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Blue Lives Matter
« on: July 09, 2016, 12:22:44 AM »
I appreciated a recent remark by Obama, prescient, one might say, by a few hours, that "Blue Lives Matter" as much as Black lives.

Since Obama has not attended, to my knowledge, the funerals of any dead police officers during his tenure as president, and since important foreign visits (not, to his credit, vacations) currently occupy his schedule, I would like to see the current presidential candidates, Sanders, Clinton, and Trump, take a few days off from bashing each other, and attend the funeral of those five officers (hoping that more wounded will not follow them) in Texas.

I compliment the House and Senate (well all but one of them) for not grave dancing and standing united in appreciation for the cops that risked and gave their lives to protect the lives of Black Lives Matter protesters on the scene.  I saw video interviews of three of those protesters who expressed gratitude for the cops that led them out of the cross-fire.  I was hoping to see some tweet to that effect from the organization of #blacklivesmatter, but haven't.  the best I have seen from the blm leadership so far is what looks like ass-covering, denial that they called for anything like this.  While that's afaik true, I would be more convinced that black lives actually do matter to the blm organization, if they expressed some form of recognition or gratitude that the cops that died and were injured and risked their lives there in texas, did so to defend black protesters.