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Re: Thoughts and Prayers - Again...
« Reply #250 on: June 24, 2022, 05:45:02 PM »
Supreme Court ruling expands US gun rights
US Senate passes first gun control bill in decades

Do we laugh or cry?

My feeling is that the Supreme Court ruling ends the matter, at least for the next 20+ years. There will be no reform
Time for those who wanted reform to recognize they have lost and to let it go and focus mental health aspects which the right won't want to pay for.... unless it comes with guns.   

I am not optimistic for the future.

Wonder how far the court would go? Do 16 year old's have the right to purchase and carry a gun? Can they carry it to school? Can we only stop and arrest them after they've started shooting people?

Can I carry an AR-15 with an expanded magazine into the supreme court building? I'm guessing the answer to this last question will remain No. Not sure about the rest.

I guess it means that the people protesting at Brett's house can be fully armed now?
Well, they’re breaking the law so…