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It's all downhill from here
« on: May 31, 2016, 01:06:12 AM »
Web content is increasingly computer generated, and humans tend increasingly to fill content with text spliced from wikipedia and the like without citing, to the point that it's getting harder every day to find original human thought out here.

Been reading up on world geography and saw various allusions to an "interesting underwater geological feature" called Zelle Banc.  So I run a google search on it, and turn up repeated references to its location (near Madagascar).  Latitude: -12°30'0"  Longitude: 46°15'0".  I also find that it's claimed by France, Madagascar, and some unstable republic called the Comoros (where you sometimes have two coup d'etats between daily prayers).

But the only pages that offer more details about this  "interesting underwater geological feature" seem a little doubtful. 

This one,,1053410, seems to have created its facts via automatic translator:

Banc de la Zélée is a bank(s) and is located in Madagascar. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level [sic] is -9999 metres. Variant forms of spelling for Banc de la Zélée or in other languages: Zelee Bank, Banc de la Zélée, Banc de la Zelee, Banc de la Zélée, Zelee Bank.

Is that where Sponge Bob does his banking?

Google pictures turns this up:

I didn't know that Barracudas were geological features.

Finally here,, is the capstone: [bZelee Bank, Under Sea Features Prayer Times [/b]

Prayer Schedule May / 2016
Date    Day    Fajr    Sunrise    Dhuhr    Asr    Maghrib    Isha
25    Wed    2:54    4:07    9:52    1:10    3:37    4:47
26    Thu    2:54    4:08    9:53    1:10    3:37    4:47
27    Fri    2:54    4:08    9:53    1:10    3:37    4:47
28    Sat    2:54    4:08    9:53    1:10    3:36    4:47
29    Sun    2:54    4:08    9:53    1:10    3:36    4:47
30    Mon    2:55    4:09    9:53    1:10    3:36    4:47
31    Tue    2:55    4:09    9:53    1:10    3:36    4:47

I did not know that the prayer facing Mecca was enforced on underwater creatures.  Is that why the barracudas in the picture are all facing the same direction?