaining about Trump doing for all these years.  ;D  And, yet, you think these are reasons not to vote Democrat in this election.

Here's the bottom line, though:  everything that Trump has been able to do to help this country he has done.  The state of our country is as good as it's going to get.  Oh, sure, the economy will get better--at least until the next unexpected (for him) crisis comes along.  But do you think he can do anything about the protests and riots in cities?  He's already done what he can.  Uniting the country?  This is as good as it gets with him.  Integrity in the government?  What makes you think another one of his Ambassadors isn't going to tell a country they won't get Congressional aid if they don't investigate his opponent?  It's going to be four more years of scandals, incompetence, stupid tweets, name-calling, etc. etc. etc.

Biden might be worse, but I think it's worth a shot.  Biden is experienced, intelligent, and listens to experts like Fauci instead of threatening to fire them.  He knows how to run a country, instead of running it into the ground like Trump does with his businesses.  It probably won't be great, but it is bound to be better than the sh*t-show we've seen for the past term.

If nothing else, we won't have to hear about the latest stupid thing Trump did every single day anymore.  ;D

If you love the way things are, great, vote Trump.  But I want a change for the better.  And from everything I've seen, Biden can't possibly be much worse.  :P

What I see in the Biden bus changing lanes to the right.  The white truck I heard was with the bus, and changed lanes with it, to stay behind the bus.  The black pickup was already in the right lane and moved to the shoulder when the white truck moved into his lane.  Then it looks like the black truck got mad, didn't want to surrender the lane, and so swiped the white truck out of his lane back into the center lane.

Bad driving all around. :(

General Comments / Re: Election Results
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“It does not pay a prophet to be too specific.” —L. Sprague de Camp :)

Even if the emails verified were legitimate, how do we know someone didn't add fake ones to the hard drive?  How do we know the videos weren't added to the hard drive?  How hard would that be?

Because of the chain of evidence. Since the computer's chain of custody was never violated, Mack Isaac has testified of its integrity as it was given into his custody. Since the paperwork establishes it was given to him from Hunter Biden, himself, what is on it is attributed to Hunter unless he can prove alterations before he turned it over. That has not been done.

Unless, of course, Mack Isaac is lying through his teeth and put alterations into the hard drive while he had it in his custody.  Has that been definitively disproven?

Lambert, for eight years I listened to your same sources swear up-and-down that Obama was born in Kenya and wasn't legally President.

That was not my sources. That was Hillary's associate, Phillip J. Berg. (Case 2:08-cv-04083-RBS Document 15 Filed 10/06/2008) The final info from Hawaii is that a whistleblower within the clerk's office said no Obama birth certificate was ever released. BTW; it was Obama's family in Kenya who said they had the legal documents that said he was born there. Obama's mother married Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo in 1967 and enrolled him in a Madrassah that requires only Indonesian citizenship before students may be enrolled. At the time, only single citizenship was allowed, and students had to withdraw citizenship in any other nation. For Obama to become a US citizen again, he had to reapply. He never did.

Well, the "Obama's family in Kenya who said ... he was born there" is completely discredited BS.  I would be ashamed to keep repeating such a lie.

The Madrassah contention is something new, but I doubt a minor has the ability to withdraw his citizenship.  I also doubt the requisite paperwork that Obama's citizenship was withdrawn exists.

I'm going to need more than those people to convince me there is anything even looking at in this one.

A Senate committee and the FBI isn't enough?

Since Republican Senate committees never gather enough evidence to actually charge anyone (how many arrests were made over Benghazi?  ;D ), and since the FBI could just as easily be investigating who put faked emails and videos on the hard drives, the answer is: no, it's not nearly enough.  It's nowhere close to enough.  Why would you think it's enough?  ::)

William did say flag, singular. That picture had flags, plural.  Apples and oranges.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

That's strange, Here is the official set:!/quality/90/?

The flags appeared after FoxNews commented on their lack. Apples and cinder blocks.

What does a picture from the 2016 Democratic National Convention have to do with whether the 2020 National Convention have any flags?  ???

Even if the emails verified were legitimate, how do we know someone didn't add fake ones to the hard drive?  How do we know the videos weren't added to the hard drive?  How hard would that be?

Lambert, for eight years I listened to your same sources swear up-and-down that Obama was born in Kenya and wasn't legally President.

I'm going to need more than those people to convince me there is anything even looking at in this one.

Just to prove to Lambert that the Left isn't completely ignoring the story, here's a post from a liberal professor who thinks Biden is too conservative, giving Guiliani full rein to tell it like it is! :)

Of course, Rudy is about what's left of those touting the story.  As points out:

[T]he Hunter Biden e-mail/corruption story ... hasn't taken hold outside of the far-right-wing media bubble. There are a number of reasons why: (1) the story is so full of holes it could pass for Swiss cheese; (2) the whole thing reeks of desperation; (3) the key figures in bringing "the truth" to light are Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, who aren't exactly the most credible folks in the world; (4) every time there are new "revelations," they are published by outlets like The Daily Mail, The New York Post, and Gateway Pundit, which aren't exactly the most credible media outlets in the world; and (5) even many right-wing outlets, like Fox and The Wall Street Journal, have conceded that even if the claims about Hunter Biden are true, there is nothing to implicate his father.

In view of this, and with Election Day just four days away, TrumpWorld (politicians and media) have shifted their approach. Now, instead of focusing on corruption in the Biden family, they are trying to spin this into a story about corruption in the media. "Why is the fake news trying to bury this story?" is the general idea. Of course, that spin implicitly acknowledges that there is little smoke and no fire here, and so provides its own answer to the question that is being raised.

Also, there is still the open question of exactly what laws were broken by Hunter's dealings.  Is providing "access" to a politician a crime?  Is being on a foreign business board a crime?  And please don't repeat that old canard that Joe fired the Ukrainian prosecutor because he was looking into Hunter.  No one believe that  anymore.  ::)

Lambert, why are you getting so upset over this faux pas of the President?  It's not like this is the first.  It certainly won't be the last.

Donald Trump is simply not the brightest guy on the block.  He brags to high heaven what a genius he is, and how he aced a dementia test, but he really isn't very smart.  That's one reason he has to bully anyone who disagrees with him.  Too many people mentioning that the emperor has no clothes, and the people might start noticing his junk. :)

Donald is, at best, of middling intelligence.  He is going to say stuff like "it's the wettest from the standpoint of water."  ::)  If you haven't learned to accept it by now, you'd better just hide for the next few years.  Because he's only going to get worse.  Hopefully from the comfort of a porch at Mar-a-Largo. :)

Here's an oldie-but-goodie from our genius President:

"This is a tough hurricane," he said in front of the White House, "one of the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water."

I swear, you can't make this stuff up.  ;D

Definitely not a 28 Days Later zombie. 

There is no imaginable way that Biden could run that fast.  ;D

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