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Fake News
« on: November 07, 2019, 03:25:09 PM »
This is pretty amazing,

you probably heard about the AI text generation that was 'so good it was dangerous to release', it was an AI text generator model called "GPT-2".

Well CTRL is a more recent variant in the same area of research and it produces far more convincing text.

For instance you can provide as input a fake URL such as that contains the headline you want the story to be about,

and voila,

    Trump likes Fortnite

    President Trump, who has been known to play video games for hours at a time, is now playing the popular game “Fortnite” on his phone.

    The president was spotted watching the online battle royale game, which pits players against each other in an attempt to kill their opponents, while he sat down with House and Senate leaders Tuesday afternoon.

    “I like that it’s not just about shooting people but also having fun doing it,” said Trump.

    He then asked if anyone had played it before.

    “You know what, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that,” replied Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La.

    A White House official told reporters later Wednesday afternoon that Trump did indeed watch the game.

    “He watched it, yeah,” the official said.

Or you put in the reverse headline,

    Trump despises Fortnite

    The president of the United States has a new favorite video game: “Fortnite.”

    President Trump, who is known for his love of fast food and beer, was reportedly so excited about playing this game that he called it “the greatest thing in the world.”

    But according to an Axios report, Trump’s enthusiasm waned after learning how much time players spend on it.

    “He said it’s not even close to being as good as ‘Candy Crush,’ ” one source told the news outlet.

    In fact, the report said, Trump had been watching videos online while eating dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago.

    According to Axios, Trump also complained about the game’s difficulty level — which can be adjusted by spending real money or virtual currency — saying it wasn’t challenging enough.

    “I don’t know why they made it hard,” Trump said.

    He then went off topic when asked if he’d play again.

    “No, I won’t.”

    A White House official later clarified that Trump didn’t say he wouldn’t play, but rather that he’s “not into it.”

Or how about fake economic news using the fake url -

    Apple has filed for bankruptcy.

    The company that made the iPhone and iPad is filing for bankruptcy, according to a report from Bloomberg.

    According to Bloomberg News, Apple’s board of directors voted unanimously on Friday morning in favor of an emergency plan designed to keep it afloat until its next quarterly earnings report.

    In order to avoid paying more than $128 million in back taxes, Apple will have to sell off assets like its Beats headphone business, which was valued at about $1 billion when it went public last year.

    “Apple said today that it plans to file for Chapter 11 protection under US Bankruptcy Court in Delaware this week,” Bloomberg reports.

    A source familiar with the matter told Reuters earlier this week that Apple had been considering selling some or all of its music streaming service iTunes Music Store as part of a restructuring plan.

    But the news comes just days after reports surfaced suggesting that Apple would be forced into liquidation.

    Last week, Bloomberg reported that Apple could soon announce layoffs if sales don’t pick up soon.

    “We are working hard every day to deliver great products and services to our customers around the world,” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wrote in a letter to employees today.

Or a fake discovery in mathematics -

    MIT proves P equals NP

    The University of Massachusetts Amherst has proven that the problem posed by factoring large numbers is NP-complete.

    In a paper published in Nature, researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have shown how to factor an integer using only two numbers, one for each digit — which means it takes just three operations on your brain.

    This isn’t quite as impressive as solving the problem, but it’s still pretty impressive.

    “Given any number n, we can find its product n times with polynomial time if there are no factors involved,” said lead author David DeWitt, who worked on this project while he was a graduate student there.

    But what about factorizing larger numbers?

    “We showed you could do it, but not without some extra effort,” DeWitt said.

    To prove this, they used a technique called Monte Carlo integration, where they simulated millions or billions of different inputs from thousands of computers running various versions of Java.

    They then ran their algorithm through all possible combinations of input values until it found the best one.

    “The result shows that even though our system doesn’t solve every single case, it does get close enough to be useful.”

Or fake movie sequel announcement,

    Fox announces Firefly Season 2 revival, original cast returning

    The network has announced that the second season of Joss Whedon’s cult sci-fi series will return for a new run in 2018.

    “Fans have been asking us to bring back Firefly, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this opportunity,” said Chris Albrecht, president of programming at Fox. “We are excited to continue our relationship with Joss, who is one of the most creative minds working today on television, as well as his amazing cast, which includes Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Adrianne Palicki, Tricia Helfer, Jewel Staite, Michael Trucco, and many more.”

    In addition to Whedon himself, executive producers include Damon Lindelof, Maurissa Tancharoen, Vince Gilligan, David Fury, Jeffrey Bell, Greg Plageman, Scott M. Gimple, Heather Kadin, Andrew Chambliss, John Rogers, and Ron Moore.

    “The show was an instant hit when it debuted over 20 years ago, but its popularity only grew after the success of ‘Serenity,’ so we’re very pleased to welcome fans into another chapter of their lives,” added Feige.

Article is well worth reading.  While GPT-2 had pretty obvious errors to even people unfamiliar with the topics it generated fake articles about, I think CTRL can fool non-experts on a variety of topics, especially with minor editing to remove any 'gross' errors.


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