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personal texas election musings
« on: October 31, 2018, 09:43:59 AM »
So I got my sample ballot from an early voting station, and now I'm doing my research. I'm running across some things I find interesting and my own personal preferences.

Senate - Key points (for me): Cruz smashes Beto with ads about his "$10 tax on each barrel of oil". The truth is very far from that. He didn't vote for a non-binding resolution against an idea that may have had that amount of cost to the industry. Beto is in favor of ending drug war costs. "Texas First" vs. "People First". Advantage: O'Rourke Wish: That a Libertarian candidate would have had more to say than stock party platform.

Governor - Abbot (R) is a full on anti-abortionist, which immediately hurts him with me. I like some of what he's done in education. State's rights stands resonate with me. Valdez (D) has points on criminal justice, veterans. Other issues bother me. Tippets (L) is anti-drug war, anti-wall, pro-local education. I'm not fond of his full capitalist views on healthcare - including dismantling Medicare and Medicaid. Slight advantage to Tippets.

Rep - Carter (R) begins his issue page talking about immigration as enemies attacking us, not my cup of tea. His website says "less options" rather than "fewer options". Grammar may not sway an election but it still suggests his staff is semi-literate. anti-abortion. Hegar (D) has a really odd set of issue highlights. She wants to get money out of politics, but has been fueled by outside dollars. Jason Hope (L) doesn't even have a website. Undecided.