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Idaho state regulations expire July 1
« on: May 12, 2019, 11:01:58 AM »
When I say Idaho state regulations expire July 1, you my think I’m talking about some specific ones. No, it’s all of them. Idaho has a sunset clause, all state regulations have to be renewed every year. This year, they didn’t get it done.

Idaho’s governor now has sweeping authority to eliminate thousands of state-approved rules without public participation or lawmaker oversight.

That’s because the state Legislature, which is controlled by Gov. Brad Little’s fellow Republicans, failed to pass a bill approving 8,200 pages containing 736 chapters of rules and regulations that touch on just about every aspect of daily life in Idaho.

8200 pages, damn. But do not fear:

All of those rules expire on July 1 — except the ones Little chooses to keep on a temporary basis until the Legislature can consider them early next year.

The governor now has the power, all by himself, to pick which regulations remain in force and which expire. Incredible.

Little said residents can trust him to be fair.

“I’m not looking at this as an opportunity to do mischief,” Little said during a public appearance Tuesday. “I do not want to exacerbate this thing. This was not our deal. We did not do this.”

Little has made clear his desire to cut regulations in Idaho, issuing an executive order in January requiring state agencies cut two rules for every new one.

Alex Adams, administrator of the Idaho Division of Financial Management — or Little’s budget chief — has the job of going through the 8,200 pages.

”We are working closely with the (state) agencies,” Adams said Wednesday. “We would not make any decision that is not supported by the agencies.”

In essence, the governor gets to rewrite the entire state regulatory code. All in one go, in any way he sees fit, by picking and choosing which ones to keep and letting the rest die.

A big unknown is what happens when the Legislature meets again in January. Usually, the first several weeks are used to approve new rules. Now, lawmakers might have to consider all 8,200 pages — or whatever is left when Adams finishes his work.

Pretty fascinating to see where this takes the state.

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Re: Idaho state regulations expire July 1
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2019, 11:43:16 AM »
Y2k, Idaho style.

In the recent thread about. Sam Harris' podcast, I was fascinated that DAESH's greatest reason for hating us, was the "blasphemy" of having a government with a Legislature.  DAESH says Allah should be our sole legislator and human government should only interpret and enforce divine law.

Wonder what DAESH would say about Idaho's legislative expiration