Author Topic: dunkin donuts furor  (Read 1484 times)


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dunkin donuts furor
« on: June 25, 2018, 02:17:56 PM »
So a local dunkin had a sign that read as follows:

If you hear any of our staff SHOUTING in a language other than ENGLISH Please call #### immediately with the name of the employee to receive a coupon for FREE Coffee and a pastry.

I'm going to skip right over the racist portions that got everyone so worked up on the internets, there are elements there but I think it is more stupid than racist. After all, the manager had no problem hiring those people.

Some pointed out that it probably shouldn't be okay to shout in English either.

But I'm kind of fixated on every other element of this. How low is the bar for GM of a donut shop? First, the all caps words are pretty random. Do you really want to announce to every customer that you have personnel issues? You're offering free stuff, do you think maybe you're going to get some calls about things that never happened? Are you and your shift managers incapable of exercising any control over your employees?

Of course, the GM is going to have to get a new phone number, reputable news organizations blurred out the number, but there are no such scruples for the Internet at large.


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Re: dunkin donuts furor
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2018, 02:31:58 PM »
The first question would be if they are franchises owned by an individual, or are they all corporate owned?  I don't know which model they use, or if they have a mix of both.  The short answer though, is the bar is pretty low.  And if it's a franchise owned store (as opposed to corporate) the ability to revoke the name/brand is probably a pain in the butt.

While airing a personnel issue is the most likely reading of the sign, it's also possible that they are following a certain prominent person's play book of sparking a little controversy to get media attention.  Or this particular GM had it in their mind that there was an under served demographic that maybe their competitor with the green and white logo wasn't particularly tolerant of.  :P