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Re: Misleading or false claims by the media
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...the main use of political media these days is to strawman issues and people....

That is a true supposition - but please add to that the media's use of non-coverage to help pet issues not be viewed pejoratively.

In Vegas, this week, Jeff German's probable murderer was arrested by Clark County police when his DNA was found. According to The Las Vegas Review Journal ( Robert Telles was arrested. It seems Jeff German did his job and uncovered massive dirt and criminal acts by Telles, which led to the Democrat's loss at the polls. A few days ago he was slashed to death. A suspect was videoed walking down the Street in an oversized Panama Hat and Bright pink thigh-length smock, evidently masquerading as a woman.

Telles was seen sanitizing his vehicle, that was also witnessed leaving the scene. His DNA was found at the scene, and German's blood was found on Telles' shoes. The wide-brimmed Panama hat was found cut into pieces. Great visuals for any story that covered it.

The point to ponder is why this particular crime is not being discussed. The only TV coverage I've seen is from a Fox News political pundit. Where is the wall-to-wall coverage? The Saudi Prince gets 24/7 diatribes from USA media launched against him for the murder of a reporter who was not even US - but this gets nothing?

I’d guess that after the GOP stormed the Capitol building killing guards egged on by the head of the party on national TV then followed it up conducting espionage and treason against their own country the bar has been set at a level where some two bit Democrat has been in the desert doesn’t really rate.